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Luke 20:27-40 — Ever wonder what heaven will be like? Man, through the ages, has developed ideas of what it will be like. Other religions have created their images. Muslims with their 70 virgins given you for endless sexual pleasure. Buddhism with its becoming part of the fabric of the universe. Even as individuals have created our own scenarios. At men’s group one time, I heard a guy describe it as a place where he had a tractor and 40 acres on the back side of heaven. A Clemson Tiger fan, such as myself, might see it as a place where you get to live at Death Valley and Clemson wins the national championship every year. Some might see it as place where they get to relive all the best memories of their lives, those bright shining moments in time. Somehow we see it as a continuation of this life only in a place not bound by the physical laws of time and space.

After the Pharisees and the supporters of Herod had failed to trap Jesus, the Sadducees smugly step in to try. They did not believe in the resurrection because they held that only the first five books of Scripture were valid as they were given directly by God to Moses. Since the first five books (Genesis-Deuteronomy) do not have any direct references to the resurrection, they refused to believe in resurrection. The Pharisees, the writers of interpretations of God’s law, could never find an argument to shut down the Sadducees. So, they figured they could trip up Jesus on this issue. The Sadducees asked Jesus what marriage would be like in heaven with an outlandish scenario of taking the custom established by Deuteronomy 25:5-6 to the extreme. As Jesus skillfully and perfectly answered all the trick questions of this day at the temple previously, He answers this one perfectly as well.

First, he addresses the issue of what marriage will be like in heaven. Jesus tells us by his answer that it was more important to understand God’s power than it is to know specifically what heaven will be like. In every generation and culture, ideas of eternal life tend to be based on our images and experiences from this life. Jesus answered that these faulty ideas are caused by ignorance of God’s Word. We must not make up our own ideas of what it will be like and what God is like in human terms. We should not think of heaven as a continuation of what we can see, feel, touch and hear on this side of eternity. Is that what we really want. More of this. A new and improved this. More of the same only just perfected. Heaven we cannot even imagine what it will be like. John can only use the word “like” in Revelation. It is like this. It is like that. Most assuredly John’s mind was blown in His revelation from Jesus Christ. He could only describe it using the language references of the Greek of his day. It would be like a person from the 18th century trying to describe life in the 21st century without words to describe things that had not yet been invented yet. They would have no words for cars and cell phones. They would have to describe it in the vocabulary of their day with frames of reference that they knew. Heaven is beyond our wildest dreams or anything that we can even describe or conceptualize. There will be no continuation of what see here. It will be far and away superior to anything that we know. It will be beyond the highest amount of knowledge mankind has here on this side of heaven. It is the place of perfection. It is the place of perfect knowledge, peace, and understanding. All will be made clear. All will be at peace. We will understand praise. We will understand humility. We will understand being in the presence of the Almighty. It is different and far better than anything that we know here on this side of eternity. It has to better than anything we can imagine or describe. It is the residence of God. He is beyond our understanding so His dwelling place is also. Instead of creating ideas about what our own heaven will be like, we should then concentrate on our relationship with Jesus Christ so that we can get all these ideas about heaven answered when we arrive there.

Jesus answers the Sadducees about resurrection by using a reference from the only five books of the Bible they believed in. He references Exodus 3:6 when questions them, why would God have said that I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob when God was talking to Moses if there was no resurrection. From God’s perspective, they are alive. They are resurrected and dwelling with Him. He uses the present tense of “they are alive”. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are alive to Jesus. He knows them. They are with Him in heaven enjoying the resurrected life that we believers all enjoy in Him. For there not to be a heaven into which we are resurrected would make this life seem even more harsh, even less hopeful, even more random. There is a resurrection for us. It will be far beyond our ability to image and understand with the limitations of our temporal minds and bodies on this side of it. Thank God that heaven is beyond description and beyond my comprehension. I am thankful that, although I love Clemson football, that I will not be living at Death Valley in a newly upgraded version of this life where the things that were not perfect here, is, there. I thank God that I am incapable of comprehending the sense of joy that I cannot describe now will be my commonplace emotion there. I thank God that the knowledge that I think I have here will pale in comparison to the knowledge I have there. But most of all I thank God that I will be there through my salvation in Jesus Christ.

Heaven is for real. Hell is too. Are you pondering the afterlife? Are you willing to bet your soul that there is not one? Think about it. All cultures of all time have believed in an afterlife. We are wired that way by our Creator because there is reality to it. The afterlife is for real. Are you willing to be that all roads lead to heaven or are you willing to consider that Jesus as He said of Himself, no one comes to the Father, the afterlife, except through me. Is He a liar? How bout you take time to consider Jesus’ claim. Test it out. Drive it around. You will find that Jesus is the Son of God and through Him you will find salvation and your keys to the gates of heaven. Call on him now. There is an afterlife. Heaven is for real. Where will you spend eternity?