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Luke 1:57-66 — I had struggled to know what to write about in this passage today because it seemed rather ordinary. It seems to just be a transition piece, filler if you will. It reminds me though that sometimes we have become so accustomed to the ordinary things in life that we fail to see God in the details. Here, if we take a closer look, we find God at work in this passage.

God is at work in the simple fact that Elizabeth gave birth when it was time. As far as childbirth is concerned, it is typically a game for the young. Elizabeth may have not been elderly but she was advanced in years for having babies. The fact that she even got pregnant was a simple miracle of God. That she gave birth without dying is another. In this era of time, even the healthiest of young females were in danger of dying during childbirth because of loss of blood. Add to that, Mary’s age increased the risk. Even today there is risk in childbirth. It is a miracle of God that happens every day that we take for granted. Sometimes, things that happen regularly we do not see as miracles. Even conception itself is a miracle. A life from joining of microscopic cells of a man and a woman. How is this not miraculous. Science can explain how conception happens but it cannot explain that moment, that instant when life is created. God guides this action daily around the world. Cells joining together becoming a human being is an unmitigated act of God. Our skin cells regenerated daily but they do not create a human being. We should celebrate God each time a baby is born. Let us see God in the intricate details of life. He is a daily miracle worker.

God is at work in the things that we take for granted. Zechariah took for granted that he could speak but God took it away when he doubted. We can logically explain how the speech center in the brain works and how the vocal chords create sound. However, what gives our voice control is our brain’s speech center and we can explain it up to a certain point. What makes the neurons fire to create a thought turned into speech is simply an daily miracle of God. Just as swiftly, when Z was obedient (in naming the child John [Hebrew for “God’s gift”] as commanded by the angel), his voice and hearing were restored. It is a reminder that the things we take for granted in life, speech, hearing, vision, are all part of this miraculous machine called the human body. The human body is astoundingly complex and all of our body works together to provide a vessel for our mind, our existence. Things we feel create emotions and emotions create reactions in the body that can be measure. Emotions that cannot be measured created reactions in the body that can. It is amazing when you think about how our mere existence, though explainable by science up to a certain point, is a full on God designed miracle that happens daily.

Even in death, we see God. Science can explain conception and birth and science can explain why we die. However, that instant in which we take our last breath is not under our control. It is God’s decision. What makes our heart beat daily thousands of times in a lifetime but in an instant it quits and we die. Sure, we can understand when a person meets a violent death that loss of blood causes death. How bout though that elderly person who lives long past when people expect. They linger on for days and even months at the point of death. But one day, the heart stops and they die. That same God who gives the spark of life to cells that become human beings is also there when our routinely beating heart stops. Life force vanishes. God is in that. He chooses our moment when life in its barest essence begins and he chooses when it ends. This is God working miracles daily.

Take the time in life to reflect upon God’s presence in our daily lives. Let us reflect on how God performs unnoticed miracles daily. Like how plants convert sunlight into energy that causes them to grow. Science can explain what happens but not the why. Let us remember that life itself is a miracle of God. We are here by his grace. When we get caught up in the mundane details of life and think there is nothing precious about our mundane lives. God is there. He is working. There is evidence all around us daily. Nothing is mundane when we think of the things that God orchestrates daily without us even noticing. Celebrate God daily. He is working all around you, in the birth of a child, in human life itself, in the salvation of souls through Jesus Christ. Just think every minute of every day not only is there the miracle of birth but every minute of every day someone comes to Christ somewhere. The greatest miracle of all — complete and radical life change through Christ that no one can explain except say it’s a miracle. God reigns! God is in the miracle business daily. Take time to notice!