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Luke 1:26-36 — It’s a miracle! Do you have the faith to believe it? There was an old George Michael dance tune where one of the lines in the song was “You gotta have faith, faith, faith.” This whole virgin birth thing requires just that—faith, faith, faith.

The birth of Jesus to a virgin is a plain out miracle of God. It is what separates the men from the boys, so to speak, when it comes to faith. Even those of us who are Christian do not talk about this enough. A few days ago, I wrote that our Christian faith is a reasonable faith and many of us can buy off on that. Jesus was a real dude who from extrabiblical sources we know for a fact that He existed. He is not some fictitious figure made up by a man-made religion. In the conclusion to that writing, the facts can lead us to be believe in Jesus as a real man who existed but it takes faith to get you the rest of the way to believe that He is indeed the Son of God. One of the things that requires faith is that He was born of a virgin. Like I said, we as Christians do not talk about this point enough. At Christmas time, we have nativity scenes and we think they are cute, but do we really believe this. Do you really? Do you think that maybe the church made it up to suit their theological constructions of Jesus as the man untouched by sin in any way? What if a person presses you on this subject? What are you going to say? It is written in the Bible but do you really believe it? Really? Deep down in your heart?

God’s announcements of the birth of a special child has met with skepticism even in the pages of the Bible itself. Sarah, Abraham’s wife, laughed when the angel told her that she was going to have a child. Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, doubted when he was told that though he and Elizabeth were advanced in years that they would bear a special son who would be the clarion of the coming Messiah. However, the beauty of Mary is that she immediately submitted to the Lord. She said, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” (v. 36, NLT). Mary had no doubts. She met the angels announcement with humility, submission, and not a care for what was reasonable and understandable. She just knew that the Lord had spoken and she must accept it. Do you and I have that much faith? Do you believe that it true that Jesus was born of a virgin.

Luke, the writer of this gospel, was a physician. He was a doctor and knew full well how babies were conceived and born. It would have been just as hard for him to believe, maybe harder, that a child could be born to a virgin. However, he reports this information as fact. Science and history can only get us so far. We have to have faith on this one. Luke was a painstaking researcher who based his gospel on interviews with eyewitnesses to the life of Jesus. He must have interviewed Mary herself about these events of the first two chapters of his gospel. As we know from research, this gospel was written as early as 55-60 AD. Many of the eyewitnesses to the life of Jesus were still alive. If they had felt he was fictionalizing his gospel, they would have cried foul. These were men and women of integrity after all. Further, all the manuscripts of Luke’s gospel that can be found from the earliest ones we have contain this sequence about the virgin birth. It is thus not some fiction made up by the church. We must grasp this story. We must wrestle with it. Can you really believe it?

It comes down to whether you think God is sovereign or not. If you cannot believe this fact, you then question His sovereignty. If we worship God as the Creator of the universe, then why can we not believe in the virgin birth. God created the universe out of nothing. He spoke it into existence. He was the Creator of the Big Bang or whatever you call it. The universe did not create itself. There had to be a Creator. Then why cannot the Creator of the universe be responsible for a child in the womb of a virgin. I have seen documentaries about the life of Jesus and listen to them try to theorize a logical explanation for the virgin birth according the physical laws of the universe as we know them. It is kind of laughable to listen to them talk about the possibility that Mary was unisex and other such theories. I chuckle. We are trying in limited human knowledge to explain this thing by theories and knowledge that we know. Sometimes, we just cannot explain God. God is the Sovereign Creator of the universe. It is after all His universe. He is the all powerful Creator. My God is that God. He is vast and His knowledge and His ability is unmatched. If I can’t believe in the virgin birth, it means I really don’t believe in God as the Ruler and Creator of the universe. If we judge the world simply by the knowledge that we have currently, then we are making man God instead of God being God. This one is a test of faith. The virgin birth is where you have to have faith. Yes, Jesus was a real man who walked the earth. But, there are things about Him that we must have faith about. The virgin birth. The Son of God thing. These are the things of faith. These are the things that non-believers scoff at cause they can’t make the last mile. We who have accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God and as the Lord of our lives accept the things that we can verify about Jesus but we can make that last mile through faith. It is through faith that we believe that Jesus was born of a virgin. You gotta have faith, faith, faith.

Father, I thank you for being the Sovereign Lord of the universe who created all things out of nothingness. Father, I thank you for your Sovereignty. In your all powerful nature you sent Jesus, a part of the everlasting triune God, into the womb of a virgin to develop into a man that we know existed on earth. I have faith in this as fact through the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life as a believer. There are just somethings that we have to trust you on Lord. Sometimes we have to trust you as the Sovereign King. Sometimes we have to have faith. Thank you for making me like Mary herself who basically said that since God said that she believed it would come true. Thank you for allowing me to overcome my skepticism with trust in your Sovereignty. Father, help me to always trust you. Help me to know that whatever you say will come true without fail. Help to have THAT KIND of faith, the faith of a young girl who was about to become the mother of our Lord. May everything you have said, Lord, about me, come true. Gotta have faith, faith, faith.