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Have you ever had one of those dreams where something bad is about to happen to you or to someone you know, love, and/or care about? It’s usually where you or someone you care about is about to be attacked by a monster, a killer, you know. You start to scream as you attempt to get the words out with all your might no sound comes out or it’s just a grunt! You know those dreams! We have all had them. That’s the analogy that has repeatedly played out in my mind over the past several weeks and particularly since the South Carolina Republican Primary last weekend. I want to scream but the words can’t be heard. That gutteral sounds of a bad dream where you want to shout and scream but nothing comes out. That’s where I am right now…

As many of you know, I try my best not to step into controversial subjects on social media and typically withhold my response to things until I have prayed about it thoroughly and have soul searched endlessly. For it is my intent when I blog on my blog page or post on Facebook not to create situations that would prevent me from sharing the gospel in the way that God has gifted me which is in my writing. The ultimate goal of my writing is to bring people closer to Christ not drive them away. Yet, at the same time, I never desire to water down the Christian faith just to match what the culture is thinking. It is a fine line. It is a tight rope.

However, like with the redefinition of marriage by the Supreme Court or with the shootings in Charleston, I felt compelled to write and write in a way that reveals gospel truth. Today is one of those times where I feel compelled to speak with my writing. It is one of those things where you don’t want to write but God moves your heart in such a way that you cannot be comfortable unless you do. Today, I must speak. I cannot keep silent any longer and I have grieved over this for the last 24 hours since the final debate of the Republican candidates last night. I must speak and will not be comfortable until I get this out.

I may anger some with this statement but Donald Trump cannot win the Republican nomination. Plain and simple. There, I have said it out loud. Not just the gutteral sounds of a bad dream. It was not long ago some friends of mine went to McAdenville, NC to see the Christmas lights. One of the group saw a kid out in the cold weather with no pants on running around one of the decorated yards of that town known regionally for decorating itself in amazing ways for Christmas. This particular night in the schizophrenic weather of the Piedmont of North and South Carolina during the winter was on its bad behavior and it was brutally cold. As my friends drove by this house, one of my more sensitive friends saw this kid running around the yard of this house in the cold night with no pants just a t-shirt and his superhero underpants. She was trying to get the words out to everyone else in the car. But in the emergency of the moment, the only words that would quickly come out was a scream of “Paaaaannnnttts!” That’s how I feel about this mass hysteria that seems to be enamoring our fellow Republicans and the nation in general with Donald Trump. I want to scream but all that is coming out is “paaaaannnnnnttttsssss!” This man cannot win the nomination. I am not saying that he does not have the sway of public opinion and does not have the votes to win the nomination. He does and he probably will. But for the health of our nation and the future of our nation, he cannot win. I beg you to pray incessantly that he does not.

First off, he is style and no substance. Repeatedly, last night he was pressed on issues of importance to our nation. And, he would not give a position. He simply panders to that which is popular. His positions are predicated by that which will bring him the “ratings” that he covets.  He even said as much in the debate last night. He said the reason that CNN had him there was for the ratings. He is Bill Clinton on steroids. A Trump nomination and a Trump presidency will be saying one thing one day because it polls better and something else on another day because it polls better. He’s about the win and not what comes after. He has no solid convictions about anything. He is a tramp rather than Trump. He will do whatever makes his ratings better. His only position is to pander to the anger that is out there about our government. But on no occasion does he offer how to solve it. He reminds of that classic scene from the movie, “The American President”, where Michael Douglas’ character, Andrew Shepard, gave the speech that every man of principle holding the office of President wish they could give. In that scene, Andrew Shepard is in a heated election year race with an opponent played by Richard Dreyfuss whose name is Bob Rumson. In that speech, he says that Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving America’s problems. He is more interested in making you afraid of it and telling you who to blame for it. He goes on to say, “that my friends is how you win elections.” No truer words have been spoken. Sometimes cinema is prophetic of real life. Donald Trump is Bob Rumson. He does not care in the least of how to solve America’s problems. He just wants to get elected. It’s a game. It’s a prize. It’s another mountain to climb. Style. No substance. Just give me the prize. No clue. No positions. Just make America afraid and blame someone for it. Haven’t we had eight years of that already. Haven’t we had a generation of that already. Love him or hate him, Ronald Reagan was the president of a generation. He had solid positions. He had convictions. In this era that we are moving into, we need a Ronald Reagan kind of President. Not once during last night’s debate did he come across with any meaningful dialogue about any serious issues. All he did was make flippant remarks, remarks that were contradictory within the same breath (see his comments on Israel), and bash the other leading candidates. Style. No substance. Make you long for the picket fences of the 1950’s but no clue on what to do.

Second, he is enamored with himself in ways that go beyond egomania. Everything he said last night was about himself and bragging on himself. He is so enamored with himself that he will say anything to make himself look good. His comments about awards from Israel. His comments about how successful he has been. It was all about him. He was there for the ratings he said. Toasting his own popularity. There have been movies about political candidates who had nothing to say but were just trying to appease their own ego. It is playing out before our eyes and THIS is real. Donald Trump would be a President who looks out only for that which will ensure his popularity and feed his ego. It would not matter what the right thing to do is, it would only matter that which massages his ego. Is that not scary in the least to anyone….”paaaaannnnnntsssss!”

Third, he claims he is a Christian. Thanks, Donald. You makin’ us look good now! Donald Trump may well be a Christian but we are told to judge fellow Christians by the fruits of the spirit. Galatians 5:22-23 tells us:

22 But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things!

There are none of these fruits in Donald Trump’s life. Just look at his demeanor and his words. His sour face throughout the debate belies a man who is seeking something that he cannot buy and cannot find. He has no joy. He seeks grandeur. He has no peace. He tries to destroy anyone who appears to be the least amount of threat to him. He was tired of the debate by the end and the name calling came out. Loser. Basket case. He has no goodness in him. He is all about the Donald. He said in Iowa that he has never asked for forgiveness from God. He simply tries to make thing right. He is performance driven because He does not know Jesus Christ. He has not sought forgiveness from God because He does not see any need. God is a business deal to him where he can negotiate his way out of any issues. He may well be Christian but the fruits of the spirit belie that statement. He would sell his soul to Satan if it meant closing the deal and making his own name great. I pray for him to find Christ so that he can truly claim the title of Christian. I just do not see it from who he is just right now. I won’t even go into who he has been in his past. Just looking at how he comports himself in this moment in time, I just don’t see the fruits. He is self-centered. He blames everyone but himself. He changes his position to suit the moment. He has no fruit…..Paaaaaannnnntttttsssss!

I call all Christians to see this situation as important. The opposition is offering us utopian socialism, which of course has proven to be a disaster everywhere it has been implemented. Just ask Cuba. You don’t see people lining up in Florida to go to Cuba. It’s the other way around. People from Cuba risk life and limb often to get away from the utopia of socialist Cuba. We must unite behind the candidates within the Republican Party that will actually be good for America, that will defend the Constitution, that will make the tough choices that need to be made. Not just what makes them look good. Not just getting the prize but really working at the job. Do we really want a world where Donald Trump is a viable candidate. Paannnntsss….gutteral scream…make the words come out….Scream….paaannnnnntsssss!