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1 Samuel 13:1-14 (Part 3 of 3)
War with Philistia, Saul’s Disobedience, and Samuel’s Rebuke

Elena and I had been through two divorces by the time we met each other. We were both weary of marriage not so much from the perspective that we blamed the ones we married previously for the mistakes of our marriages but from the perspective that we no longer trusted ourselves at judging the people we were to marry. After two failed marriages each, we did not want to jump into marriage again. We knew that we loved each other. We knew that we connected on a soulful level. We knew those things but getting married. Wow, that was the last thing we wanted to do. Not another failed marriage. That was not for us. So, we were happy with dating. Having our separate spaces as our fallback positions. She was downstairs at Paces River Apartments in Rock Hill and I was upstairs. It was convenient. Her place or mine. Downstairs or upstairs. We ignored God’s commands when it came to sex outside of marriage. Marriage was that final commitment that neither one of us was ready to take. But we wanted the fun. I was very convincing in that regard. We were committed to each other from the time we started seeing each other exclusively in October 2007 and things were great. Separate apartments but spending all of our time together either at her place or mine.

Then the unthinkable happened. I was transferred by my job to California to assist the finance team out there to get the finance department of my company’s buy-resale division out in the San Francisco Bay area cleaned up and operating correctly. It was to be a temporary assignment that began in May 2008. I was to be back in South Carolina by Thanksgiving 2008. But lo and behold, the existing controller, a person that was over their head in the job (how she got the job I still don’t understand), saw the handwriting on the wall that she was on the way out. In October 2008, she resigned to take a job elsewhere. Immediately, the company offered me the job and I accepted. The job was now a permanent one out there in California. Although my and Elena’s relationship had survived the bi-coastal nature of our love affair from May to October, it was seen as a temporary problem to be overcome. When the job became permanent, we continued to try to make it work. Then, in the Spring of 2009, the seeing each other only every three or four weeks and flying back and forth across the country to do it became too great. We broke up for like two days. The worst two days of each other’s lives. We resolved then that we had to do something. Elena decided to put in for a transfer with her company from their Charlotte, NC facility to their facility in Stockton, CA. It all got approved and by early August 2009, we found an apartment in Livermore, CA which was about halfway between her job and mine.

When moved in together in Livermore, CA that August. It was an adjustment at first. New job for her. New community for us both. Long commutes for us both but we were together. No long flights across the country. It all made sense. But the marriage thing. We just weren’t ready for that. While we were living in Livermore, we found a great new church that was meeting in a school building using the gym and some of the empty offices and classrooms there. We got heavily involved in the church. Although I had accepted Christ as my Savior back in 2001, I was still a spiritual baby up until we started going to Livermore Alive Community Church. Elena accepted Christ as her Savior in October 2009 during a small group meeting at our pastor’s house. The pastor and his wife became our best friends. Although they were 10-15 years younger than us, the pastor and his wife were our spiritual mentors. They grew us up from spiritual babies. We were so rooted in culture that growth in the Spirit was foreign to us but we ate it up under their mentorship. We grew a lot. But as spiritual mentors do, they wait til you have grown up a bit before they start challenging you on how and where your life differs from Scripture.

Our living arrangements were the area that our pastor blasted us after we had grown up some in the Lord. Up until that point, we ignored the fact that we were living together but not married. We had all the excuses in the world. Two failed marriages each. What does a piece of paper mean in a relationship? It’s just a piece of paper. We are committed to each other. We have tried the marriage thing. It didn’t work twice for either one of us. You know the excuses. I bet some of you who are reading this may be in a relationship right now where you are having sex outside of marriage and/or are living with the person to whom you are not married. You probably have your justifications. You probably think it’s cool. It’s modern and all that. We thought that too.

But yet at the same time, we wanted to grow in our walk with Jesus Christ. We just ignored the whole marriage thing. We did not see what we were doing as fornication, as lustful pleasures. We certainly did not see it as wrong. It is funny how when we are immature in Christ how we can ignore our favorite sins as being OK for us. Just as homosexuals ignore the Word of God as their type of relationship being wrong and justify it through detailing their special circumstances, so too do we as heterosexuals often ignore God’s Word about fornication and lust because we build up our own special circumstances as to why God’s Word does not apply to us in this area. This is OK for me because….(insert your justification for actively opposing God’s Word here). We were the same way. We thought we had been granted a special exemption for our fornication because we had earned it from our failed marriages. We were engaged and that was enough of a commitment for us. We were playing married without the full commitment. Our pastor called us on it. He confronted me about it as the man of my house. He iistened to my excuses and to each one, he said “what does God’s Word say?” He went on to tell me that I could not be in any leadership position at our church until I dealt with this open rebellion to God’s Word in my life. It was tough love from a man I highly respected and was my best friend at that point in my life.

What’s your excuse for actively participating in sin? Do you rationalize away the Bible? Do rationalize away that the Bible is antiquated and we can pick and choose what we want to believe in it? Ignoring sin so that you can participate in the sin of your choice does not make it any less sin. God’s Word is timeless and eternal just as the One who inspired it. What was truth in eternity is still truth now.

That’s the thing that I got this morning on this third reading of this passage – how we justify our pet sins that we do not want to give up . Let’s read the passage now:


Chapter 13
1 Saul was thirty years old when he became king, and he reigned for forty-two years. 2 Saul selected 3,000 special troops from the army of Israel and sent the rest of the men home. He took 2,000 of the chosen men with him to Micmash and the hill country of Bethel. The other 1,000 went with Saul’s son Jonathan to Gibeah in the land of Benjamin.

3 Soon after this, Jonathan attacked and defeated the garrison of Philistines at Geba. The news spread quickly among the Philistines. So Saul blew the ram’s horn throughout the land, saying, “Hebrews, hear this! Rise up in revolt!” 4 All Israel heard the news that Saul had destroyed the Philistine garrison at Geba and that the Philistines now hated the Israelites more than ever. So the entire Israelite army was summoned to join Saul at Gilgal.

5 The Philistines mustered a mighty army of 3,000[c] chariots, 6,000 charioteers, and as many warriors as the grains of sand on the seashore! They camped at Micmash east of Beth-aven. 6 The men of Israel saw what a tight spot they were in; and because they were hard pressed by the enemy, they tried to hide in caves, thickets, rocks, holes, and cisterns. 7 Some of them crossed the Jordan River and escaped into the land of Gad and Gilead.

Meanwhile, Saul stayed at Gilgal, and his men were trembling with fear. 8 Saul waited there seven days for Samuel, as Samuel had instructed him earlier, but Samuel still didn’t come. Saul realized that his troops were rapidly slipping away. 9 So he demanded, “Bring me the burnt offering and the peace offerings!” And Saul sacrificed the burnt offering himself.

10 Just as Saul was finishing with the burnt offering, Samuel arrived. Saul went out to meet and welcome him, 11 but Samuel said, “What is this you have done?”

Saul replied, “I saw my men scattering from me, and you didn’t arrive when you said you would, and the Philistines are at Micmash ready for battle. 12 So I said, ‘The Philistines are ready to march against us at Gilgal, and I haven’t even asked for the Lord’s help!’ So I felt compelled to offer the burnt offering myself before you came.”

13 “How foolish!” Samuel exclaimed. “You have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you. Had you kept it, the Lord would have established your kingdom over Israel forever. 14 But now your kingdom must end, for the Lord has sought out a man after his own heart. The Lord has already appointed him to be the leader of his people, because you have not kept the Lord’s command.”

In this passage, we see that Saul had plenty of excuses for his disobedience. But Samuel zeroed in on the real issue, “You have not kept the command the Lord your God gave you.” Like Saul, we often gloss over our mistakes and sins, trying to justify our actions because of special circumstances or extended logical reasoning that favors us. But our excuses are nothing more than disobedience. God knows our true motives. He forgives, restores, and blesses only when we are honest about our sins. By trying to hide his sins behind excuses, Saul lost God’s blessing over his kingship, pretty much before he got started reigning as king over Israel.

I am pleased to report that because of the tough love shown us by our pastor while we were living in California and our desire to grow in Christ, we recognized our sin as sin. We saw that living together and having sex outside wedlock was wrong. We knew that we loved each other and we know that we wanted ultimately to do things God’s way. We had tried the world’s way for so long. We decided that we wanted to be more like Christ each and every day and in each area of our lives. We no longer ignored and reveled in our sin of not being married but living together. We no longer justified because of our special circumstances. We just saw it for what it was – sin. We married right after a Sunday church service at our church on Sunday, March 21, 2010. We are now approaching our 8th wedding anniversary. It is amazing how God has blessed our marriage and how we have grown together since that confrontation about sin. Certainly, there are sins we each still commit everyday that God is still working on in us. But that recognition of our obvious and blatantly rebellious sin in our lives opened our eyes to all our sins. It opened our eyes to each stronghold sin has in our lives. We are no longer arrogant enough to think that we are good enough or that there are excuses for sin. That realization also makes us oh so grateful for the grace covering that we have in Jesus Christ and thankful for the scales being removed from our eyes by the Holy Spirit. We are aware of our sins and desire to be subject to the chiseling of the Holy Spirit concerning each one.
What are you justifying as an OK sin? What are you ignoring in God’s Word? I have been there. I get you. Open your eyes to the eternal truth of God’s Word and see that which you justify for what it is.

Amen and Amen.

Joshua 4:1-5:1 (Part 2 of 3)

Memorials to the Jordan Crossing

Note: Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. We were at a beach condo that had a horribly unreliable internet connection. Back to Joshua, here we go….

It was the first week of August 2009. I had been living in corporate apartments in various locations since I moved out to California in May 2008. But now, Elena had made the choice to move out to California to be with me instead of us flying back and forth across the country from the Bay Area to the Charlotte area and vice versa. South Carolina was home to me but California is where my job was. Elena had to make a choice. Either continue living in a bi-coastal love affair (long distance relationships are tough emotionally) or move out to be with her man (a move that many would tell her that she was crazy to do). Finally, by early August 2009, she had made arrangements within her company, MPI Labels, to transfer her from MPI Charlotte, NC to MPI Stockton, CA. Then, after a year and a half of flying back and forth across the country to be with one another, we found a town, Livermore, CA, that was halfway in between her job and mine. We finally moved in together in August 2009. We had lived upstairs/downstairs from each other in Rock Hill while we were dating from October 2007 until I moved out to California in May 2008. Then were like rock stars flying back and forth across the country from May 2008 til now, August 2009. Meanwhile, during that cross-country love affair, in February 2009, Valentine’s Day, in fact, I asked her to marry me and she said yes. But we still had not set a date for wedding. We’d worry about that later. Heck, we both had been through two divorces each. If we married, it would be a third marriage for both of us.


Wow, it was great. Getting to sleep in the same apartment with my girl. In the same bed with my girl. We were such a cute couple. We much lighter in weight back then. It was great just be together. We would get out every weekend and explore something, somewhere about our new home – the San Francisco Bay Area. Everything was great. We even found a church that we loved. We had become best friend/couple with the pastor and his wife, Luke and Felisha. We had great friends within the church, the Baers, the Hoffmeisters, the Adams. We were always doing something with one or more of the combinations of those folks. We loved downtown Livermore. It was like a miniature Main Street Greenville, SC. We would to eat the little restaurants and pubs there and just walk around in the cool summer evenings. Elena accepted Christ as her Savior and Lord in October 2009 while we were there. After being a baby Christian not wishing to mature far beyond where I was since I accepted Christ as my Savior in December 2001, I began to mature as a Christ follower there. Luke pushed us to be more than just armchair Christians who just sat in the pews and did nothing else. We became tithers while we were there. We got involved in every way in the church. We got so involved that when it was time for this new little church to select its elder council that was to be an advisory council to Luke. I wholeheartedly sent my application into Luke.


Then it came. The meeting. It was at Luke & Felisha’s house. Felisha was gone. It was just me and Luke. Luke first talked about how good he felt about me being one of the elders. He admired my passion for the Lord. He admired how perceptive I was about Scripture. Then, he dropped a bomb on me. He said that even though he saw all those good things about me, I could never be an elder in the church. I was shocked. I wanted to know why! He laid it out straight to me. He said, “You can never be an elder in our church because you are living with a woman to whom you are not married. Plain and simple. That’s it. You’re disqualified on that point alone. No matter what else about you is great and makes you qualified to be an elder. This one thing disqualifies you.” He asked me what the Bible said about fornication, because that was what I was doing. He said that sex is reserved for the marriage covenant between a man and a woman and anything else is sin. When you glorify it as you are now, you are not repentant. You are actively sinning and calling what is sin as not sin. You are ignoring whole parts of the Bible so that you can do things your way. I told him that I had already been married twice and was scared to jump into it again. I didn’t want to have another divorce. He said sometimes you have to trust God and do things His way.


The idea of doing things God’s way was what came to mind as I read through Joshua 4:1-5:1 for the second time of the three times that we will look at it. Let’s read the passage this morning together:


4 When the whole nation had finished crossing the Jordan, the Lord said to Joshua, 2 “Choose twelve men from among the people, one from each tribe, 3 and tell them to take up twelve stones from the middle of the Jordan, from right where the priests are standing, and carry them over with you and put them down at the place where you stay tonight.”


4 So Joshua called together the twelve men he had appointed from the Israelites, one from each tribe, 5 and said to them, “Go over before the ark of the Lord your God into the middle of the Jordan. Each of you is to take up a stone on his shoulder, according to the number of the tribes of the Israelites, 6 to serve as a sign among you. In the future, when your children ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ 7 tell them that the flow of the Jordan was cut off before the ark of the covenant of the Lord. When it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the Jordan were cut off. These stones are to be a memorial to the people of Israel forever.”


8 So the Israelites did as Joshua commanded them. They took twelve stones from the middle of the Jordan, according to the number of the tribes of the Israelites, as the Lord had told Joshua; and they carried them over with them to their camp, where they put them down. 9 Joshua set up the twelve stones that had been[a] in the middle of the Jordan at the spot where the priests who carried the ark of the covenant had stood. And they are there to this day.


10 Now the priests who carried the ark remained standing in the middle of the Jordan until everything the Lord had commanded Joshua was done by the people, just as Moses had directed Joshua. The people hurried over, 11 and as soon as all of them had crossed, the ark of the Lord and the priests came to the other side while the people watched. 12 The men of Reuben, Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh crossed over, ready for battle, in front of the Israelites, as Moses had directed them. 13 About forty thousand armed for battle crossed over before the Lord to the plains of Jericho for war.


14 That day the Lord exalted Joshua in the sight of all Israel; and they stood in awe of him all the days of his life, just as they had stood in awe of Moses.


15 Then the Lord said to Joshua, 16 “Command the priests carrying the ark of the covenant law to come up out of the Jordan.”


17 So Joshua commanded the priests, “Come up out of the Jordan.”


18 And the priests came up out of the river carrying the ark of the covenant of the Lord. No sooner had they set their feet on the dry ground than the waters of the Jordan returned to their place and ran at flood stage as before.


19 On the tenth day of the first month the people went up from the Jordan and camped at Gilgal on the eastern border of Jericho. 20 And Joshua set up at Gilgal the twelve stones they had taken out of the Jordan. 21 He said to the Israelites, “In the future when your descendants ask their parents, ‘What do these stones mean?’ 22 tell them, ‘Israel crossed the Jordan on dry ground.’ 23 For the Lord your God dried up the Jordan before you until you had crossed over. The Lord your God did to the Jordan what he had done to the Red Sea[b] when he dried it up before us until we had crossed over. 24 He did this so that all the peoples of the earth might know that the hand of the Lord is powerful and so that you might always fear the Lord your God.”


5 Now when all the Amorite kings west of the Jordan and all the Canaanite kings along the coast heard how the Lord had dried up the Jordan before the Israelites until they[c] had crossed over, their hearts melted in fear and they no longer had the courage to face the Israelites.


In this passage, we see that the Israelites revered Joshua for his role in leading them across the Jordan River. He, like Moses, would receive Israel’s praise from generation to generation. Although Israel was not a world power at that time (it’s place on the world stage would only come during the reigns of David and Solomon), Joshua’s reputation for handling his responsibilities God’s way brought him greater glory than if he had been a hero in an already established world superpower nation. Doing things the right way, God’s Way, is more important than doing well.


The night of that bombshell meeting with Luke was a watershed moment for me. If I was going to grow as a Christ follower, I could not pick and choose what parts of the Bible I was going to obey. I could not say I am going to obey everything else but this area of life right here. It’s my favorite sin. I don’t want to give that up. If we are going to be maturing Christ followers, He is going to point out to us through the Holy Spirit and through the counsel of more mature Christ followers where we need to examine our lives. Where we are doing it our way and not God’s way. We need to examine our lives for our pet sins that we are justifying as OK. We need to examine our lives where we are bending God’s truth to meet our own desires. We need to examine our lives and see where we have made the truth a moving target so as to accommodate the sins that we want to continue participating in. We need to examine our lives for the way we have perverted God’s truth to make our sins OK. We need to examine our lives for the parts of the Bible that we have ripped the pages out just so we do not have to deal with our pet sins for what they are – SINS.


If it were not for that bombshell meeting with Luke, Elena and I may have never married. We may have lived in sin for years to come. Because we did not want to make that final commitment to one another. In sickness and in health, for richer for poorer, for when you just don’t feel like loving another person, for those times when you want to give up and walk out the door, for those times when the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence. We are talking commitment to love someone. We are talking about a commitment to do what it takes to meet the needs of another and not just ourselves. We are talking about being fully committed before God to live out the marriage covenant that is a reflection of God’s love for us. He does not throw us away just because we are not as pretty as we once were. He does not throw us a way just because we leave our underwear beside the hamper instead of in it. He loves us always and marriage is a reflection of that.


Elena and I married on March 21, 2010 right in the middle of the church service where Luke was preaching about sex and doing it God’s way. It was a beautiful ending to a sermon about doing sex God’s way, about loving your spouse God’s way, about risking our own desires to do things God’s way. About living in God’s way. Elena and have been together almost a decade now and have been married now for 7 years of that. We have been through a lot of stuff together. We will go through a lot of stuff together. But because of some hard words from a friend, we had to examine our lives and decide to do things God’s way. We had to decide to always do things God’s way – not just in the areas that are convenient but in all areas of life. Even the parts where we were scared to do it God’s way.


We want to be like Joshua here in this passage. We want to do things God’s way. We want to put Him first in our individual lives and right dead in the center of our marriage. We will face temptations for sure. No matter how old you are there will be temptations that strike at the heart of our marriages. We will face temptations that will strike at the heart of who we are as Christ followers. However, we must be intentional about doing things God’s way. Never forgetting to put Him first in our lives. Never forgetting to examine where Satan will attack us and attack our marriages. We must be willing to repent from those sins that we think nobody notices. We must be willing to repent of those sins that we are not calling sins. Those are the areas that Satan will attack. He will attack where we have twisted the truth to make it OK for us to participate in our pet sins.


Are you living life God’s way? Are you living in a sinful way in some part of your life and ignoring God’s Word on that subject? Are you not doing it God’s way? What is your pet sin that you are not calling sin? That is where Satan is reveling in your ignorance of the truth! May we examine ourselves for that which is not of His Word. Let us compare our lives to God’s Word and change and repent and do things God’s way. Let’s be Joshua kind of people!



Amen and Amen.

Numbers 20:1-13 (Part 1)
Water from the Rock

I know the fathers of the world can identify with this! So, guys, read on. How many times have you heard those dreaded words of “some assembly required”? Show of hands out there, how many of you have tried to put together whatever needed assembling without using the directions? Those of you dads out there with your hands down…you’re lying! We’ve all done it. Whether it be a kid’s toy on Christmas Eve? Whether it be a yard tool or other yard equipment? Whether it be the dreaded entertainment center that has 11 billion parts and screws? We have all thought we knew best. We have our male pride, right? We can do this. “I don’t need any help from some stinking directions written by some guy in a back office in Hong Kong somewhere!” is our battle cry when it comes to putting things together. And, yes, we tear off into our project without those directions and we try to put whatever it is together without reading and obeying those directions. Then you get to the point that you realize that you have really screwed up and you have to disassemble the whole thing and start over. This time, you use the directions and lo and behold, it worked out perfectly. You feel really stupid for having tried to put it together on your own and then having to tear it down and start over again as if you had done nothing the previous two or three hours (if you are lucky to have only spent that amount of time). You guys know what I am talking about. That frustrating feeling that you should have followed the directions from the beginning and you would not be right here, right back where you started from. Frustration for having wasted all that time on prideful attempt to do it your way and not the way known and tested in the assembly directions that came with the thing that you were putting together.

When I started reading this passage, I first really was puzzled by why the author, whom we presume for the most part to be Moses, inserts v.1 of chapter 20 in a sequence on the ongoing issues of managing the society of Israel, we have this inserted mention of the death of Miriam. It really puzzled me why that was inserted between the instruction on the water of purification sequence and the sequence about the grumblings of having no water and God’s resolution to that. It just seemed to be a weird insert to me. At the same token, I know, too, that there are no wasted words in God’s Word. So, I struggled with it all day yesterday while on vacation in the Rocky Mountains in a cabin compound with friends. This was mulling around in my mind while hiking through the most beautiful evidence of God’s majesty that I have seen in a long time and while watching pro football on TV that sits in front of a picture window with this giant, majestic 14,000 foot group of mountains in front of me. Why, why did the Lord want that in there? I finally got it this morning. Think about the location. We are right back where we started from. Right before the Promised Land. All that time wasted.

That’s what I want us to think about today as we read through this passage the first time today (there will be two more blogs on this passage to come). I want us to think about how many times in our lives we are back at Kadesh once again. Back at square one after we have gone off on our own and done things our way only to find that we screwed it all up and we are back at square one. Let’s read Numbers 20:1-13 together right now with a focus on that first verse, Numbers 20:1:

20 In the first month the whole Israelite community arrived at the Desert of Zin, and they stayed at Kadesh. There Miriam died and was buried.

2 Now there was no water for the community, and the people gathered in opposition to Moses and Aaron. 3 They quarreled with Moses and said, “If only we had died when our brothers fell dead before the Lord! 4 Why did you bring the Lord’s community into this wilderness, that we and our livestock should die here? 5 Why did you bring us up out of Egypt to this terrible place? It has no grain or figs, grapevines or pomegranates. And there is no water to drink!”

6 Moses and Aaron went from the assembly to the entrance to the tent of meeting and fell facedown, and the glory of the Lord appeared to them. 7 The Lord said to Moses, 8 “Take the staff, and you and your brother Aaron gather the assembly together. Speak to that rock before their eyes and it will pour out its water. You will bring water out of the rock for the community so they and their livestock can drink.”

9 So Moses took the staff from the Lord’s presence, just as he commanded him. 10 He and Aaron gathered the assembly together in front of the rock and Moses said to them, “Listen, you rebels, must we bring you water out of this rock?” 11 Then Moses raised his arm and struck the rock twice with his staff. Water gushed out, and the community and their livestock drank.

12 But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Because you did not trust in me enough to honor me as holy in the sight of the Israelites, you will not bring this community into the land I give them.”

13 These were the waters of Meribah,[a] where the Israelites quarreled with the Lord and where he was proved holy among them.

What I want us to walk away with this morning is just doing things God’s way from the get-go. Think about all the times that we try to do things our way. And how often we completely screw things up. How often do we have to start over from scratch? How often do we have to retrace our steps and fix our messes that we have created? Why didn’t we just do things God’s way from the beginning. There is an old saying that goes, “if you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting what you’ve always got” that seems so true here. Miriam who started off so well in the desert but ended up doing things her own way, grumbling against God and her leadership and then ended up dying short of the Promised Land right back where they started from right at the border of what God had planned. She died short of the finish line of what God had promised and it was all because she did not do it God’s way the first time.

Is your life keeping on coming back to square one because of following your pride? Let us think about doing things God’s way so that we do not waste time in the wilderness. If we keep doing things our way we will get what we always get, having to come back to square one and starting over again. Think about the time we are wasting by not doing things God’s way. We will fall short of the promise that He has for our lives. He has a Promised Land for all of us. Is your marriage in trouble because of foolish pride in trying to do things you own prideful ways. We have to become the change that we seek in our marriages. We have to set our pride aside and do things God’s way. Are you having problems in walk with Christ? Is your pride in the way? Are you having troubles in life that you blame on others? Are you seeking things that are not of God and wondering why that you are getting the mess that you are getting? Are you wasting your life and the promise that God has for it by seeking your own desires? Right back where you started from? Starting over again? And again? How bout listening to God and His Word and doing it his way from now on?

Otherwise, you will end up like Miriam. Right at the border of the Promised Land and never getting to go there? What is it in your life that prevents you from your Promised Land? What is in your life that you are doing that is in opposition to God’s Word? What is it in your life that is in opposition to the directions that He has for your life? If you keep doing what you are doing you are going to get what you always get? Let us seek God’s direction for our life and follow it? Then we won’t have wasted the rest of our lives trying to get it done our way! Then, we won’t have to go back to the instructions and start all over again. Our time is limited here. Are you willing to live in opposition to God’s will for your life and end up dying without having entered the sweet spot of alignment with God’s will and receiving the blessings that come from that. Are you going to die right before the Promised Land?

Amen and Amen.