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Luke 2:25-35 — Simeon’s Song. Are you ready to die in peace? Have you seen what you need to see? Done what you needed to do? For Simeon, everything had been accomplished. He had seen the Messiah and he now knew that the Messiah was the salvation for all people.

According to the opening of this passage, Simeon was a righteous and devout man who eagerly waited the coming of the Messiah to rescue his people, Israel. When the Messiah Child comes into his presence, he says first, “Sovereign Lord, now let your servant die in peace as you have promised.” Simeon was content. He knew that his life was complete. It got me to thinking about whether my life was complete and whether I am ready for death when it comes. Sure, there are selfish reasons to not want to die just yet. I haven’t accomplished everything I want to accomplish in my life. As well, there are those that I love that would be left without me. My wife would be devastated. My daughters would be lost without their daaaaady. These are reasons to not be ready for death. Many of us, even Christ followers, who don’t even like to think of the prospect of death. However, death comes to us all. It is as inevitable as the tax returns that we have to file each year. Are you ready? Am I ready? As Christ followers, we should be like Simeon here. He is contented. He has seen the Lord. Death is welcomed because he had full confidence that he had done everything and seen everything. He was a righteous man. When a person is mentioned as righteous in the Bible, it means that they pursued God daily and lived their life to please Him. Here, he has seen the Messiah and he immediately knew this child to be his salvation. Nothing else need be accomplished in life. He had done what needed doing in this life.

Are you afraid of death? Do you want it delayed as long as possible, even as a Christ follower? I am not suggesting that we go around wishing for death. Each day that God allows us to remain on earth means, as the old Christian saying goes, “He’s not done with me yet!” Our lives should continue until our appointed time. We should pursue righteousness daily as Simeon. We should follow our calling from the Lord. We should share the gospel with a lost world. We should love our families, and friends. We should love our neighbors. We should live life that is pleasing to the Lord. We should live life as God perfects us daily as we progress in our walk with Christ. However, as Christ followers, one thing we should not do is…fear death. We have seen the Messiah. He is that salvation that Simeon says is the salvation of all people. When we got saved, our eyes were opened to the Messiah. We have seen Him. We continue to see Him as we walk this Christian walk. Therefore, we should be like Simeon. We should not fear death. We should welcome it when it comes. We know where we are going. Death holds no sting for us. We get to live in the presence of God for eternity in a perpetual state of praise and joy. We will be praising our Savior daily. We get to move to the best neighborhood EVER! Life on this earth is nothing compared to what awaits us there in heaven. In the meantime, though, God’s not done with us yet. Let it be said of us like Simeon that we are righteous and devout. I don’t want my life’s byline to be anything other than that — for it to be said of me that I was a righteous and devout man. I have a ways to go on that. God’s not done with me yet. One thing is certain though, I know where I am going at death. Mission accomplished. As I mature in Christ, may I become less and less fearful of the end coming and more and more content that I have seen what I have needed to see in this life. I have seen the Messiah and in that I can die contented.

Father, you are the One who sent Jesus to be my salvation, the salvation of all people. Thank you for the love that You have shown us God in sending your Son. Thank you for the assurance that I can never be snatched from your hand when I accept your Son as my Savior. Help me to seek righteousness daily. Help me to do the work now that you need me and have appointed me to do. Help me to know that when the work is done that I am coming home. Help me to understand that death has no longer any sting for me. I will be coming home. I have seen the Messiah and in that I can die contented. Death should not be wished for but welcomed when it comes. Help me to know and believe that daily so that I am ready when it comes. Amen.