About Mark Bowling

Welcome to My Page, My friend,

If you are wanting to know a little bit about me…

I grew up as a Methodist preachers’ kid, but that did not guarantee and early salvation for me. It was not until I was 39 years old that I came to know Christ as my Savior and Lord. My story is like many of you, I lived for myself and made other things my gods over the years. I found my gods in the women I married and lived my life to please them rather than please God. When you make human beings your gods, you will only be disappointed and disillusioned. Although I came to the Lord during my second marriage, that marriage failed too because it was built on ground that was outside of God’s will. Of my first two marriages, there were positives. My first wife gave me the unique gifts from God that I call my daughters, Meghan and Taylor, both grown women now at ages 33 and 28 respectively. My second wife repaired my heart from the craziness that became of my first marriage. But each of those marriages were not what He had in mind from the beginning for me and I found that in my wife, the final one, Elena.

We live modestly in our home in Rock Island, IL, where Elena is a housewife and part-time Outreach Coordinator at current church. She previously led our church’s local community outreach ministries when were at LifeSong Church in Lyman, SC. She has an amazing heart of compassion. I admire her walk with Christ! She makes me want to be a better Christ follower just by being around her. She loves her daughter, Michelle, age 33, like crazy as well as being the best stepmom my girls could ask for. And, of course, she spoils me rotten. We are at odds about one thing though, Elena is a University of South Carolina (USC) Gamecock fan while I am a Clemson University Tiger fan. It makes for interesting football seasons around our house. My Meghan is a Clemson graduate and Taylor is a huge Tiger fan and will go to Clemson when she decides to get her degree. Meanwhile, Elena’s Michelle is a USC graduate. Rivalries, As you can imagine, are more fun within families!

I have recently become the Director of Business Services/Staff Pastor at Calvary Church of The Quad Cities in Moline, IL. This job is a culmination of years of preparation to go in the ministry and it combines both God’s call to ministry on my life and utilizes my years of both secular and church finance experience.. All totaled, I have been in corporate accounting and/or internal auditing for 30 plus years now. I graduated from Furman University with a degree in Accounting in 1983. I also hold graduated from Southern  Wesleyan University in 2000 with a Masters Degree in Business Management. Almost four years ago, in May 2014, I got my second master’s degree. This time, it was a Master of Christian Ministry degree. Currently, I am a doctoral candidate in the D.Min. program at North Greenville University (although with the acceptance of this new position at Calvary Church I have taken the Spring 2018 semester off and will resume my studies in the Fall 2018 semester).

I have felt called to be in full ministry as a pastor pretty much since the day of my salvation in December 2000. I kept making excuses and God solved each and everyone and said, “What now?” I am pursuing full-time pastoral ministry as quick as the Lord will allow me, but in the meantime, I am learning at the hands of some great pastors over me at LifeSong Church. I love reading, writing and teaching on God’s truth found in His Holy Word. It is my passion to learn more and more and more about our faith and teach it to others. The more you know the deeper I think you faith in God becomes. I am particularly passionate about people learning to give generously to the Lord as an act of worship and as an act of obedience to His Word.

I am thankful to the Lord for the passion that He gives me to write from my heart about God’s Word. I am also thankful that you have honored me by visiting my site. I hope that you find the writings here uplifting, challenging and thought provoking…and yes, sometimes funny. I was the class clown growing up and still am that guy that always goes for the laugh in social situations. He has granted me a great gift in what I call a witty mind. My wife just says I have the sense of humor of a pre-teen or a young teenage boy, but she loves me anyway. My goofy sense of humor keeps me young and keeps the mind always working. Although I am 53 years old now, I still feel like a kid and still have joy at just living. I think comes down to knowing that no matter how tough life gets, there is always a bright future ahead of me as a Christ follower. He saved me from eternal damnation and therein lies the pure joy of living. Nothing is so bad that the joy we have in our salvation and in our eternal future in heaven cannot overcome. With Christ with me, who can defeat me!


Your brother in Christ,


Mark Bowling

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