1 Chronicles 29:23-25 – What Spiritual Legacy Will Your Kids Inherit?

Posted: June 27, 2020 in 13-1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 29:23-25

Solomon Takes the Throne

Opening Illustration/Comments

When I look back on my life and how I lived it, I am often revulsed by the actions of my life in front of my children whether it be when they were children or when they were adults. When you live your life, it’s about getting through things and getting from one point to another in life. It is the forest vs. the trees kind of thing. You can’t see the forest for the trees when you are right smack in the middle of the forest. It is only when you have gotten your children grown and out of the house (even if they only live with you part of the time because of divorce) that life slows down a bit for you. Not much mind you, but a little. It is only then that you can reflect on the example that was being set in front of them.

That’s the part that makes me nauseated is that I was not saved until I was 39 years (in 2001) when my kids were 16 and 11. And even then, it really wasn’t until 2009 that I really began maturing in Christ. The girls were grown by then so much of their lives, I was either unsaved or a highly immature Christ follower. I can beat myself up for the person I was back then. One thing spiritual maturity has taught me is that even now when I am way more mature in Christ than I was a decade ago, I will also be revolted by the guy I am now in another 10 years as I continue to mature in Christ. But right now, it’s looking back at the person I was prior to really beginning to mature in Christ after meeting Luke & Felisha Brower in 2009. They were our spiritual mentors even though they were 10 years younger than us. But part of maturing in Christ is looking back at who you were and thanking God that you are not that person anymore. The example that I set for my girls was not stellar. And, back then, you really didn’t think of it as setting a bad example. It was more of a “this is what I want to do and you gotta deal with it” kind of thing. Back then, I did not look at life long-range. I did not look at the big picture of what I was teaching my children.

That’s the thing that pains me is that I cannot go back to that cad that I could be at times back then and slap him around and shake some sense into him. You know like when Leonard Nimoy’s Spock visits Zachary Quinto’s Spock in the rebooted version of the Star Trek movies here within the last five or six years. Oh the things that I would tell younger Mark, about the mistakes that he was about to make, and about the example that he would be setting for his kids. But you know what? Unless it’s a science fiction show or movie, we cannot travel back in time and grab hold of our younger version and slap them around a bit. We cannot change the past. It is fixed. It is in stone. It has happened and cannot be changed. I just wonder what are the legacies that I have given my children from how I lived my life prior to 2009.

It is that idea of your generational spiritual legacy that I want you to consider as we read 1 Chronicles 29:23-25 this morning:

Scripture Passage

23 So Solomon took the throne of the Lord in place of his father, David, and he succeeded in everything, and all Israel obeyed him. 24 All the officials, the warriors, and the sons of King David pledged their loyalty to King Solomon. 25 And the Lord exalted Solomon in the sight of all Israel, and he gave Solomon greater royal splendor than any king in Israel before him.

Passage Analysis

In this passage, we see that Solomon surpassed his father’s wealth and splendor. David’s legacy resulted from his vital relationship with the Lord, and he passed these spiritual values on to his son, Solomon. Any money or power that we leave to our children is far less valuable than the spiritual legacy that we pass on. What spiritual inheritance will your children receive? In what ways are you passing on that legacy today?

Life Application

The life application here is that we need, as parents, to take more than a day-to-day approach to parenting, even after our kids are grown. We must take a big-picture approach to parenting. We must always have an eye toward the messages that we are sending them through our behaviors. Do we want this behavior to be repeated? Because it will! Do you want the legacy that you pass on to your children to be better than that? David passed on a positive spiritual legacy to Solomon. Can you or I say that?

OK, Mark, I get what you are saying but I am like you in that I did not set a good example for my kids for a large swath of their lives and I cannot change that. What can we do? You are right. We cannot change the past – though we would like to do just that (like on Star Trek) sometimes. What we can do is be honest about the past with our kids and the mistakes that we made and discuss your repentance for those sins with them. Then, all we can do is live a changed life in front of them. That can be the greatest spiritual legacy of all. Living life as a changed man speaks to our children of the wonders of a true and maturing relationship with Jesus Christ. In that changed life, we do not ignore out past but we use it to demonstrate how Jesus changed our lives from what we used to be to what we are now. That’s the legacy we as those ones who came to Jesus not early in life is that of life transformation at the hands of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. Let that be our legacy, a changed life. A life that has been transformed by the power of God in our lives. We use the mess from our past as our message. We then live our present and our future to give God glory for what He has done in us and through us.

Amen and Amen.

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