1 Chronicles 6:49-53 – Molding Your Life To God’s Word vs. The Other Way Around

Posted: December 27, 2019 in 13-1 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 6:49-53

Aaron’s Descendants

The thing that you notice in this passage is not so much the listing of the names of the genealogy of high priest position from the first one, Aaron, down the line to the time of the exile. The thing that struck me in this passage was the final sentence of the first verse in the passage (v.49). In particular, in that sentence, the phrase that struck me was “by doing everything that Moses, the servant of God, had commanded them.” There’s no wiggle room in that phrase. They did everything that Moses commanded them to do. And that was passed down from generation to generation of high priests.

That was what struck me as it is a reminder that sometimes we pick and choose what we want to obey in the Bible and what we do not. I know that I was that kind of Christian and as a result an immature one for the first 8-9 years I was a child of God. I accepted Christ as my Savior in December 2001. But instead of the skies parting and the sun coming out on my life and everything being perfectly rosy, my life actually got worse for a time and I did not handle it well. My marriage fell apart because the age-old issues in second marriages of your kids vs. my kids. So, within three years of accepting Christ as my Savior, I was own my own again and living partially for God and mostly for myself. The Holy Spirit had a long way to go with me. It was the first time in my life that I had been really on my own. From my parent’s house to my first marriage, from my first marriage to my second. The space in between those things was pretty small. Finally, at the end of my second marriage, I was alone for a good long time. It was six years after the end of my second marriage before I met Elena, who would become my third (and FINAL) wife. During those six years I did not mature very much as a Christian. I was a baby Christian for a long time. I was one of those that thought God and I had a deal on many of the things that I was choosing not to obey in His Word. It as ok for me because I had been through so much in those previous two marriages. I deserved happiness and to do what I wanted, right?

Even after Elena and I got together as a couple (and that whole story is a God-thing that we can discuss another day), and we moved to California, we were picking and choosing what we wanted to believe. I moved out to California, related to my job with Fujikura America, Inc., about a year and a half before she came to join me. It was not until after she moved out there to be with me when we settled in the one of the furthest out of the Bay Area suburbs, Livermore, CA (about an hour or so east of the Bay), that we found a church in California that we connected with. But it was there that the game changer happened.

It was there that we found Livermore Alive Community Church and its pastor, Luke Brower, and his wife, Felisha. Even though they were 10 years our younger, they were our spiritual mentors. Through our relationship with them that I began to grow up as a Christian. And, it was under their care that Elena accepted Christ as her Savior. And we become so heavily involved in that church. We were all-in. So much so that when Luke thought the church had developed enough, he wanted to begin an elder team to surround him at the church. It was the logical next step to me. So, I applied to be an elder. And it was that elder interview that changed the game for Elena and me, forever.

It was at that elder interview, Luke flat out told me that he appreciated me applying for eldership at the church but that I could not be an elder at the church. Why? Because I was living with Elena and not married to her. My combat to that was that she and I both had been married twice before and we were not super-hyped up about the whole marriage thing. We loved each other and we were engaged but we did not want to make that final commitment because we had been burned badly in the two divorces each that we already had on the books. Luke lit into me about picking and choosing what I wanted to believe about God’s Word and that marriage was one of those things. The Bible is pretty clear that sexual relations are only condoned by God inside the marriage covenant between a man and a woman. Outside that, it is unrepentant sin, plain and simple. You could have knocked me over with a feather at that moment.

It led to Elena and I getting married within two weeks right there in Livermore, CA at our church right after church. With out whole church as witnesses to event. The marriage moment was significant but it was also a beginning. Luke’s words about picking and choosing what we wanted to believe about God’s Word led us to examine every area of life in comparison to God’s Word. It was that challenge that led to take God’s Word seriously in our lives and begin molding our life toward its pattern for life rather than the other way around – the way that we had been living. Taking that road, to slightly misquote Robert Frost, has made all the difference in the world.

With that idea of doing everything that God commanded, let’s read this passage, 1 Chronicles 6:49-53, together now:

49 Only Aaron and his descendants served as priests. They presented the offerings on the altar of burnt offering and the altar of incense, and they performed all the other duties related to the Most Holy Place. They made atonement for Israel by doing everything that Moses, the servant of God, had commanded them.

50 The descendants of Aaron were Eleazar, Phinehas, Abishua, 51 Bukki, Uzzi, Zerahiah, 52 Meraioth, Amariah, Ahitub, 53 Zadok, and Ahimaaz.

In this passage, we see a listing of Aaron’s descendants. Aaron was the first high priest of the Israelite people. Aaron and his descendants followed the details of worship commanded by Moses. They did not choose only the commands that they wanted to obey. Note what happened to Uzziah when important details in handling the Ark of the Covenant were neglected (1 Chronicles 13:6-10). We should not try to obey selectively, choosing those commands that we will obey and those we will ignore. God’s Word has authority over every aspect of our lives, not just the areas that we select.

That reversal of molding our lives to better match God’s Word from making God’s Word conform to our lives (i.e., picking and choosing what we wanted to believe in God’s Word) has led us to a deeper and deeper relationship with God. It has led us to giving Him control over our lives, our finances, what we do to make a living. We have given it all over to Him. We have followed His call on our lives to several different places now and we will continue to follow Him wherever He leads. Our trust is in Him for our very existence now. He has and always will provide a way for those who love Him and obey Him. The trajectory of our lives was changed by a conversation that challenged me to no longer pick and choose what I wanted to believe in the Bible. In that conversation, I was challenged to trust God and His Word and do things His way even when what I want is the opposite, even when I am scared to do what God wants, even when I think doing things God’s way is going to fail. What I have learned is God never fails. He is always there to provide a way. He is always there right on time. That road has made all the difference in the world.

Are you picking and choosing what part of God’s Word you are willing to obey and which that you are not? I’ve been there. I’ve lived that. How’s that working for ya? Not so much, huh? May you now step out in trust in the Lord and trust God enough to comply your life with His Word and stop trying to make it work the other way around!

Amen and Amen.

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