2 Kings 10:1-17 – When Our Faith Is Misrepresented And You Just Want to Scream…

Posted: July 7, 2019 in 12-2 Kings

2 Kings 10:1-17

Jehu Kills Ahab’s Family

On Friday, we did the last things we had to do to make our return to South Carolina official which included registering to vote, registering our vehicles with Darlington County and paying the property taxes on them, getting our South Carolina driver’s licenses reactivated, getting the South Carolina tags for our cars, and opening our savings account at a local bank. It was a busy day of errands. Then, I found out that a member of our church had been admitted to the hospital. I dropped Elena off at the parsonage and I had to run over to Florence for a visit with the patient and his family. It ended up being a very full day on my Friday off.

Exhausted, after I got back from Florence and the very full day of going to Darlington, Hartsville and Florence all in one day, I sat down to relax and watch a little television. Late on Friday afternoons, there isn’t a whole lot of original programming on TV on the 40 channels that I have on my DirecTV Now streaming service. We settled on watching an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU). In this episode, we find that a young girl from an ultra-conservative non-denominational Christian church in Indiana was visiting New York to see a friend. She was there with a male friend and her pastor, who was serving as their chaperone. In this episode, we learn that this young girl was a virgin but that she had begun questioning her sexuality. She was attracted not to men but to women and she was struggling with it. In this episode, the criminal act we see her open her hotel room door late at night and the view we see is through the criminal’s eyes. Hands grab her and she seems frightened. Then, of course, as SVU does, it cuts to a commercial. When we come back from the commercial, we find that the young girl has been raped.

As we work through the witnesses and such with the investigators from SVU, we ultimately find out that it was her male friend that had accompanied her (along with their pastor) to New York that had perpetrated the criminal act. The twist to the story was that he claimed that he was performing his duty to God to force her to have sex with him. He said it was his duty to have heterosexual sex with her so as to bring her back into God’s will from her lustful desires for homosexual relationships. Further, we find that the pastor had condoned and even suggested the act.

It broke my heart that some might have seen this episode of SVU and thought this is what Christianity is all about. That we are a bunch of nutcases who live outside normal behavior and couch it in faith in God. It broke my heart that our world no longer knows what we are about and totally misrepresents the Christian faith. It made me heartbroken that we, as Christians, have lost our influence in society. It made me heartbroken that we have failed share our faith in ways that make people understand what Christianity is all about – who Jesus is, why He came, and what is consistent with the will of God and what is not. We have often been our own worst enemy in the public square by demonstrating what we are against rather than what we are for. As a result, the unchurched have a twisted view of what Christianity is really all about.

When I read this passage, 2 Kings 10:1-17, after having watched that episode of Law & Order Friday afternoon, it reminded me of how people sometime go way beyond what God gives us in His Word as His desired will for us. Here, Jehu goes beyond what God’s will and prophecy was. Even as an educated reader of the Bible, I was disgusted by what Jehu did. He went way beyond what He was called to do:

10 Ahab had seventy sons living in the city of Samaria. So Jehu wrote letters and sent them to Samaria, to the elders and officials of the city,[a] and to the guardians of King Ahab’s sons. He said, 2 “The king’s sons are with you, and you have at your disposal chariots, horses, a fortified city, and weapons. As soon as you receive this letter, 3 select the best qualified of your master’s sons to be your king, and prepare to fight for Ahab’s dynasty.”

4 But they were paralyzed with fear and said, “We’ve seen that two kings couldn’t stand against this man! What can we do?”

5 So the palace and city administrators, together with the elders and the guardians of the king’s sons, sent this message to Jehu: “We are your servants and will do anything you tell us. We will not make anyone king; do whatever you think is best.”

6 Jehu responded with a second letter: “If you are on my side and are going to obey me, bring the heads of your master’s sons to me at Jezreel by this time tomorrow.” Now the seventy sons of the king were being cared for by the leaders of Samaria, where they had been raised since childhood. 7 When the letter arrived, the leaders killed all seventy of the king’s sons. They placed their heads in baskets and presented them to Jehu at Jezreel.

8 A messenger went to Jehu and said, “They have brought the heads of the king’s sons.”

So Jehu ordered, “Pile them in two heaps at the entrance of the city gate, and leave them there until morning.”

9 In the morning he went out and spoke to the crowd that had gathered around them. “You are not to blame,” he told them. “I am the one who conspired against my master and killed him. But who killed all these? 10 You can be sure that the message of the Lord that was spoken concerning Ahab’s family will not fail. The Lord declared through his servant Elijah that this would happen.” 11 Then Jehu killed all who were left of Ahab’s relatives living in Jezreel and all his important officials, his personal friends, and his priests. So Ahab was left without a single survivor.

12 Then Jehu set out for Samaria. Along the way, while he was at Beth-eked of the Shepherds, 13 he met some relatives of King Ahaziah of Judah. “Who are you?” he asked them.

And they replied, “We are relatives of King Ahaziah. We are going to visit the sons of King Ahab and the sons of the queen mother.”

14 “Take them alive!” Jehu shouted to his men. And they captured all forty-two of them and killed them at the well of Beth-eked. None of them escaped.

15 When Jehu left there, he met Jehonadab son of Recab, who was coming to meet him. After they had greeted each other, Jehu said to him, “Are you as loyal to me as I am to you?”

“Yes, I am,” Jehonadab replied.

“If you are,” Jehu said, “then give me your hand.” So Jehonadab put out his hand, and Jehu helped him into the chariot. 16 Then Jehu said, “Now come with me, and see how devoted I am to the Lord.” So Jehonadab rode along with him.

17 When Jehu arrived in Samaria, he killed everyone who was left there from Ahab’s family, just as the Lord had promised through Elijah.

In this passage, we see that Elijah’s prophecy that not one of Ahab’s male descendants would survive (remember, 1 Kings 21:17-24). The evil line of Ahab and Jezebel was prophesied by God’s prophet to come to a gruesome end if they did not turn from their evil ways. They did not and God executed His predicted justice against them. However, in his zeal, Jehu went far beyond the Lord’s commands with this bloodbath about which we read in this passage. The prophet Hosea later announced punishment upon Jehu’s dynasty for the senseless slaughter (see Hosea 1:4-5).

Let us be a people whose actions are consistent with God’s Word and whose words are intended bring about reconciliation with God for those who are far from him and judgment for those who ultimately refuse his offer of reconciliation through His Son.

Let us be a people who never twist God’s Word to suit our own personal needs. Let us use God’s Word as it is, plain and simple, nothing added or taken away. Let us use God’s Word as He intends it to be used – to point humanity to our need for a Savior so that mankind can be reconciled to God. Let us measure how we demonstrate Christianity to the rest of the world by three things:

  1. Whether our actions and words are consistent with the general will of God as expressed in His Word (which means we must not just read His Word but truly study it).
  2. Whether our actions and words are going to point people toward Jesus Christ and reconciliation with God.
  3. Whether our actions and words are going to promote unity with Christ both within our faith and draw those who are unchurched toward wanting what we have – the joy of Christ in our souls.

Amen and Amen.

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