An Open Letter to My Best Friend and My Wife

Posted: February 14, 2017 in 99-Uncategorized

This morning I take a break from my normal routine of walking through books of the Bible to pay some props to my girl, the one who changed everything for me…

Dear Elena,

This morning, I must admit that I forgot to buy a card because, well, I am scatterbrained at times. However, as this day progresses, you will see that I did not forget the day. I think you will enjoy how this day ends and it will show how much I do love you and appreciate you.

The main thing that comes to mind when I think of you and what you mean to me is thank you. Thank you is what you say to people when they have done something for you or have given something to you.

You have done so much for me. You settled my life down for one. When I met you, I was kind of lost and out of control. I had been single for a good while when I met you. Back then, I was thinner and more confident with the ladies and was jumping from one empty relationship to another. It was a life that was a rollercoaster of emotions, desires, and mistakes. Even my marriages previous to you were the same way, rollercoaster rides. You were unimpressed with my charms and you became a challenge to me. The last thing you wanted was a relationship. However, we became friends first. Long talks about life on your deck at your apartment. Then, we fell in love and my life has hit the smooth waters since I met you. You have made me a home that is a safe haven. You have done so much for me. There is no drama, no craziness, no forgetting who I am just to satisfy and make someone else happy. You have let me be me and you love me for the quirky, nerdy, goofy guy that I am. You have done so much for me and I thank you.

You have given me so much. You give me love without question. You are my help meet. You pray for me to be the man of this house. You give me wise counsel. You never try to be the man of the house because that is what you want me to be. You give me everything that you are. I feel warmth and love from you. You love me and care for me without expectation of return. I hope that I am half as good a husband to you are you are a wife to me. You give me an example of how I should be. I wish that I had the depth of soul and the depth of emotion that you have. I wish that I had the compassion that you have for others. I would that I had the heart of service that you. You have given me so much. You make me want to be a better man. Just being in the glow of who you are makes me want to strive to be a better man. You have given me so much.

For what you have done for me and for what you have given me, I say thank you. I thank you for saying yes to my proposal of marriage on this day in 2009. You swept into my life in 2007 and changed it forever and I thank you for that. I love you, my dear wife, and no matter what happens in our personal, professional or spiritual lives from this point forward, I only have to look to my left or my right (depending on which side you walk on, LOL!) and know that you are by my side and that you are in this for the long-haul, no matter what we have, no matter where we live, and no matter what we are doing. For that I thank you…and I love you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, baby,

Mark (your husband, your partner, your best friend)

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