Election 2016: It Was About “This Far and No Further”All Along!

Posted: November 9, 2016 in 98-Current Events, 99-Uncategorized

There was a great line from one of my favorite shows, “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, and one of its spinoff movies, “First Contact”, where Captain Jean Luc Picard and visitor, Lily Sloane, are discussing the need to self-destruct the Enterprise to prevent the Borg from taking over the Enterprise deck by deck. If the Enterprise was “assimilated” by the Borg, the future of Earth would be in peril.

The Borg were a mutant cyborg race (each one part human, part robotic machine) that was, one planet at a time, conquering the galaxy. They not only use warfare to conquer planets but they “assimilated” the residents of each planet into their collective called The Borg. All personal individuality was erased when a person was assimilated into the Borg (each one was made into this part human, part robotic machine) and plugged into the collective consciousness of the race. Dissension was unknown. All Borg thought alike and crushed and assimilated those whose goals in life were in opposition to the Borg’s goals.

So, when Lily suggests that the only course of action was to sacrifice the Enterprise via self-destruction, Picard famously says,

“NO! NOOOOOOOOO!!! We’ve made too many compromises already, too many retreats. They invade our space, and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back. Not again! The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!”

That last sentence resonates with me today as we sift through the ashes of Election Day 2016. It has come and gone and one thing is quite clear to me. Small town America found its voice and said, “This far…no further!” Even I had made this election about the lesser of two evils, but that really was not what this election was about. It was about “this far and no further!”

Many of the media pundits are calling this a shocking upset where Donald Trump actually did win the election. I don’t think that it really is. You could see this coming for the last eight years and Donald Trump had enough celebrity cache to offset the Clinton political machine. Another Republican nominee may have had more experience and been more polished but would have been wasted by Clinton. It was Trump’s celebrity and brashness that turned out the vote in record numbers – most likely will surpass the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon election as to the percentage of registered voters who turned out. With that massive number of usually disaffected voters NOT staying home, Trump won the election. That is where Clinton underestimated Trump was in his ability to get normally disaffected suburban and rural Americas re-energized for the process and turn out they did!

First, the media pundits have called this a victory of rural America over urban America saying that we will not be left behind or have our issues short-shrifted. I think that they have got it partly right but I think that this election was about values and rights. Trump was just the vehicle that was the possible solution the majority of Americans in most states. I am not sure that most people who voted for Donald Trump truly are not ardent supporters of Mr. Trump. He was the horse that was there for non-urban conservative America to ride. The majority of Americans are concerned about the values of our country and about the curtailing of our civil rights in many areas of life. That was why Trump won. Americans have had this growing feeling for the better part of a decade now that the values that made America great in the past were disappearing in the name of equality and inclusion. They felt too that anyone who opposed the prevailing liberalism that is or was or still may be taking over our country was considered out of step with the new liberalism and were considered old-fashioned and backwards. Last night, small town America struck back.

Most Americans oppose the attack on marriage in its traditional form that has been coming from a liberal judiciary that seems hellbent on making itself a legislative branch. Most Americans oppose the liberal agenda of the Democratic Party as championed by Hillary Clinton. These liberal values have taken and is taking America down a path most Americans don’t want to go. Sure, Americans want everyone to be treated equally but not at the expense of conservative values and family. Last night, small town America struck back. Small town America had reached its breaking point by last night with the liberal agenda that concentrates itself in large urban areas. We don’t want to have to explain behaviors of those with liberal views to our children. Small town America fed up with what they believe is the moral slide of our country (to that compared to the Roman Empire) and came out in droves yesterday to take our country back. Trump was just the horse that was available to ride. Hillary represented to small town America that which it does not want to become. Nothing comparable to this has happened since the election of Andrew Jackson back in the 1820s. Politicians and those on the left who have been pushing the “anything should be acceptable” morality on America should take note of this concept and adjust accordingly. America believes in equality but not at the expense of morality. Small town America spoke these words at the ballot boxes yesterday and Trump was the horse available to ride.

Second, the media pundits see this as some ethnic divide that has been created in America where it is white America vs. everyone else. I don’t believe that either. Last night’s results were about the belief that we have now developed a ruling class of professional politicians who are more about self-preservation that they are about doing what is right and best for America. Many Americans feel that politicians today listen to only those who make the biggest fuss. The quiet America (husband, wife, two kids, a dog, a cat, one or two wage earners, a mortgage and two cars) is easily ignored. Many Americans feel that well-financed political action groups have been the loudest and have molded American policy for more than a decade. They feel that this state of affairs has led us down a path toward a ruling elite that determines what is best for our country and not the general populace. Hillary Clinton is the lightening rod of the perception of the ruling elite forcing their liberal policies down the throat of quiet America. There is also a perception that this ruling elite uses their wealth and power to play loose with rules of society and get away with that which ensures their power and wealth. This is a real and palpable feeling among Americans. Trump tapped into that sentiment and quiet America gained its voice in this horse that was available to ride (who was simply speaking what they thought). Small town America struck back at the ballot box yesterday.
Third, yesterday was the culmination of years of building resentment stemming from belief that our civil rights are being chopped away slowly but surely in an effort to ensure equality for all. Religious beliefs against condoning homosexual unions was being subverted under equal protection rhetoric. The Oregon bakers who had to pay fines for refusing to participate in the celebration of a gay wedding because of their Christian faith, the ministers being required to submit sermons to the government for review of their anti-gay references, were igniting sparks in a smoldering cauldron of discontent in small town America, after years and years of quiet compromise. Rights to express Judeo-Christian values in our daily lives has been under attack for years. Quietly small town America accepted it because it felt it would be ridiculed and it did not have a collective voice. All that resentment toward the liberalist elite’s agenda (seemingly reinforced by the liberal media) where alternative lifestyles were glorified and paraded in front of us was building and building. The smoldering fire became a bursting flame right here in our area. Just travel up Interstate 85 to nearby Charlotte, NC. And, you will find the place that pushed small town America over the edge. It was the transgender ordinance that made small town America made enough to turn out in full force yesterday. Not specifically because of the transgender ordinance but rather it representing the final straw of putting up with the liberal agenda. It was the final straw

It comes back to Charlotte. The city passed an ordinance about allowing transgenders use the bathroom that they identify themselves with emotionally/physiologically rather than being forced to use bathrooms that aligned with their birth gender. Small town North Carolina found that distasteful and deviant and through their state legislators in Raleigh voiced their concerns. At the state level, the legislature nullified the ordinance by passing what has become known as the “bathroom bill.” Rights to privacy were being trumped by rights to what was perceived as “created equality” rather than innate equality. Rights to security and safety were being overshadowed by the newest liberal cause de jour. Anyone who disagreed with this created right was called out-of-step with the new world order. And, of course, all of liberal America wanting to be seen as “with it” jumped on the bandwagon of hatred for North Carolina from musical artists to the NCAA to the ACC and imposed a de facto boycott on North Carolina. Quiet America, small town America, found all of this distasteful to its central values of conservative family values. Yesterday, small town America struck back. Yesterday, small town America said enough is enough. Small town America said to liberal, urban America that it wants to be able to express its Judeo-Christian values in the public square and not be silenced or hushed or have its freedoms abridged so that the fringes of society can express theirs. Last night, democracy spoke – the majority spoke. It has been boiling up for a decade or more and small town America spoke her voice.

So, to me, this election was not so much about Trump or Hillary. It was about small town America saying that this was the line in the sand and we shall go no farther. It was about small town America getting its voice and saying we can no longer watch our country travel a road that it did not want to go down. Trump won because he was the horse running in that lane. He tapped into the great dissatisfaction with the moral landscape of our country felt by a majority of Americans. He tapped into the dissatisfaction with the emergence of a ruling elite who seemingly can get away with anything. He tapped into the dissatisfaction with a judiciary creating law to satisfy the rights of a few while abridging the rights and values of the many. This election was not so much about a Trump victory as it was about small town America finding its voice and exercising it. This far, they said, and no further.

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