Matthew 6:5-15 — Who’s In Charge Here? You Gotta Recognize!

Posted: October 18, 2015 in 40-Gospel of Matthew, The Lord's Prayer

Matthew 6:5-15
Blueprint for Prayer (The Lord’s Prayer)

Today, we look at the sixth phrase that Jesus uses in the Lord’s Prayer when Jesus says, “Give us this day, our daily bread.” When you think about this statement, it is profound. In America, we generally have more food and more of everything than the vast majority of the world. It is why people come from all over the world to seek a better life here. Even the poorest people here in the United States are most often better off than many people in the world. We have a vast middle class in this country where in most countries, there is no middle class. There is only the ultra-rich and the poor. Most of us sitting here reading this live in comfort with no real fears or worries about our daily existence. We worry about the two brand new cars and the boat in the yard. We worry about whether we have the newest iPhone. We worry about whether our TV is the newest and the best. We worry about whether the internet is up. We worry over things of excess not things of necessity. We worry about our ability to advance our careers so that we can make more money to pay for more stuff. We worry about self-sufficiency and everything is wrapped up in our ability to accumulate things through our own efforts. Often, we have our priorities all wrong. We worry about having obligated ourselves to debts greater than our ability to pay them. We do not have to worry about survival. So, this thing that Jesus says is a slap in the face to us in our excess and our self-sufficiency.

Wow, this phrase is so amazing when you break it down. Jesus is saying that we should ask God to “give us.” To be able to give something to someone, you must first own it. So, if we are asking God to “give us” then we are admitting that He owns it. God give us. We are taught in America that we are to live the American Dream. The American Dream is that we can do whatever we want in this country through our own hard work and ingenuity. We are responsible for our end game. We can go as far as our ambition will take us. We are taught to be self-sufficient. Certainly, God does want us to work hard and receive and honest day’s wage for an honest day’s work. Certainly, He wants to be self-sufficient and not habitually depend on others for our existence. But we must recognize where our abilities come from. We must recognize where our talents come from. We must recognize where it all begins. It is God who gives us our talents and our abilities to go out in the world and earn a living. It is then from God that we have the ability to buy homes, cars, and toys. So, when we pray “God give us” we are recognizing the proper relationship that we should have with God. He is the giver of life. He is the sustainer of all things. Without Him neither you nor I would exist. He provides the spark of life at the moment of conception. He makes our heart start beating in the womb. He is the start of who we are as humans. “God give us” is respect where respect is due. “God give us” is recognizing that God is in charge of everything. We are asking Him to allow us to have something that belongs to Him which is, of course, everything. How often do we in prayer demand things of God? How often do we think that we are own gods and God is just there to fulfill our wishes? How often do we think of Him as a magic genie who will grant our three wishes? In this American Dream world in which we live, we sometimes have a hard time with this concept that God is greater than we are. Just look at how we handle our money. We should be living off 90% or less of what we make, according to God’s instructions in His Word, but, no, we rationalize away tithing and spend, on average in America, 104% of what we make. There is no room to honor God in that economy. Let us begin to think of God in the proper perspective. He is the giver of everything we have and He is our sustainer. He is the source of all things including our money, our talents, and our abilities. Let us begin to understand that and honor God as the giver and us as the recipients of His pleasure and His grace.

The next words Jesus chooses are “this day.” Give us this day. Give us this day. That’s limited isn’t it? We are asking just for this day. Not tomorrow. Not two week’s worth! Just today! Wow, that is radical thinking for us Americans. Just what we need, no more, no less! We are trained to believe more is better. If not one, why not two? If not 2,000 square feet, why not 3,500 square feet? Excess is better, right? In this prayer sequence, Jesus is saying that we should ask God to give us provision as we need it and be content with that. Isn’t always in excess that we face sin’s greatest temptations. When is enough, enough? It seems that, when we have more than what we need, things become our gods. Maintenance of a certain lifestyle becomes our gods. Keeping up with the Joneses is our god. Possessions become our god. The worship of money whether it be too much of it or too little of it becomes our god. Surely, God does not mind us being wealthy, does He? No, He encourages us to be wealthy as long as it does not become our god and gets in the way of our relationship with Him. If we live a God-centered lifestyle, we can use our wealth to be generous to others, to help solve social problems, to further the cause of His church in spreading the gospel but that is generally not what we do with our wealth. We let it consume us and we purse it instead of God. It is a freeing thing when you discover that God is the sustainer of all things and when we believe in and trust in Him as that, it changes everything. We no worry about provision because we know it comes from God. We no longer see possessions as the most important thing. We no longer see having the newest car and the biggest house as the most important thing. We know that we can be content in any situation because the Lord will provide. He will give us what we need when we need it. This day’s provision is enough. We will let God worry about the rest. We trust in Him to take us where we need to go and provide for us along the way. I can only see this day and trust Him with the rest of the days.

We finish up today’s phrase with the words, “our daily bread.” This set of words seems almost too austere in our land of excess. Bread is just a basic thing. We can have foods of unimaginable imagination. Bread is just blah. It’s the stuff of basic sandwiches and other basic things. But in other parts of the world, bread is life. It is a wonderful thing. It is food. It is sustenance. God give us this day our daily bread. God give us what we need each day. Our daily bread implies to me that we are dependent continuously on God for what we need. It is not something that we come to Him for once a lifetime, even once a decade, even once a year, even once a month, even once a year, but daily my friends. Everything comes from God and we are dependent on him to give us what we need for today and EACH day. Thus, when we pray our prayers to God we should recognize our complete and utter dependence on God and that he knows what is best for us, better than us, each and every day of our lives. God give us what we need daily. We must return to you daily for what we need for this day. We must come back every day. We must seek you every day all day to give us what we need for this day. We must see you as our Providing Father and we are Your children. You are Father and we are child. We depend on you to provide for us. You give us what we need and we are dependent on you. It is not the other way around. You are not our puppet or our vending machine. You are the provider and we are the recipients of our loving generosity.

Father in heaven, may we have the right frame of mind about our relationship with you such that when we pray, we pray recognizing who you are. Help us to recognize that you are the source of everything. Help us to recognize that you are our sustenance and our provider. You are God. We are the created. You are provided and we are being provided for. Help us to see that dependent relationship. Help to put ourselves in proper perspective when it comes to who You are and who we are. Amen.

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