Matthew 6:5-15 — In Heaven, Our Father In Heaven! It is a Different Place, It is a Perfect Place & It is Where We All Want to Go!

Posted: October 13, 2015 in 40-Gospel of Matthew, The Lord's Prayer

Matthew 6:5-15
Blueprint for Prayer (the Lord’s Prayer)
Yesterday, we talked about starting our prayers by establishing that God is our Father. We must recognize the proper relationship between Him and ourselves. He is superior and we are inferior. He is the Creator and we are the created. He is Father and we are child. The next phrase is “in heaven.” Have you ever thought about what this phrase really means and why we should recognize that God is in heaven when we pray? I think that there are several reasons that we should do this. First, we are recognizing that God resides in a different place than we do. Second, we must recognize that it is the only place that He can reside and, third, we must desire that this same place is where we want to be in eternity.

The first thing we are saying when we say that God is in heaven, we are saying that God is different from us, the living and breathing flesh that we are. God resides in a different place than us. He is different from us. He is God. He resides in heaven. God is eternal and we are temporal. He lives in a place that we cannot explain though, through revelation to the Apostle John, He revealed a glimpse. Even then our limited vocabulary of human language did not have descriptors to describe what it was really like for the apostle. Just as 18th century English language did not have words to describe cellular telephones because telephones of any kind had not yet been invented, John’s words were limited in what He described in His vision. He kept saying, “it is like” to gain a frame of reference for his readers. When he said “it is like” he did not mean that it was. He was trying to relate the unrelatable to something relatable. Heaven is so different from what we know there are no real words in our language or any language to adequately describe what it is like. Thus, God lives in a world that is different from ours. God is different from us. It is a place where we cannot exist in our human form. Our Father in Heaven, though He is our Father, is way different from us. His glory is so amazing. He is light. He is purity. Moses had to hide from Him as He passed by so that he would not be consumed. God is sooooo different from us. He is far beyond our understanding. He is not George Burns in “Oh, God!”. He is not Morgan Freeman in “Bruce Almighty”. He is something that we will never fully understand. He is so far superior to you and me that He cannot live in the same plane of existence in which we operate. He is far beyond mere mortality. He is far beyond the knowledge of all mankind put together. His capabilities are beyond anything that we can reason. He must reside in heaven for it is a place that can handle who God is.

The second thing we are saying when we say “Our Father in Heaven” is that Heaven is perfection. It is the ultimate place for purity and goodness. God can only exist there. He is perfection. Nothing can come into his presence that is not perfect. When we enter Heaven it is only because of grace shown by God through Jesus Christ that we are perfected and can come into God’s presence in his perfect place. Our prayers should recognize God’s perfection. The only way that we can be in His presence is if we are perfect. Nothing imperfect can exist in His presence. Just as the impurities of metal ore are consumed in the flames of the furnace, we would be consumed in the presence of God. Nothing, nothing imperfect can survive in perfection. That is why we are all in need of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. We cannot exist in the presence of God’s perfection. We would be destroyed and consumed without Jesus Christ. It is only through His imputed grace that we can exist in the presence of God. Just as our bodies combat and attempt to expel that which does not belong in our bodies, we are that way in the presence of God without Jesus Christ. We would be, by the sheer nature of the perfection of God, expelled and rejected as an imperfection. God is perfect. Therefore, everything in his presence must be perfect. Through the sacrifice of the Lamb, we are made perfect and can exist in the presence of God. We can live in that perfect place with the perfect God. Heaven is a perfect place and God is perfect. It is the necessary residing place for a perfect God.

The final thing we must understand when we say “in heaven” is that this is the place we ultimately want to be. This is the place where we want to spend our eternity. We are not there when we offer our prayers. We are still here on earth and must offer up our prayers to the unseen and perfect God. We live in a fallen, imperfect world full of strife, pain, and sorrow. We must offer up prayers to a perfect God who has power to change our lives and our world through our faith in ways that we cannot begin to imagine. We exist in an imperfect world and need assistance. We are limited and need the help and power of the unlimited God. We live in limited human bodies tainted by sin. We are short of perfection every day. We are sin-filled creatures. We are hopelessly temporal, limited, ignorant by comparison, and needy beings. But yet, we yearn and desire to reside in heaven in eternity. This is the place where everything is perfect and we are no longer limited by the constraints of this temporal and really screwed up world. We all want heaven. We all want to be there at this life’s end. We are all programmed by God to recognize that there is an eternal plane in which we do not currently exist. We all recognize in one way or another that there is something after this life. But there is only one way to the Father. In our imperfection, we cannot get there through our own effort. We already established that we are imperfect being and simply by sheer nature of our sin-filled hearts that we cannot ever, ever obtain perfection. No one not one can every throughout an entire life maintain perfection. It is impossible. Not only do our actions condemn us but our thoughts as well. It is simply impossible. We cannot do it. We need intervention. There is only one who walked this earth in the flesh and never sinned in any way, shape, or form. That was Jesus Christ. He is our pathway to heaven. He is the one that we have to hitch our wagon to. He was the perfect man because He was God in the flesh. In Him, we find perfection. In Him, he became the sacrifice on the altar of the cross for our sins. He was ultimately and exceedingly perfect. He was sacrificed in our place as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He paid the price and the penalty for our imperfections. We need His grace and His covering to exist in the presence of God. He covers our imperfection in a Star Trek-like shield of perfection that prevents us from being consumed and destroyed in the presence of God. We are made perfect in the covering of Jesus Christ. When God looks at us, when we have accepted Christ as our Savior, and sees the perfection of His Son. We can exist in heaven only through Jesus Christ. We cannot be there without Him. “In Heaven” requires perfection. Jesus was perfect. Jesus gives us His perfection through His grace at the cross. We can exist in heaven with our Father then. So, to be “in heaven”, we need Jesus. To be in heaven is what we seek. Jesus is the vehicle. Jesus is the only way to the Father in heaven. You can’t earn it. You can’t buy it. Jesus is the only way to be in heaven with the Father in all His glory.

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