Matthew 4:1-11 — Sorry, Hollywood…Satan Only Has the Power That We Give Him! He Is Just A Pile of Poo In Comparison To God!

Posted: September 10, 2015 in Gospel of Matthew

Matthew 4:1-11 — Don’t you find it ironic or weird or whatever that horror movies that feature demonic beings or demonically possessed humans sell tickets like crazy and until like here in the past few years that Christian faith-based movies struggle to find an audience. Don’t you find it strange too that in these demonic-themed movies, it almost seems as though Satan is portrayed is more powerful than good and more powerful than God. Isn’t even further ironic that we seem to be more willing to accept that satanic creatures can change shape, form, invade people’s soul but yet we explain away God’s miracles as something other than that. We find ways to discount the power of God. We are willing to give Satan power in these movies but we are not willing to believe that God can heal someone of cancer in an instant. Why is that?

“I will give it all to you if you will kneel down and worship me.” This is what Satan says to Jesus. If you will only bow down and worship me. In this final look at the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness in Matthew 4:1-11, we see that Satan is offering Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if He will just bow down and worship Satan. Did Satan have the power to do this? Isn’t He a created being subject to God – to Jesus. Satan has been given a limited amount of power over the world and he based his offer to Jesus on this temporary control and free rein over earth because of man’s sinful nature. The temptation before Jesus was to take the world as His own as a political ruler right then, without carrying out the plan the His Father in heaven had for Him which was to save the world from its sin-filled nature that gives Satan his power. Satan was trying to distort Jesus’ perspective by attempting to get Him to focus on worldly power and not God’s plan.

The devil offered the whole world to Jesus if He would just bow down and worship him. Today the devil offers us the world by trying to get us to buy into materialism and earthly power. He influences us to believe that God is powerless. That God is no longer interested in the world in which we live. He’s old and doesn’t care anymore. He’s not got the power He used to have. So, why not live for yourself? Go for it all. Have it now! Why wait? The movies perpetuate this myth as well that seem to show the unlimited power of Satan and the limited ability of God through the stupidity and lack of savvy of good people. We have bought into. Even us Christians often seem to think that we are defeated. We accept that the world has gone nuts under Satan’s power and withdraw from the world into our ivory towers and look down and say the world has gone to hell. We withdraw from our mission to go and make disciples because we fear Satan more than we trust God. We listen to Satan when He says you are powerless over my world. Just go back inside your churches and let me have the world. You are powerless against me! Oh you Christians, be afraid of sharing the gospel where you live, work, and play. Believe my power, says Satan. Believe that I am more powerful than the God you say you believe in!

Ultimately what gives Satan his power is us. We give Him the power. We need to begin to believe that Satan is a created being. He is not all powerful. He is only a rebellious created angel. God created Him. He is not co-equal with God as he would have you believe. We give Him his power through the practice of sin. We listen to him. All he can do is be that sexy draw to that which is against God’s nature. He can make it sound so good. He is like the sirens on the shore in seafaring mythology that would sing beautifully to the sailors on the ships at sea to draw them to the shore only so they would crash their ships. Satan is not the red creature with horns. He is the beautiful siren that tells us that no one will know so go ahead. He is that voice that says go ahead and do it, you deserve it. He twists Scripture to help you succumb to his temptations. What he offers seems so good but it comes complications, hurts, hangups, habits and destroyed lives. He has us then. Then, he makes us believe that God is powerless to change anything. We give Satan his power when we listen to his siren’s song. We perpetuate this myth in our minds with literature and movies that give Satan more power than he has and make him all powerful.


If you read the Bible carefully, you will notice that in every instance, God is more powerful than Satan. God created him after all. Satan asks permission from God in Job to do what he did. In the scenes from the gospels where Jesus casts out demons, they are shaking in their boots when Jesus speaks to them. They realize that He is more powerful than he. Satan and his minions are powerless just at the mention of Jesus’ name. We can cast out demons in His name. We just have to believe it! Jesus that name above all names. Every knee shall bow at the mention of His name. Believe it. Believe in a big, big God. He is still in the miracle business. He can still change the world through us. We can share the gospel with power if we simply believe that God is who He says He is. We can retake the world for Christ and drive Satan into the abyss that He is so afraid of if we just quit giving Satan the power than we give him. Don’t listen to his defeatist song. We are in God’s army. We have the armor of God upon us. We just have to start believing with expectancy. We have to start believing in an all powerful God who is the Master and Creator of the Universe. We have to believe in the God that created the big bang of the universe with his voice! We have to believe in a God that raised His Son from the dead. We have to believe that using simply the name of Jesus over and over again will defeat Satan’s attempts to get us to follow him. Satan is simply not that powerful. Just as a President of the United States is only as powerful as the power that we give him when we elect him to his office, so it is with Satan. He only has the power we give him. He has no power over a Christ follower unless we give it to him.

Believe in a big, big God. Believe in the Almighty God. Don’t go down in defeat just because Satan says it’s so. Make him prove that he is more powerful than God. He isn’t! He can’t! The power of Jesus name! Just a name can send Satan scurrying away! Just a name can make Satan seem ugly and powerless like he really is.

Our God is almighty, all powerful. Let’s start acting like He is!!!!


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