1 Corinthians 15:12-34 —- The Resurrection as Proof of Eternity, Proof that The Future Matters Not Just the Here and Now!

Posted: August 10, 2015 in 46-1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 15:12-34 — Do you remember being a teenager and your parents would go out of town? It was party time. While the parents were away, we lived life as if they would never return. We had freedom to do what we pleased and would only begin the clean up action right before the came home. We lived in the moment those weekends as if there were no consequences. There was no accountability those weekends because we felt like our parents would never find out. It was almost if they did not exist during those weekends. Even though they did exist and there were always consequences to our wild weekends, we did not care about the future and any consequences in the moment of the “parents are away” weekends. Those weekends were kind of like how many of us live our lives today in this era in which we live. In this final look at 1 Corinthians 15:12-34, we will look at Paul’s comments about how the resurrection validates the whole purpose of everything we do. We do carry the gospel to the world in vain. There is an eternity out there and it matters where you spend it. The resurrection gives us proof that there is life beyond this moment, beyond this side of eternity.

Living for the moment. Not planning for the future. Give me what I want and I want it now. More debt than you can afford. Sex outside of marriage. Get rich quick schemes. Lottery tickets. Impulse buying. Get it now before it’s too late advertising. All of these things point toward the fact that we live in a society that lives only in the current moment. Everything is now, now, now. It is almost as if we do not believe in eternity anymore. We do not think that there are eternal consequences for the actions that we take now. We act as if this life is all there is.

If death is the end of it all, enjoying the moment is all that matters. We have strayed so far from God that many of us no longer believe He exists. When that belief becomes the mindset, it follows that we no longer believe in heaven or hell. If there is no God, there can be no heaven and hell, right? It follows then that the Bible is a fiction created by man to keep him under control. It follows then that Jesus was the central character in this fiction. It was, to those that believe this way, all a lie. When you eliminate God, you eliminate all the accountability of mankind. He is then free to pursue whatever we feel like. We are free to live out all the things that the Bible says are wrong. In the absence of God, everything is fair game. Adultery. Pornography, Homosexual practices, Lying, Stealing. You name it. It’s all OK when there is no God, no heaven, no hell. Sin is no longer a thing if there is no God and no consequences. I can free myself from accountability when I do not believe that God exists. I decide. I choose. I am my own god. As long as I don’t hurt anybody with my actions, I should be able to do whatever I please. Everything becomes relative. My truth can be different from your truth. Life becomes about what makes me feel good and the right that I have to pursue it. It is the ultimate spoiled brat syndrome where I can gourge myself on ice cream because there are no consequences. Living for the moment is the order of the day for there is no tomorrow. It permeates not only our personal behaviors. Just look at our government, spending is out control. Budget deficits are the examples of living for the moment without regard for consequences down the line. Cities burn down because we live for the moment and its OK for me to destroy now because I am angry right now. We have no regard for the future. We live only for the now. We act as if there is no tomorrow and we must grab whatever we can before the sale ends at Wal-Mart.

The true Christ follower knows however that life continues beyond the grave and that life here is only preparation for our lives in eternity. What we do today matters in eternity. In light of eternity, what I do here matters. We believe that God created all of this. We believe that sin entered the world through Adam through the temptations of Satan. Ever since then, sin has ravaged the world and separated us from God and creates an ever increasing spiral list of consequences of evil that feed off one another such that we are destroying ourselves. Man needed help to rescue him from himself. God, in His love for us, sent His Son into human history to live the perfect life so that He could be the perfect sacrifice for our sins. Because God said that this was the purpose of His Son’s death, we must only believe that His Son was God in the flesh and that He did indeed die for our sins and that God, in his infinite power, raised His Son from the dead, we will have eternal life with God. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the confirmation to us that there is a hereafter. The resurrection gives us evidence that there is a God and there is an eternity out there. The resurrection proves that there is something beyond. Thus, the resurrection helps us understand that what the Bible says about heaven and hell are true. There are consequences to what we do here on earth.

There is a point to our existence. We are accountable to God. The resurrection proves to us that there is life beyond the moment. The resurrection then should affect how we live our lives on a daily basis here and now on this side of eternity. It should change our perspective toward the future. The future is no longer something I should mortgage away. The future is no longer so enigmatic concept that I can ignore because I can see, feel, and touch the here and now. Living for today and saying screw it to the future should no longer be the way we live. We should be living our lives preparing for the eternity that awaits us. We should be honoring God in what we do because there is an eternity. We should be devouring and internalizing His Word and living our lives according to its standards because we know there is an eternity. How do with know this? Because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ! The resurrection not only gives us hope for eternity but it also validates that there really is an eternity. What we do today does matter in eternity. There is an eternity so what we do today matters. This life matters. The resurrection is evidence of the new life that awaits those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Are you living in the here and now? Living for this moment only? Are you living a life that you are going for the gusto now and acting as if there is no tomorrow? Are you finding what you are looking for? How’s all that working out for you? Ultimately, it comes up empty. Maybe not know and maybe you can’t believe that living for the now only is empty because it is still working for you. But one day you will see that living life as if there are no consequences, no future, no eternity, leads us to empty lives with no value. We are wired by God, our creator, to have relationship with Him but He gives us the free will to choose to reject Him. You are free to believe there is no eternity, no consequences. You are free to believe that God does not exist and there is no heaven or hell. Our free will to choose to reject God does not make Him not exist. It does not make hell any less exist. It does not make heaven any less exist. The resurrection validates that there is a point to all this existence. It is validation of the fact that eternity does exist and what we do here matters. It validates that God exists and that His Word matters. It validates that Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father. Call it all a fiction if you will but that does not make it any less true. God has made a way for you whether you believe it or not. His name is Jesus. Call on Him now. Because there is a future. There is an eternity. It matters more than today.

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