1 Corinthians 13 – No Matter How Long It Takes, No Matter How Far, No Matter What Occurs — Love Never Gives Up

Posted: July 26, 2015 in 46-1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 13 — In the 1992 movie, The Last of the Mohicans, there was one of the great movie lines of all time, when Daniel Day Lewis’ character says to Madeline Stowe’s character, “You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you. No matter how long it takes, no matter how far, I will find you.” That is one of the most inspirational comments about love that you will ever hear. That is love never giving up. That is what Paul says about love that we will look at this morning. Love never gives up. This characteristic of love is one that we need more of in this day and age in our personal relationships.

Love never gives up. In our personal relationships today, many of us give up more often that we push through. 52% of all first marriages end in divorce. 76% of second marriages end in divorce and with each succeeding marriage the percentage inch ever higher. We give up. We do not want to have to struggle in our relationships any more. We throw them away like we do the baby’s bathwater. Rarely in today’s world do you hear of marriages like that of my friends, Brian and Pat McKnight who have been married 46 years. I am no different than the rest of our nation. I often joke that I have been married for 27 years…but just to three different women. Thank God the third time was the charm as my marriage to Elena is the one that is going to take me to the finish line of life. But it is emblematic of our world today. We do not want to work through the tough stuff. We would rather run that stay and work on relationships. We confuse sexual passion with love in today’s world. We think that we are to have that hot, animal passion of new relationships for the rest of lives. When we live in that place, it is awesome but if we are basing our marriages on that feeling then every time we are going to be disappointed.

My mother, who is in heaven with Jesus now going on 5 years, gave me advice a long time ago that has stuck with me all these years. She said that you need to find a wife that will be your best friend outside the bedroom as much as in it. That means pretty much is that sex even when we are in that hot passion phase early in relationships that intimacy doesn’t last long and we spend more time outside the bedroom than we do in it. Elena’s mom has some sage advise as well, “Don’t allow one time what you are not willing to put up with the rest of your life.” From the wisdom of these two great ladies we see the crux of long-term relationships, relationships that last.

Best friends outside the bedroom as well as in it. Let us make sure that we are compatible with the one we marry. Hot, sexual passion is wonderful but sometimes we blind ourselves with it when choosing our mate. Let us make sure that our wives or husbands are people that we actually can be best friends with. Let us find that person that we can talk to and be completely understood. Let us find that person that a look can express a hundred words. Let us find that person that calms and soothes our soul just be sitting down next to us. Let us find that person that we can actually talk to. Let us be best friends with the ones we love. Let us not just want them with great passion and the moment that it done you listen to the talk and want to rip their eyes out. Let us find and marry our best friend in our marriages.

Let us not accept one time what you are not willing to put up with the rest of our life. As we live with someone over the years there can be little things that become big things. Each one of us is unique creatures made in the image of God and He has given each one of us unique personalities. In marriage, we find your quirks and my quirks running headlong into each other. If something about your spouse irritates you now just imagine 20 years from now. We should consider these things before we marry. If some habit or hangup is driving you nuts now, just think how exacerbated that will be years down the road in this laboratory of human behavior called marriage. Think of your boyfriend or girlfriends worst quality. Is that something that you are willing to accept for the rest of your life. If you are, then proceed to the altar. If you are not, run Forrest run! When you are best friends enough we a person to accept their worst fault and love them anyway then and only then are you ready for the altar.

From my mom, married for 52 years to my dad when she passed away in November 2010 at the age of 70 and from my mother-in-law, married now for 64 years as she is now 83 years old, we learn sage advice. These ladies had marriages that lasted and are lasting longer than any marriages that I know of these days. These are examples of never giving up. Love means that we work through problems. Love means that we forgive our spouse for their imperfections as we slowly learn of our own. Love means not crucifying our spouse for not being exactly like us. Love means that will allow our spouse to be who they are and not try to form them in our ideal mate. Love means dealing with problems and moving to the next level of the relationship. Love means never giving up.

How marriage is so like God’s relationship with us. He never gives up. He sent us His Son to give us a chance to be reconciled to Him. He loves us that much to have given of Himself in that way, to allow His Son to be offered as a sacrifice for our sins. God loves us despite the fact that we are not 100% faithful to him. God loves us when we act as though we don’t even know Him. God loves us in the good times and the bad. God loves us when we are not perfect. God loves us when we show our ugly, evil side to Him. God loves us when we look pretty gnarly first thing in the morning. God loves us warts and all. Why can’t we have marriages that are a symbol of God’s love for us? Why can’t we have love that never gives up? God never gives up on us. We should never give up on our marriages. We should have marriages that say to the world, “no matter what occurs! No matter how long it takes, no matter how far.” Let us have marriages with this character that never gives up on the one we love. Let us have marriages like that.


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