1 Corinthians 13 — How Silence in the Face of Injustice Is The Same As Supporting It…Let Us Not Be That Generation

Posted: July 25, 2015 in 46-1 Corinthians

1 Corinthian 13 — There are those who have put their life at peril and some have even given their lives in the pursuit of justice and truth. The litany of names throughout history of those that have stood up to injustice and have been killed for their stand goes on and on and on. Love demands that we pursue what is right and what is true and what is eternal even unto death. So many of us cower away from the truth if it is going to cost us something. Do you, do I, seek justice and rejoice in God’s eternal truth?

We have spent the last few days looking at Paul’s discussion of what love is not. We now turn to positives. We now turn toward what love is. Today’s characteristic is that love does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever truth wins out. This is certainly a call to Christ followers to be actively in the pursuit of justice and truth. We should be drawn to what is true and what is right because they are of the character of God.

Do we have what it takes to be such Christians? Do we have the guts to stand up against those who oppress others. Do we have the guts to help the church spread the gospel in China? Do we have the guts to help free women from the sex trafficking trade in the India and southeast Asia? Do we stand by and accept the evil being perpetrated upon others. Doe we turn a blind eye? When we turn a blind eye to injustice we are in effect supporting it. When we complain about inner city blacks burning their neighborhoods down in anger over life as it is, but do nothing to change their lives one person at a time, day by day, working in the trenches with them. Can we really complain? When we lament over the needs of small segment of the population having their right to marry forced on the rest of us, but yet we do not vote, but yet we do not run for office, can we really complain? When we see a poor man begging on the street and wish he would leave but yet we do nothing about working with the poor to change their plight in life, we are accepting injustice and allowing it to continue. When we see hate for one race toward another but say nothing and just accept that it’s just the way it is and do not seek to change it, we let Satan win. Our silence in the face of that which is not of God is the same thing as accepting it.

We are called to be love justice and rejoice in the truth. Justice and truth. We are to love them. We are to stand by them. We are to be willing to die for them. God is truth and God is justice. How can I accept racism and participate in it and then stand in church on Sunday and hear that we are all created in the image of God. How can I accept sex trafficking, poverty, abortion, assaults on marriage, and assaults on religious freedom and any other assault on that which is of God and claim to be Christian. We must stand for what is of God. We must care about more than our house and our cars and our vacations. We must fight for the things that matter to God. We cannot ignore the victims of sex trafficking by closing our ears. They will still be there. We cannot ignore the cries of the unborn by simply ignoring it. We cannot erase poverty by avoiding that part of town and thinking the United States is made up of all wealthy people. We cannot make the hungry children in Africa go away by changing the channel when disturbing images come on the screen. We cannot ignore our Christian friends in the Middle East who are being persecuted and killed just because they are Christian. They will not go away if we ignore it. They are still there. Do we even care? As long as we can drive a nice car, have a nice house, and little conflict in life, we are happy. In the meantime, there is injustice that abounds in this world and yet we watch movies and play video games.

What does this say about our generation, me included? We sit blindly by as Christians die around the world and yet complain that the government is doing nothing while we sit on our couches typing our statuses on facebook and do nothing ourselves. We complain that it is wrong for young girls to be captured and sold into sex slavery but I only know one person in my life who is actually doing anything about it. We think someone else will fight for justice and we sit on our couches waiting for THEM to do something. You and I know the things that are wrong in this world. You and I know what is against the nature of God. You and I know what grieves the heart of God when He looks at our world. Let us step up to the plate. Let us be a generation remember for caring more about the plight of our fellow man than about how many toys are sitting in our driveways and garages. Let us be a generation that knows what truth and justice are and are willing to die for it. Injustice and evil will continue as long as we are silent. When we are silent, we accept evil and injustice being poured out on our fellow occupants of this blue ball called Earth. Let us not go quietly into the night. Let us not give up without a fight. Let us be remembered as a generation that fought for the downtrodden and the oppressed. Let us be remembered as a generation that expressed love for others by fighting against oppression. Let us be remembered as a generation that sought truth and justice rather a generation that was more concerned with its own entertainment as the world burns around them. Let us not be remembered as a generation that allowed the world to burn around us but all we wanted to was dance.

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