1 Corinthians 13 — Love is Not Rude: What Bon Qui Qui and Current Events in South Carolina Teach Us

Posted: July 21, 2015 in 1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 13 — There is a comedienne by the name of Angelah Johnson who has a character that she portrays often during her comedy routine called Bon Qui Qui. She is the quintessential urban ghetto girl. She is opinionated and loud. She says such things as when she is working at a burger joint, “Welcome to King Burger, where you can have it your way, but don’t get crazy!” Or when somebody wants to add cheese to their burger, “Complicated order!” She also says, “Do not get loud with me, sir, do not get loud with me!” Or when she is talking on her cell phone while a customer waits at the counter, and they say something to you, she turns around and says, “Don’t interrupt! Rude!” The humor in the last comment is that Bon Qui Qui is so self-centered that she actually thinks that a person interrupting her telephone call while she is supposed to be working is rude! It’s a hilarious bit that Angelah does. As with all comedy, what makes comedy the funniest is when there is an irony of truth in the funny things being expressed by the comedian. We have all encountered Bon Qui Qui’s in our day. Rudeness is common today. Often rude behavior is considered a right in today’s world. Bon Qui Qui is an example of the world we live in today. It’s about me and you will just have to wait. Can’t you see I am having a conversation!

Bon Qui Qui when she says, “Rude” she helps bring us to today’s characteristic of what love is not. Today’s characteristic is that love is not rude. Rude is defined as not having or showing concern or respect for the rights and feelings of other people. It is also defined as not being polite. It can also be defined as being in a rough, elementary, or unfinished state, unrefined, simple, primitive. If love is not rude then love is the opposite of these descriptions.

Love is not rude. It means then that love shows concern for and respect for the rights and feelings of other people. Oh how our world today is rude. We think of ourselves as advanced and developed people but we are a rude people in ever increasing ways in this world. We live in a world where we could care less about the feelings of others. I have my rights to my feelings and be damned with everyone else’s feelings. I demand my rights be upheld no matter the cost to others or to society in general. If I am offended by something we all must pay the price for that in political correctness. Also, I can become so married to things that I am a big fan of that we fail to see the dark side and ugliness of what we are fan of. Polarization is the name of the game in our world today. There is no consideration for the feelings of others today. We spew hate all over one another. If you are not for me, you are against me and I hate you because you are not believing in the same things I believe in. We have become such a nation of individualists that we forget the common good. This is not love my friends.

This is Satan’s playground. We listen to his siren’s call. It causes supporters of the rebel battle flag to see heritage and not hate. If you see and claim what is right and beautiful about our Southern heritage you must accept that it is a double edged sword. The rebel battle flag has been held by men, women and children who have spat upon black people as they walk in peaceful protest for their basic right to vote. The right to vote understand me. A basic human right in a democratic society. The rebel flag has been witness to many beatings of black men and women and murders too. If you take the beauty of the flag you also have to take the beast of the flag. At the same token, when the name Rebel becomes racist merely by its use, we are not honoring the reason it is used. Having a rebel spirit does not always connote racism. A rebel spirit created our country in the face of tyranny. A rebel spirit is also those who fought for civil rights in the South and changed our region forever. We should glorify the rebel spirit that allows our generation to go to school together regardless of race in 2015. Rebel hearts brought these things about.

Let us not forget where we were in the South as short as 40-45 years ago with separate and unequal schools, distrust and blatant racism. Let us celebrate the rebel spirits that changed all that, black and white. We should not be succumbing to Satan’s call for separateness and name calling. We should live out love just as the city of Charleston and the families of the Emmanuel 9 showed us. Riding around an NAACP meeting with rebel flags is not love. It is rude. Holding up signs at a rally telling the NAACP that they are not welcome here is not love. Let us have a rebel spirit and stop this escalating but subtle racism in its tracks. We have come too far in the South, in South Carolina, in Duncan on the backs of men and women with rebel spirits to destroy the unity that we have now. Let us love each other and not be rude to one another. Let us have consideration for one another. Let us define what the rebel spirit is and what it will mean from this point forward and get back to getting along. Let us get back to our future.

It is against our spirit in today’s world to show true love to one another. We all have bought in to the fact that we are persecuted if we do not get our way. We all have bought into the fact that we feel that we have an inalienable right to think of only ourselves. But our nation has been built to this point on the weighing and working out of differing opinions to reach solutions for the common good. Isn’t that what love is? It is saying to others, you matter. Your life matters. Your opinions matter to me. When we love others, as Jesus did us, it means that we do not want to destroy you. It means I care about your life. I care about your life having quality and value. Love is placing others as equal to us. Love is really, honestly wanting the best for others. Rudeness wants its way. Rudeness says your way has no value. Rudeness says that you do not have the right to feel the way you feel because of the way I feel. Rudeness says that my way is right way and there is your highway.

How can we be Christ-like if we are rude? He actually prayed as He hung on the cross for the people who had put Him there. Prayed for them! He died for you and for me even when we were yet sinners. Sin is in total opposition to God who is perfect and sinless but yet He had consideration for us through sending His Son to the cross to reconcile ourselves to Him. There is our example. That is love. Love is not rude.


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