Sin is Still Sin No Matter If I Say It is No Longer Sin!: Paul Speaks Through the Ages to Us in the New Corinth!

Posted: June 22, 2015 in 46-1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians 6:12-20 — Recently, I had an atheist write a comment on a blog I had written that when I say that my sins are washed away by Christ does it absolve me when I rob my neighbor? I can claim that all my sins are washed away in Christ even as I commit them. This is a valid question that many ask. Even some that call themselves Christian live out this lifestyle. Live like hell Monday through Saturday and ask for forgiveness on Sunday morning. Paul addresses this very same issue in 1 Corinthians 6:12-20.

The church at Corinth apparently had been misquoting and misapplying Scripture. They were claiming that their freedom in Christ allowed them to do anything. Through Christ, they understood, our sins are forgiven so that allowed them complete freedom to live as they pleased. Does this sound familiar? I am free to commit murder; all my sins are forgiven. I am free to commit adultery; my sins are forgiven. I am free to rob, cheat, steal and lie; my sins are forgiven. Paul puts the smack down on this kind of theology. Paul tells the Corinthians that while Christ has taken away our sins, it does not give us the freedom to go and do what we know is wrong. It does not give us freedom to willingly and knowingly violate the command of God in Scripture. The New Testament as we saw yesterday forbids many sins that were originally forbidden in the Old Testament. We hear people exclaim today that we as Christ followers are no longer under the law so we are not too terribly different from the church at Corinth. We say that the law does not apply to us. We go as far as to say that we are New Testament Christians or New Testament churches.

It is Paul that tells that we are free in Christ. Then, why is he chastises the church then in Corinth and by proxy us today in our New Testament only mentality. Freedom is the mark of the Christian faith is it not? We are free from sin and guilt and free to enjoy the presence of God without fear of destruction. However, we forget that Paul says that we are free in Christ BECAUSE we are condemned by the law. We deserve death and hell because of our sin-filled nature. It is only through Christ that we are saved from eternal damnation brought upon us by our inability to keep the law. We are free from the penalty that we deserve in the law. The law still exists. It is still wrong to murder. It is still wrong to commit adultery. It is still wrong to be greedy and covet things. It is still wrong to make things god before the one and only God. The ceremonial aspects of the law such as food and dietary restrictions that were necessary to create a unique society in a world where cleanliness and disease from lack of cleanliness were common are no longer applicable to us because in Scripture it was said to be so, but the moral parts of the law in the Old Testament are still in place and will forever be applicable. We cannot avoid the law. We cannot say the law does not exist. The law existed in God and is God and is of God since before eternity. These things will never change no matter how hard we try to say what we are doing is OK.

This is true for those who have not encountered Christ who claim universal truth is no longer universal truth. Those who claim that what was once considered truth is no longer truth, cannot circumvent the fact that what is truth eternally will be truth. Just because you say it ain’t so don’t make it not so. This is true for those who claim to be Christ followers and this true for those who are true Christ followers. The law is alive. The law is real. The law is eternal and will never change.

In today’s world, sexual immorality is rampant. Having sexual intercourse in whatever way that makes us feel good is common. Think that the Bible is not applicable? Corinth was the same way as modern day Western society. This teaching here in this passage deals heavily sexual immorality because it was rampant in Corinth as we learned when we began this study of 1 Corinthians several weeks ago. Corinth was home to a temple to the goddess Aphrodite – the goddess of sexual desire. Unrestrained sexual intercourse was part of the worship at the temple. There were thousands of male and female prostitutes employed by the temple. Is it no different today? We may not have temple whores but sexually immorality is glorified in our society. In movies, television, music, even commercials, sexual promiscuity is glorified. Sex outside of marriage is treated as normal even desirable. Unions of two people of the same sex are glorified and saying it is the new normal does not make it normal in eternity. Marriage between one man and one woman for the rest of their lives is often shown as confining, backward, old-fashioned, and sexually boring. We are looked down upon if we have only one sexual partner for life. We are considered weird if we have been married to our husbands or wives for more than 10 years.

God does not forbid sexual sin because he is trying to be hard on us. He knows its power to destroy us physically and spiritually. Sexual diseases are at all time highs in the world in which live now. From a spiritual perspective, promising families have been destroyed by sexual immorality. Broken homes. Broken families. Destroyed by “what makes me feel good I should do” mentalities. Long term consequences of fatherless homes due to adultery and other sexual sins are beginning to show itself in our society. Children raised by two moms or two dads are wreaking social development ills upon our children that we are just beginning to calculate. Just because it feels good does mean that it is good for us. God forbid sexual relations outside of the marriage of a man and a woman not to be restrictive but rather to keep us from destroying ourselves by pursuing that which is destructive to us. Just because it makes you and I feel good to have sex outside of the wedlock of a man and a woman does not make it right for our children and our children’s children.

Sexual sin, all sins, are destructive. Just because we are free in Christ does not throw away the rules of the game. It is because of the law that we need Christ. We are sinful creatures. When we see that for real without the excuses that we build up for our behavior, we see our need for a Savior. When we accept Christ as our Savior, He sends the Holy Spirit to live in us. Have you ever really thought about that fact. The Holy Spirit living in us. If we are to live our lives with the Holy Spirit inside us. Should we not honor Him with how we use our bodies. Joining bodies with a man or woman who is not yours in marriage as defined by God’s holy eternal Word dirties the Spirit. We no longer own our bodies when the Holy Spirit comes to live in us. We must use our bodies in ways that give Him honor. We must use our bodies in ways that are in line with God’s Word.

Just because we wanna do it does not mean that it is right to do it. Just because we have the freedom to do it does not mean that cannot be destroyed by it. Call it right does not make it right if it is not right eternally. Justifying sin by the words, everybody else is doing it does not make it right. Honor the Holy Spirit by honoring Him through repentance of sins instead of justifying why we sin and why it is the new normal that it is not sin. Sin is sin eternally. Let us repent. Let us turn away from that which is not of God’s Word. It is eternal. It is of Him. Let us begin to honor that!

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