Touch His Wounds, Watch Him Eat: How Jesus Invites Us To Question Him…So He Can Answer Our Doubts

Posted: June 5, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke

Luke 24:36:43 — Jesus said, “Why are you frightened? Why are your hearts filled with doubt? Look at my hands. Look at my feet. You can see that it’s really me. Touch me and make sure that I am not a ghost, because ghosts don’t have bodies, as you see that I do.” As He spoke, He showed them His hand and feet (vv.38-40).

When I first read these verses again yesterday morning and again this morning, it hit me that Jesus does invite us to question Him. He wants us to ask questions. He wants us to be inquisitive about Him. He asks the disciples to touch Him. He asked them to give Him food. Jesus invites our doubts. You do not have to lose your mind to believe in Jesus Christ. He does not want you to just blindly believe in Him just because it’s the trendy thing to do, or because it’s what your parents did. He certainly doesn’t want you to confuse blind observance of religious rituals. He wants to be in a real relationship with you. He does not want you to be a robot and just blindly follow the flow when it comes to Him. He wants your questions. He wants your doubts.

He wants you to question His existence so that through study you can come to the conclusion that He did in fact exist. We can prove from extrabiblical sources who had nothing to gain or lose by mentioning Jesus’ name that Jesus did in fact exist.

There is so much common acceptance that Jesus existed that every man-made religion has to have a position on him while the theology of Christians stands on Jesus alone and has no need to respond to the human founders of religions. Buddhists often see Jesus Christ as a spiritual master or as one who has achieved enlightenment but has chosen not to enter nirvana (a bodhisattva) so that he could lead others to enlightenment but He is only one of the many paths to enlightenment. The first one is that Jesus was one of the incarnations (avatars) of God.

Most Hindus believe that God, specifically Vishnu, took on human or animal forms at various times in order to perform certain feats that would preserve true Hindu teaching (the dharma). Whereas Christians generally believe that Jesus was the one and only incarnation of God, this view would hold that he was an incarnation, just not the only one.

Islam absolutely dismisses the identity of Christ as the Son of God. Second, Islam seems to attempt to further lower the status of Christ even as a man, through Mohammed revelations about his visit to heaven. While sleeping, he is awoken by Gabriel who takes him to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. There he meets with Moses, Jesus and other prophets to pray. Afterwards he is shown a ladder and he and Gabriel climb it and ascend through the seven heavens. On each level they meet an important person. At the bottom, level 1, is Adam. Level 2 is both Christ and John the Baptist. Level 3 is joseph, level 4 is Enoch, level 5 is Aaron and level 6 is Moses. Finally, in level 7 he meets Abraham and then is given instructions by Allah. At each level of Heaven Mohamed comes closer to God. Each level has a person of greater significance as he gets closer and closer to God with Abraham, the first Patriarch, being closest. Christ is only at level 2 and is below Joseph, Enoch, Aaron, Moses, and Abraham. Also, Jesus isn’t alone on the second level of Heaven.

So there is common acceptance among most if not all man-made religions of the world that Jesus did in fact exist. Each one reacts to Him in some way and gives Him some sort of acknowledgement at least as a holy man. Why do they do that? They acknowledge his existence. So if it is commonly accepted that Jesus existed then there are two other questions that arise. Research it. Question it. Jesus invites it. He doesn’t want you to just dismiss Him without researching Him or accept Him as Savior blindly. Jesus is ready to reason with you. So, then, if we accept the evidence that is there that Jesus existed, then you must deal with who He was and what He said.

In today’s world it is trendy to say that all paths lead to heaven. No matter what you believe, it is OK. If I choose to believe in the tall tree outside my house as god then that’s OK. We go to heaven no matter what. Just try to be good. It’s OK. Man, does that take the pressure off or what! But Jesus said that He is the only way to the Father. No one comes to the Father accept through Him. If all roads lead to heaven, then Jesus is lying, right? He invites your questions on this subject. He wants to work it out with you. It is a relationship after all. We do not get drafted into the army of believers, we volunteer for the assignment. So, it must be a choice and Jesus wants you to have made an understanding choice. It is only through understanding that He is who He says He is that our faith deepens and is not shaken by those who question our beliefs. Jesus wants you to question. He wants you to seek answers. He wants you to understand why you believe what you believe. Because this is a relationship and not religion. Study and understand why this Jesus, who actually existed as the evidence suggests, is really and truly the one and only true way to the Father in heaven. He invites your questions. He wants you to seek and find. He wants you to knock and have the door opened.

In earthly relationships, the ones that are healthy are ones where we can question one another, reason with one another, have debates with one another. It would not be much of a relationship otherwise. Jesus stands before the disciples. He invites them to question. He is in relationship with them. That is what Jesus wants from us, a real relationship with Him. Not robotic rituals of religion. Certainly, rituals can have their place as long as you fully are invested in praising our Savior and giving God glory by doing them rather than just mindlessly, thoughtlessly doing them. Jesus wants to be right there in the room with you. He wants to know when you are mad at Him. He wants to know when you have questions about God. He wants to know when you have questions about what you believe. He is there in the room inviting you to touch His wounds, watch Him eat. He is right there in the room with you ready to answer your questions. That is relationship not religion.


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