He Is The Whole Point of The Bible: Let Us Know Scripture So That We Can See Jesus Completely

Posted: June 3, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke

Luke 24:13-25 — Have you ever been so wrapped up in your own problems that you cannot see things clearly? Often someone has to literally or figuratively throw water in our face to get us to snap out of our self-focus. We often can only see things from our own perspective until someone points out to us what the real deal is. On the road to Emmaus, we see this concept in action.

The two men, one of which was named Cleopas, had been among those who counted themselves as part of the growing throng that were Jesus followers. They were not the direct disciples of Jesus but they were followers. Even though they had heard Jesus preach and teach, these two men had seemingly missed the significance of the moment in Jerusalem. They had missed the significance of history’s greatest event because they were too concerned with their own disappointments and problems. In fact, they are so wrapped up in their own tunnel-vision view of life that they did not recognize Jesus even as He was walking beside them. They were full of disappointment. These followers just like many others had been counting on the Jesus to be some conquering political and military figure that would restore Israel to its former glory under David and Solomon. Somehow the message of the Old Testament prophecies had been idealized given current circumstances. The prophecies clearly state that the Messiah was predicted to die to redeem his people from their slavery to sin. They did not realize that his death was not the end of a political movement but the beginning of the redemption of mankind. They were so caught in the admiration of earthly things of political power and military might that they were blind to God’s kingdom values – the last will be first, the lowly will be exalted, the persecuted will be victorious, life grows out of death.

Sometimes, we make the Messiah what we want Him to be too. My Jesus would do this. My Jesus would do that. May we always compare our concept of Jesus to what Scripture says and not try to mold Him into what we want Him to be. We must not allow ourselves to make Jesus into what we want Him to be. We must conform ourselves to the Jesus of Scripture. We must not alter the Jesus of Scripture to fit the current culture. That means we must study the Bible not just create Jesus into our own image of what we want Him to be. It was only through instructing them on Scripture and how it all pointed to the suffering Messiah that the eyes of the two followers were opened.

Beginning with the promised offspring (Genesis 3:15) and going through the suffering servant in Isaiah (Isaiah 53), the pierced one in Zechariah (Zechariah 12:10), and the messenger of the covenant (Malachi 3:1), I imagine that Jesus sets them straight on the Old Testament. Jesus Christ is the thread that is woven throughout all Scripture. He is the central theme that ties the Bible together. It’s all about Jesus. It all points to Jesus as the culmination of God’s redemptive plan for man. Without understanding that all of Scripture points to Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, we will miss the importance of his death and resurrection. Without the Old Testament prophecies and without God working his redemptive plan through Jesus, it is easy to mistake Jesus as just a man, as just another prophet, as just a political revolutionary, as just a radical rabbi, rather than the true Messiah. Scripture predicted a Messiah who would die in punishment for our sins and as a result reconcile us to our perfect Creator. Jesus had to be this for mankind.

What are you making of this Jesus Christ? Know Scripture and know the real Messiah. Understand the total picture. Understand why his death on a cross is important for you even if you have not yet accepted Him as your Savior. Understand the significance of the resurrection. It was and is part of the redemptive plan set in motion from Genesis til now til Revelation by God – our loving and yet just God. We can sit and listen to sermons without cracking our Bible open and think we know Jesus. Yes, we need the encouragement and even the challenges of sermons guided by the Holy Spirit, but if you do not study Scripture from beginning to end then you miss the full story of who, what, how, and why God’s redemptive plan points to Jesus Christ.


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