I Thank God That I Am Among Those Who Are Delusional: Jesus Was Dead And Then…

Posted: May 31, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke

Luke 23:50-56 — Why does Luke include this mention of “the women from Galilee” and how they followed Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus to the tomb where Jesus’ body was placed and then they left. Why is this important? From John 19:33-34, we know that Jesus was dead. Certainly, what was left off the life force in his body was taken away when the Roman soldier took a spear and rammed into his chest between his ribs. Jesus was dead. His lifeless corpse was taken away by Joseph and Nicodemus and they personally anointed the dead body with lotions and wrapped it in linen. And, now, the women followed and knew exactly where the grave was.

Why is this information important? These people were eyewitnesses to the death of Jesus. They were there when they crucified my Lord. They were there when they laid Him in the tomb. Each knew specifically where Jesus’ body was laid. The ladies followed so that they could see where it was at so that there would be no mistaking which tomb it was when they returned. The Gospel writers give us this detail so that we can know with certainty that Jesus’ resurrection is no error, no mistaken identity, no fluke.

There are those who will say that Jesus did not really die and that He was unconscious. Yet, these are the same people who will accept that Roman scourgings were as brutal almost as crucifixion. A criminal would wish for death when tied to the whipping post and having their flesh made like mince meat or shredded barbeque meat by the metal barb and bone chard tipped whips. They will believe the historical record and modern research of how crucifixion kills you in the very slow and agonizing way that it kills. Yet, with all of that Jesus was just unconscious. The efficient Roman army missed this one. They were experts at this crucifixion thing, but they missed this one. These guys at Golgotha had killed many a Jew during their occupation of Palestine so there was a high level of proficiency about their craft but they missed this one. Jesus was dead. We can be sure of it because we continue to be amazed by the Roman Empire – its sheer efficiency, its advanced technology for its time, the civil organization, their military organization, the development of laws, the amazing engineering. They would have most likely been very certain that the criminals on their crosses were completely and utterly dead.

Why does this matter? Without the death, there is no resurrection. Without the resurrection, people throughout the centuries sense have died for a lie. Wow, all two billion of us suffering from a common delusion. People continue today to die for a lie. Even with all the debunking that has been tried to squash out the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the resurrection lives on in generation after generation of believers. Since it is accepted scholarly fact that all of the New Testament books were written within the lifetimes of those who were participants in the stories contained in those books, both friend AND foe of Jesus.
There are those that say that you have to be stupid to believe all of this and certainly will take great pains to demonstrate why. Yes, we are all called idiots by these “crash Christianity” folks but yet the Word lives on.

We have believed in a collective lie for centuries. Yet, why is it that all other fabrications in life never stand the test of time. Just maybe, this whole resurrection thing is true. The funny thing is as that someone said recently to me that I could not be thinking if I believed any of this. Thank God I have this delusion. Thank God that I believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Thank God we, all two billion of us, have worked together through the centuries to build this mountain of lies that I have to be stupid enough to believe.

I thank God that we have all conspired through the centuries to keep this lie alive. I thank God for all the stupid martyrs through the centuries that died for this lie. Since I feel great comfort in the fact that man does not possess all knowledge even though we think we do at every point in history, I believe that my stupidity will be borne out to be wisdom in the end, whether it be at my physical death or when the end of time comes – whichever comes first. In the meantime, I glory in my stupid of belief in a dead man whom I believe to have risen from the dead because this was no ordinary man. He was Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who died for my sins and who rose from the dead to give my hope of eternal life. If believing that is being stupid, let me glory in my stupidity. Let me be delusional. I am willing to bet my eternity on my delusion!

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