You Are The Weakest Link, Goodbye!: Satan Attacks Us Where We Are Weakest, Count On It!

Posted: May 13, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke
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Luke 22:31-38 — This is another passage where we will have to spend a two days. There are three things here that we need to discuss. First, Jesus tells the disciples that they will be targets of Satan. Second, tomorrow, we will look at what Jesus meant by taking up swords and how on the surface that seems a contradiction to his teaching.

Today, let’s talk about Jesus’ prediction of Satan’s attack on the disciples which begins with His prediction of Peter’s denial. Jesus tells the disciples in vv. 31-32 that Satan has asked to sift each of you like wheat, but Jesus says, He has pleaded in prayer that their faith should not fail.

The first thing that you will notice here is that Jesus said that Satan had asked to sift the disciples like wheat. Satan has much power in this world because we give it to him. He is not all powerful and independent of us as is our Father in heaven. The only way Satan has power is through our listening to his siren song. He only gains power through the free will God has given us to choose. Remember in Job, Satan must ask to tempt and destroy the life of Job. We must remember that it is our desire for earthly pleasure and security that gives Satan his power. It is not real power. The only real power is the one who created the universe and everything in it including Satan, who at one time was an angel in heaven. His pride and arrogance got him thrown out of heaven. He has spent eternity trying to gather enough power through singing the song of “did got really say that?” to the rest of us to get us to join him in rebellion against God. He has no power except that which we give him.

Satan gets really fired up when we follow Jesus and especially when we serve Him. We are targets of Satan when we are in service to Jesus. When we are doing the Father’s work, Satan will attack us and he will do so at our weakest point. He will look for your weakest point and try to exploit it. If you have lust for beautiful ladies, that is where Satan will attack. If you have lust for money, that is where Satan will attack. There was a television show not too long ago called The Weakest Link. In that show, a person would disqualify themselves with incorrect answers and the host would say, “you are the weakest link, goodbye!” Satan searches for our weakest link so that he can exploit it and make us ineffective for the kingdom of God. If you have lust for power and position, that is where Satan will tempt you. If pride is your weakness (the inability to realize that you are flawed and weak and make mistakes), that is where Satan will attack you. If you have self-worth issues and seek approval in the love and approval of others, that is where Satan will attack you. He will sift us like wheat when we are Christ followers and particularly when you are in service to the Lord. We must recognize our weakest points and steel ourselves. We must not venture in those areas of sin where we know that we are most susceptible to the siren’s song of Satan. We need to be vigilant in prayer because one thing about our weaknesses is that we do not see that they are there.

We need to be constantly in prayer for God to reveal our sin weaknesses to us. Plane crashes are often caused by one flawed piece of equipment necessary for flight. We are the same. Our weakest places for sin are the very places that will crash and discredit our service to the Lord. We are only as strong as our weakest link. So, we must expect Satan to attack us when we are followers, and particularly, leaders among Christ followers. We have seen great Christian leaders brought low by their moral failures due to them not recognizing where they were weakest. We are no different as leaders in our local churches. It doesn’t always make headlines like television evangelists’ failings, but adultery, greed, and any number of other failings have brought down and destroyed leaders and even whole churches at the local level. We have a target on our back when we serve the Lord. Satan will come. “Make book on that, missy” as Principal Vernon said in the Breakfast Club.

Peter was no different. Satan would come after him. Peter’s ultimate flaw was his need for approval from others. His self worth issues led to self-preservation rather than dying with Jesus as he had promised. His need for approval led him to deny rather than defend. He failed at his weakest point. His weakest link was the need for human approval rather than the approval of the Father in heaven. Right where Satan knew he could attack and be successful.

The saving grace in all of this is that when we recognize our weaknesses and our failing and know that we are not self-sufficient, we can repent of our sins and our weaknesses. We can come to Jesus and say forgive me for the things that I listened to Satan about. Forgive me for not seeing my moral weaknesses and letting them destroy me. Please Lord I NEED you. I am flawed and imperfect and I NEED you. I need you to help me overcome my weaknesses and make me effective for your kingdom. Help me to be your child. Help me and cover my weaknesses and give me your strength. When we come to him in weakness, we are ready to be used by him. Peter was restored when he was broken. From that point forward, Peter knew that it was no longer what he could do FOR Jesus but rather what Jesus could do THROUGH him. It is when we realize that we can’t operate on our own strength that we are ready to be used by Jesus. When we realize that, Satan’s sifting reveals wheat and no longer reveals chaff.


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