It’s The Message That Matters Not Our Positions: Leadership is About Keeping the Focus on Jesus

Posted: May 12, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke
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Luke 22:14-30 — Have you ever tried to have a conversation with one of those so called friends that no matter what it is, they seem to have the uncanny ability to turn the conversation toward themselves. You start discussing with them about how this problem is bothering you and you are not sure how to solve it but, inevitably, they turn the conversation from solving a problem that you have into a conversation about a problem that they have. Or they turn the conversation into how they would handle a situation not how to help you handle a situation. We all know someone like this. How frustrating is it to have a conversation like that! You just want to shake the other person and say, hey, this is about my problem not about you. This kind of person only sees the world through their own eyes. They only care about that which directly effects them. They cannot perceive that the world is not about them. They do not care or have feelings about anything in the world that does not have an affect on them.

As we said earlier, sometimes when we have conversations with this type of person, we just get frustrated and walk away or you just want to shake them and tell them the world is not all about them. I bet Jesus felt this way at the first Lord’s Supper. He had just finished telling them that He must die and the treacherous act of one of them would be the catalyst for it. The disciples all start the jockeying again (see Luke 9) about who will be the greatest. They were trying to show that they would not be the one who betrayed Jesus. In they jockeying to show that they were greater than one another and not a traitor, they missed the whole point. Jesus had just told them that it is part of the plan that He must die. They missed the whole point of the bread and the wine as symbols for His body and His blood. They were more concerned about their position than the message.

Jesus sets them straight that in the kingdom of God, leadership is about serving and not about being served. Have you ever noticed that those who are poor followers are inevitably poor leaders. If we cannot see beyond ourselves we will never be good leaders. We must see beyond our own noses. If you are not an effective leader, it is because you are self-centered and only see things from how they are going to effect you. It is us against them. It is my way or everyone is out to get me. It is I will quit and walk away if I don’t get my way. We all must begin with being followers. We all must begin with being Christ followers. When we follow Jesus instead of our own will and desires, we see things in a new way. When are a good follower of Jesus, we want to emulate His leadership. He invested in people. He developed them. He wanted them to succeed. His ultimate leadership was to take the blame for our sins on the cross instead of allowing us to be thrown under the bus of judgment. A leader is one who is willing to make sacrifices to ensure that his people succeed. So, a leader is a good follower, a follower of Jesus Christ. We lead by His example. He came to serve and not to be served. He came to give it all away. He came to ensure that we succeeded.

As leaders and potential leaders in the body of Christ, we must keep our eye on the message and not on our position. If we are jockeying for position at church because it means that I get more mentions from the stage or it means that I get more access to the senior pastor, what are we even here for. We are here to glorify Christ. The message is the thing not our positions. If we are called at this moment in time to be the janitor at the church that nobody sees unless something is not done then so be it. We should have the humility to see than being a janitor at the church is glorifying to God because by ensuring that everything is clean, empty, and working properly that means one less excuse for someone not to come back to church. If God calls us to be quietly working in the background, we should remember that all parts of the body work together to keep us alive and all parts are important to that end. It is the same in the church. All jobs from janitor to greeter to ministry director to elder to senior pastor are all necessary to the expansion of the kingdom of God. Help us to remember that its the message that matters, salvation in Jesus Christ, not whether I am senior pastor, an elder, a director of a ministry segment, a ministry team leader, or a ministry team participant. Jesus being preached to the nations is what matters. His death on the cross for our sins is what matters. His resurrection giving us victory over sin and death is what matters. Peter could walk on water when he kept his eyes on Jesus. He almost drowned when he focused on himself. To be a good leader, we must keep our eyes on Jesus. Amen and Amen.

  1. jawwad110 says:

    Mind blowing article. I fully agree that humanity comes first. All the religions just teach humanity and sacrifice for others. Selfishness is high self-centered and condemnable!!


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