You Mean That God is Not Just a God of Love but He is A God of Judgment Too?

Posted: April 29, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke

Luke 20:9-19 — This parable, widely known as the Parable of the Evil Farmers, may seem like it is directed at the religious leaders of the day and has nothing to do with us today, but it is so spot on to us today that it is eery. That is the beauty of God’s Word. The thing that strikes me is the reaction of the crowd. The NIV translation says that their reaction was “God forbid!”. The ESV translation says their response was “Surely not!” The NLT translation says, “How terrible that such a thing should ever happen!”. You get the drift. But the question arises. What is their shock about. Is about the judgment of the owner of the vineyard? That the tenants killed the owner’s son?

If they are shocked that the owner would come judge the tenant farmers for having killed his Son, are we not the same today. We reject His Son with increasing regularity today. We reject God’s Word for a new moral order created by man to suit man. We believe that all roads lead to heaven and there are no consequences. There is no judgment. We prefer to think of God as only love and not judgment. We simply look at it like if we do more good things than bad things then we are OK. We decide that we are the brokers of God’s truth. We either say that the Bible is outdated or that God surely did not mean that nowadays to justify our sliding moral landscape in which we live. We either reject God totally or we modify His Word to mean that our personal liberties are paramount. God is our servant. He wants us to be happy so how could this thing that I feel in my heart be wrong. How is that God has seemingly changed to say what was once considered wrong in His eyes is now acceptable? One of the characteristics of God is that He has not changed, is now the same as He ever was, and will always be. What God says stays true no matter what century it is. There is judgment. We will all face it. There is consequence for rejecting God’s Word. There is consequence for rejecting Jesus as the only way to the Father. There will be judgment. There will be no asking whether we were good enough. If we have sinned ever, we are screwed. Any one sin committed is offensive to God and He in His perfection will destroy us for our imperfection. That’s why we need Jesus. He took our punishment for sin. To avoid the just judgment for one sin much the many sins that we commit daily, we need to accept the Son in the vineyard of our life.

If the listeners were shocked that the tenants would kill the owner’s Son, are we not like that today also. We kill Jesus daily. When we reject the idea that Jesus is the only way to the Father, we kill Him. When we do not see Him as the way, the truth, and the life but rather a way, a truth, a life, we kill Him. When we create our own religions that are mixtures of eastern transcendalism and Christian beliefs by picking and choosing what works for us personally, we kill Him. When we no longer believe that there are immutable, unchangeable moral absolutes, we kill Him. When we believe that Jesus was not the Son of God and just a radical rabbi so as to avoid the issue of there actually being a God, we kill Him. When we believe that He did not perform miracles or rise from the dead, we kill Him. When we worship ourselves through self-centeredness, we kill Him. When we replace Him with things, we kill Him. Surely not! God forbid!

If you are busy killing Jesus daily, please listen. Please understand that there is a God. He does exist. He did create the entire universe. It was created for a purpose. He created mankind to have fellowship with Him. He did not want us to worship Him as robots so He gave us free will. He gave us intellect. In our free will and through the power of Satan, the fallen angel, we have chosen to rebel against God. We have chosen our own way and called it enlightenment. We have made ourselves God. In the ever spiraling out of control effects of mankinds cumulative and collective sins, the world is in the mess that it is. The problem is that God is perfect sinless and without flaw. Because of our sin we are now flawed. Just one sin makes us imperfect and unable to exist in the presence of God. We each need rescue. God provided that when He broke into human history in the flesh as Jesus. God loved us so much and wanted to be reconciled with us that He sent His Son to deal with this sin separation issue. Because Jesus was God, He was able to come to earth and live a sinless life that we are incapable of doing. He came and used human events to allow Him to be placed on the cross by Roman authorities. There, because of His sinless life, it made Him the perfect sacrifice for sin. His innocent blood was shed on the cross and He took on the God’s wrath for all sin for all time of all mankind. God poured our His wrath for our imperfections on Jesus. All we must do is believe that this was the purpose of Jesus dying on the cross. All we must do is have faith that Jesus was indeed God in the flesh. We are then restored to God and He can come to live in our hearts as the Holy Spirit because we are no longer too dirty, too evil. Jesus cleared the decks for us. We are now reconciled to a loving but just God.

Are you believing that there is no judgment? Are you believing that God could not bring about judgment upon you as long as you are more good than bad? Are you believing that God is different today than He was in the Old Testament? Have you avoided parts of God’s Word because you think you’ve got God figured out so that He suits your lifestyle? Surely not! God forbid! But it is real, there is judgment. We reject God daily. We kill Jesus daily. God has not changed. He still judges. He still is the same. He will never change. His Word will remain true eternally even if we think it is out of date right now. Just because you reject something as not true does not mean it is not true. Truth never changes only men do. The only way to avoid the just judgment we deserve is through the one, the way, the truth, the life, Jesus Christ.

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