A Daughter’s Faith In Her Daddy: What My Child’s Faith in Me Teaches Us About Our Faith in God

Posted: April 11, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke

Luke 17:1-10 — Faith. What is it? Do we have it? Why is it important to Christ followers? When I think about what Jesus says in vv. 5-6 of this passage, it reminds me of what I call God’s synchronicity. It is how He converges events, comments, etc. to drive home a point that He is trying to make to me. It is no coincidence that these two verses are what I come to write about today and it’s on the same day as my oldest daughter’s 30th birthday. Jesus has told us that we should have child-like faith in Matthew 18:2-4 and here in Luke 17:5-6, He talks about the quality of our faith.

When I sit and reflect on being a father now for 30 years today, I think of child-like faith. It is strange how we are so unqualified to be parents when we first have children. I remember the day that Meghan was born and how overwhelmed I felt. There was this little life in my hands so small and fragile. So dependent on me to be her father. The fear that I did not know what to do was overwhelming. But as the days passed the fear gave way to unimaginable love that I had never known before. The love of a parent to a child is something that cannot be explained, only experienced. As Meghan grew older, she was her daddy’s shadow. Everywhere I went, she had to go. She thought her daddy was 10 feet tall and bullet proof. If daddy did it, it must be OK. Because Daddy was the bomb to her. She loved the fact that daddy played with her, took interest in everything that interested her. She thought everything daddy did was golden. The funny thing is that I did not deserve such adulation. I was simply learning this daddy thing as I went along, mistakes and all. But yet she had faith in me. She trusted me beyond measure. Daddy could make every hurt go away. Daddy could make her feel safe when she was scared. Daddy could make her happy when she felt sad. Daddy could fix it whatever it was. That’s child-like faith.

Child-like faith is what we are called to have in our Heavenly Father. How often do we not do this though? We have to do our part in carrying out God’s will but we must trust Him the way that 3 year old Meghan Noel Bowling trusted her daddy. We must have real faith in God, Jesus says. So much faith that we could make a mulberry tree uproot itself. Many of us, myself included, do not always have this kind of faith. We have faith up to a certain point. We have faith but God I am going to take this problem right here and keep it for myself so that I can worry and obsess over it. Faith is not something that we use to put on a show for others. It is complete trust and humble obedience in God’s will. It is a readiness to do whatever He calls us to do. It is believing that the Lord will provide the miracle when a miracle is needed. It is believing that the Lord will meet our needs on time every time. It is ultimately about trust. If we worry and obsess over something, doesn’t it reflect that we think our God is not big enough for the problem? Doesn’t it reflect that we still think it’s about our performance? Sure, we are not to sit back and wait for manna from heaven. He expects us to participate in the solving of life’s problems. However, we must have that child-like faith and comfort that God will direct us toward where we need to go and that He will provide the answers that we need. It is trust that brings peace. It is a trust that everything is going to work out according to His will. It is peace with the fact that it make not look like the end result that we want but rather the end result that God wants. That is faith. Faith allows us to have joy in the midst of troubles. Faith allows us to have peace when we think something can never get done. Faith is believing that God will show up and show out when we earnestly believe that He’s got our back. That is faith.

Just as my first born child celebrates her 30th birthday today, she still has faith that her daddy will always be able to make everything ok, we must have the same faith in our Heavenly Father. Just as I love my daughter completely and totally, Our Heavenly Father loves us so much more than even that. Do you trust him completely like a child trusts his/her parent? Just think how your child trusts you with their very lives. There is no question in their mind that you are going to provide for them, take care of them, love them, guide them. Even if we do not deserve it our children trust us completely. Can we have the same faith in our Heavenly Father? That is when we really grow as Christ followers is when we learn to trust in Him completely with every aspect of our lives. When we trust Him we find complete joy and complete peace. When we trust in Him completely, we become attuned to what He is doing. We see the miracles when they happen. When we completely trust Him, we see more of what He does than we jealously try to hold on to our worries. Have faith my friends. Trust in the Lord. Find that peace that paces all understanding. That peace that comes from having the same faith as a child has in his parent. Complete faith that He’s got our back. Man, the peace that washes over you when that happens. Just as when we were children we felt the safest ever when our daddies tucked us into bed at night. That is what real faith in our Heavenly Father gives us.

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