Little Ones Are Watching!: Do Our Lives Demonstrate Jesus Christ?

Posted: April 9, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke

Luke 17:1-10 — There are several things to write about and understand from this passage. Today, we will look at causing others to sin. This passage reminds us that we must watch what we teach. We must watch what our lifestyle says. We must watch our attitudes. Little ones are watching.

I remember from my childhood when the anti-smoking campaign got under way. The federal government would release these public service ads depicting a dad and his son. Everything the father would do the young boy would imitate. It was so cute. If Dad was working on his car’s engine, the little boy was follow suit by working on his little pedal car. If dad was cutting grass, the little boy was following behind with his toy lawnmower. At the end of the commercial the day and son are sitting up against a tree and the dad pulls out a pack of cigarettes and takes one out and lights up and then he lays the pack of cigarettes on the ground. The little boy starts to reach for the cigarette pack and the frame freezes and then the announcer voices over about the statistics of children of smokers and admonishes us to stop smoking.

This illustration points out what Jesus is saying. We must remember that as Christ followers we must be careful because non-believers are watching us. We could be the only Christ follower that they may know. Additionally, new believers may be watching us as well. First, we must check our attitudes. If we are constantly negative, what does that say to the new believer and non-believer. If we are always finding fault with others, if we gossip about other people, if we have attitudes that create discord, then, we could be tempting new believers to have the same attitudes as us and thus damage their walk. For non-believers, a negative Christian with a poor attitude on life is often one of the many reasons that they reject the church. If we are no different than the rest of the world, what advantage is it to believe? If we claim to be Christian but every word out of our mouths are negative, are always against something, why would a non-believer come among us and learn of Christ and accept Him as our Savior. Let us remember that we are walking advertisements for Christ. Help us Lord to check our attitudes and ensure that they are consistent with Christ’s nature.

We also must remember that as Christ followers, we have a responsibility to teach others about Jesus Christ. As you and I may be the only source of Christian theology for some, we must be doggone sure that we understand our faith ourselves such that we do not lead others into temptation through false teaching. You hear constantly about cults develop by originally good intentioned men who because of the adulation of many they stray from the gospel and create their own brand of theology. Those are extreme cases of course, but you and I can subtly lead others into temptation if we too become false teachers. When we make the Bible say what we want it to say by grabbing verses out of context and using them to our advantage, we can not only justify some sin that we want to commit but we can also lead others astray. We can lead new believers down a path that hinders their walk. We also can cause a non-believer to think something is true about Christian faith when it is not. The damage to the non-believer can be extremely harmful. May we study our Bible daily so that we know what is in it. May we meditate on it. May we understand it. May we also check our opinions on theological issues to make sure that they are consistent with the character of God and His Word.

We must also remind ourselves too that our lifestyle that we lead speaks the biggest witness of all to the new believer and to the non-believer. There is an old saying that says, “Go to church on Sunday and live like hell the rest of the week.” Our lifestyle speaks volumes. If you claim to be a Christian, yes, we are to be in the world, but at the same time we are not to be of it. We cannot demonstrate inconsistency between our words and our deeds. Also, we must recognize that we are not perfect and we do and will sin. What is important here is not to be blind to our sins and justify our continuing in them. If we look at ourselves honestly and humbly each day and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us, He will show us our unrepented sins. He will make us sick to our stomach about those sins that we commit and urge us to seek forgiveness from our Father in Heaven. However, many of us turn a blind eye to our pet sins, those sins that we do not want to give up. Help us Father not only to demonstrate a Christ like life to others but to also desire to live like Him. Help us Father to demonstrate lives of humility, lives of integrity, lives of honesty about ourselves. Help us to remember that it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives that we are able to become more Christ-like each day. Let our lifestyles speak of a person who is humbly seeking to do the Lord’s will. Let our lifestyle speak of you. Let it advertise you and speak well of you. Let our lives not detract from you. Let our lives not be the cause of others rejecting Christ.

May our lives draw others unto you because they are watching us and cause others to want what we have in our relationship with You. May we cause others to want to imitate us because they see You in us. Amen.


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