Ladies: Have You Ever Lost Your Engagement Ring and You Finally Found It?

Posted: March 27, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke
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Luke 15:8-10 — The parable of the lost coin is more than some lady obsessing over a coin. To us, in our culture, coins that are in current circulation are not of great value. In those days, there was no paper currency. Coins were the basis of currency. Thus, coins could have great value depending on the metal of the coin, its denomination and so on. To not understand this context prevents you from understanding this parable fully. Second, it was a tradition in first century Jewish society for a bride to receive 10 silver coins as a wedding gift. Besides their monetary value, as women are generally more sentimental than men, these coins often would have great sentimental value to the woman as the years went by.

To modernize the illustration, just think about your wife or your fiancee. The diamond ring is probably there most cherished possession. More than any house you could buy them. More than any car you could buy them. More than any other jewelry you could buy them. What would you wife or fiancee do if their engagement ring was lost? They would freak out and probably so would you. It is not so much about the ring (though often they are quite valuable in real monetary terms) but about what the ring represents. It is of great intrinsic personal value. It represents the marriage or the promise of marriage itself. Your wife or fiancee would turn the house upside down trying to find. Maybe the plumbing in the bathroom or kitchen sinks would be disassembled in search for the ring. Your house would look like burglars had ransacked the place. Mattresses thrown off beds. Everything in drawers or cabinets would be strewn about. It would be chaos. An engagement ring is not something that you would give up on finding and just buy another one. An engagement ring is irreplaceable and it must be found! No exceptions. No excuses. And when the ring is found! Oh my! The joy! The laughter! The tears! The personal happiness is so great that your wife or fiancee is almost delirious! She would throw a party to celebrate if she could! She will at least call all her gal pals and share the great news of the finding of the engagement ring.

Rejoicing over finding her wedding silver coins in the first century. Rejoicing over finding her diamond engagement ring in the twenty first century. Twenty centuries between illustrative parables but the point is the same. The same joy, the same sense of celebration is found in heaven when someone repents of their sins and asks Jesus to be their Lord and Savior. According to Luke 15:8-10, there is great joy in heaven, among God’s angels, when someone accepts the gift of their salvation. In my mind, there is like the old McDonalds’ signs where it said over 10 billion served. In my simplistic and goofy sense of things, there is a counter in heaven where the total souls saved are tracked. Anytime a soul is saved, a loud ding is heard and the counter advances forward one number and there is a group of angels assigned the hallelujah duty anytime it goes off. That is the joy that exists in heaven over a salvation. That is the joy that we should have to.

Imagine the joy that Jesus has right now over everyone who turns away from their old way of life and comes to Him. He pursues us with the same diligent fervor that first century woman pursued her misplaced coin or the twenty-first century woman pursues her misplaced diamond ring. Jesus diligently seeks the lost. What if we did the same in churches today? What if we placed a real priority on evangelism. What if we did not leave this job to the preachers. What if we all saw ourselves as ministers of God’s Word and saw the Great Commission as the command that it is and not as an optional activity or some evangelism focus weekend. What if we were such joyful people at our own salvation that it pours out of us naturally. We should be people of Jesus overflow. Can I tell you what Jesus did in my life? Can I? Can I? Can I?….ummm…Can I?

What if we had greater concern for people dying without having known Jesus Christ as their Savior. What if hell was real to us and not just that thing that we do not talk about. What if it really bothered us that people might go to hell and be separated from God there. What if it really bothered us about the reality of what hell is. The descriptions of it are not pretty. What if it really did bother us that anyone should suffer such a fate by not knowing or rejecting Jesus. We should have that same urgency as your wife or fiancee has about finding her ring as we should about seeking out the lost in our midst. We do not have to go to Iran or North Korea or China or India or Japan to have urgency over helping lost souls find Jesus (although we most certainly need people to go to those places and assist the Holy Spirit in spreading the good news). But we should have urgency right where we live, work, and play. People can condemn themselves to hell without knowing Jesus as their Savior just as easily in Greenville-Spartanburg as they can in Tokyo, or Tehran, Pyongyang, or Mumbai. We must seek the lost sheep in all places both here and abroad. We must have that Billy Graham urgency for lost souls that took him all over the USA and the world to preach the gospel. It mattered to Billy. It matters to Jesus. It should matter to us.

What greater joy is there to see someone accept Jesus Christ as their Savior when it is for real and not just some spiritual warm-fuzzy. What joy it is to see life change so profound in someone you never thought would change. What joy to see someone who was a sour, sarcastic, mean, self-centered, self-seeking person have such a radical change into a person of love, joy, giving, uplifting nature because Jesus came into their heart! Wow! Don’t we want to see that joy in others just as we have enjoyed! This is a challenge to myself as much as it is to you. I must begin to remember the joy of my own salvation and share that message with a world that increasingly does not know Jesus just right around me. I must teach them of the story of God pursuit of us that started with the first sin and culminated at the cross and will end with God establishes the new heaven and new earth. Give me that joy at the victory that we have in Jesus. Give me that “your wife finding her lost engagement ring feeling” about my own salvation so much so that it spills out of me naturally to the world around me. Can I tell about what Jesus did in my life? Can I? Can I? Can I?

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