Meghan & Nala: The Parable of the Lost Kitty Cat (How Similar to Luke 15:1-7)

Posted: March 26, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke

Luke 15:1-7 — This passage reminds me of something that happened between my oldest daughter and her little kitten recently. Her kitten has recently started going outside and learning about the world outside her house. The other day, while out in the big bad world, apparently she had got herself into trouble with another bigger, larger, older cat. This older cat had chased Nala up a tree. Meghan began to get worried about Nala so she went outside looking for her. Calling her name from the back porch, she would hear faint cries every time she called out the name, Nala. As Meghan’s worry began to mount, she started wandering around the back yard calling Nala’s name with more frequency and more concern. She would hear a faint cry every time she called Nala’s name. Meghan began to follow the sounds of the meows when she called out her cat’s name. Finally, she found Nala in a tree at the edge of the property. Nala was high enough in the tree where my vertically challenged daughter (i.e., short) could not reach up and grab the cat. She made eye contact with her cat and began to talk lovingly to her precious Nala. These two are big buddies. Nala loves Meghan and Meghan loves Nala.

Meghan had to continue to coax the cat to just jump into her arms. Nala was fearful of doing so at first. Nala’s fear of falling to the ground was outweighing her ability to trust Meghan to catch her. Three paws wrapped around the tree limb she was on and one paw reaching out but not being able to reach her master, Meghan. Meghan continued to assure this young cat that she would catch her. Finally, her trust in her master overcame her of her situation. She jumped the short distance in her master’s arms who delivered on her promise to catch Nala. Nala clinged every so tightly, claws and all, to Meghan. Meghan and kitty were both so happy. Meghan pursued her cat, found her, assured her that she would catch her, Nala had to trust that her master would catch, her master did and both found joy in the reunion. This is so similar to our parable today in Luke 15:1-17.

In this parable, the Shepherd leaves the 99 found and safe sheep behind and pursues the 1 sheep who is out there lost. The Pharisees were bothered by the fact that Jesus associated with known sinners. Is it not better for us to seek those that are lost and bring them back into the fold rather than reject them as being beyond hope. We often find ourselves as Christians living in our own “little Christian bubbles,” as I like to call them, where we only associate with church people. We fail to reach out to those around us who are not saved. We fail to pursue friendships with known sinners. We fail to seek out the lost. Jesus threw all the rules of the Pharisees that they had created to keep them miles away from being unclean. They created walls between them and those that could not keep up with their law. Jesus was invited into sinner’s homes and he met them where they were. He extended them grace and love even though He knew some would reject it. He continued to pursue the lost sheep. The found sheep do not need finding. It is the lost who need finding. It is the lost who need pursuing and rescuing. The rescue operation begin in Genesis 3:9, when God calls to Adam, “where are you?” and comes to completion on the cross. In Genesis, God certainly knew where Adam was but sin had separated Adam from Him and God was pursuing Him and ask to come to Him, seek forgiveness, and be restored. This pursuit has continued throughout history and is finally settled at the cross. That death and the resurrection that follows is offered for every lost sheep. Salvation is for every one lost sheep there is and ever has been or ever will be.

What if Meghan thought it was not worth the trouble to pursue that cat that she dearly loves? She would have left her cat to fend for herself in the world, clinging to the tree that she found herself in. What if Meghan did not think it was worth it to take time out of her day to find her kitty that she thinks the world of? Jesus pursues us in the same way. He comes to find us in our mess. He comes to find us in the trouble that we have gotten ourselves in. He comes to meet us in the tree that we have gotten ourselves into. He calls our name out in our wilderness of sin. He hears our faint cry. He follows the trail of our tears, sorrow and sin. He comes to the tree where we are at the end of our limb. We are captured by sin in our tree. We know that there is something better than this and we cry out to our pursuing Jesus. We know that life is not supposed to like this. We are stuck in our sin and it has us out on a limb. We are afraid and alone. Our sin has pushed out on a limb and we have no way to get back on solid ground. We cling to what little support we have left. We are at the end of the limb where we find ourselves because of our sins. We cry out with our faint meows. He finds us in our tree. He says He will catch us if we will only jump into his arms. He says do not fear. I will catch you. I will catch you. See the love in your Master’s eyes. His words are true. He will catch you. Jump into His arms. Jump now. Trust in your Master. He is going to catch you when you fall and wrap you in His arms and love you and take away all your fear. He pursues you. He has found you. He loves you so much. Just jump into His arms. He will love you just as if you had never been lost and had strayed away. He will love you as if you were worth all the trouble to go find you. He will love you like the cross was worth all the trouble. He will love you enough to set His heavenly glory aside and come to earth and die for you on the cross so that your sins would and will die with Him.

Meghan pursued her love, her little kitty, just as Christ pursues each one of us. From Genesis to Revelation it has been about the pursuit. God is relentless in His love for us. He sent His Son to find the lost sheep. It is His relentless, unstoppable love that finds us in our trees clinging to a branch. Jump. Our Savior is here. Waiting. Telling you it is OK to let go of your old life. He will will catch you.

Father in Heaven, help us to be pursuers of the lost just as you have relentlessly pursued us. Help us to not insulate ourselves from sinners. We are sinners too. Just ones covered by grace. Jesus never kept Himself from sinners. Help us to pursue the lost. Help to tell the lost about the rescue operation that started in the Garden and culminated at the cross. Help us to tell them to jump into the arms of their Savior. Help us to tell them of your relentless love. Help us use this season of the year to talk to the world around us about your search for them. You pursue. You want every lost sheep to find you. Amen.

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