There is A Point To This Life: It’s Not Just Random Molecules Floating Randomly

Posted: March 24, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke

Luke 14:15-24 — There are two things that come to mind when reading this passage. One is that Jesus does not call us to suffer for suffering’s sake. The other is that this parable is about the fact that Jesus’ feast is for everyone but yet there will always be some who reject Him.

Have you ever had a planned a party but no one came? All the people that you invited did not come. So, you call all your neighbors to come to the party and then the party turns out to be the best party ever because you made some new friends. Jesus speaks here through this story that the Jews did not recognize Him as the Messiah, but there would be a whole Gentile world that would come to know Him as just that! The Jews had become so preoccupied with the maintenance of their religion that they could not see the Messiah standing right in front of them. Is this not true of us today?

The first thing that comes to mind when reading this passage with a critical eye is that Jesus tells us that there is an end game for us who believe in Him as the Messiah. He does not call us to be humble servants and to love others as He loves us for no reason. He tells us here that there is a reward. While some religions call for humility and suffering simply for the aim of becoming one with the universe. Doesn’t sound very exciting does it? Jesus promises us that there is a purpose for living a life that does not seek to gratify ourselves. Jesus promises us that a life lived to glorify God is one where there is a reward. We will get to spend eternity in His presence in heaven. We will live in a state of eternal joy. We will come to understand everything that we did not understand here on earth. We will know the joy of walking in the New Jerusalem. We will know the joy of no tears. We know the joy of no more sadness. When the Apostle John wrote Revelation and he tried to describe what heaven was, he could only use descriptions of comparison to things he knew. Since we do not know heaven on this side of eternity, we do not have proper words in our languages to describe heaven. We can only use terms of “it is like” and I imagine that our words simply cannot describe what Heaven is like or will be like. It is indescribable. There is a reward my friends. It is not some one with the universe thing where you become part of the fabric of creation. No, my friends, we will be conscious of who we are and we will be cognizant of the pure joy of being in the presence of our Creator. We will no joy by a measure that we cannot measure here on earth. There is a purpose to all of this pain, suffering, growing, learning, and maturing as a Christ follower. It is heaven. It is being in the presence of God all the time. Praising my Savior all the day long!

The second thing that comes to mind that there are those that have rejected Jesus’ invitation to the banquet and there will continue to be those who find excuses not to deal with Him. There will be those that find something else to replace Him. Some it will be their jobs. Some it will be making their spouses into gods. Some it will be their money. Some it will be any of a number of things that we can put before God. In our men’s Bible study we are walking through Revelation and last night we were studying chapters 7-9, the beginning of the bad stuff for non-believers. At the end of chapter 9 it talks about how after the series of calamities noted in those three chapters there were still those who refused to believe. If Revelation’s woes on the earth happened today, there would still be those that would try to reasonably explain away that all of these things were natural phenomena rather than God’s final wrath. Just as today, there are people who refuse to even accept that there is God. Just in those futuristic movies where people are so brainwashed by the government that they blindly fall of cliffs to their death, there are those that are so enamored with enlightened reason that they will fall into their reward – the pits of hell – without realizing that they are going off that cliff. There is a point to all of this. It is not some random series of actions in life and it is not intended to be a game of every man for himself. There is a point to it all. There is heaven and hell.

The choice between recognizing Jesus as your Savior or rejecting Him is the point. When you read this passage, you can see the result of recognizing Jesus as your Savior and Messiah, it is a place at the banquet table in the kingdom of Heaven. Revelation teaches that there will be a judgment on those who reject Jesus. We will meet our judgment when we die or when Jesus returns, whichever comes first. There is no escaping judgment. If we reject Jesus as Lord, our reward will be our just judgment in an eternity that is not pretty. If we accept Jesus as our Savior and Lord, we have an eternal reward that is beyond description of mere human language this side of eternity. Reading this passage and reading Revelation at the same time remind me that as a Christ follower, we must have an urgency about us to share the gospel. We should be living out our calling of sharing our faith with others so that they too can know the joy that is already ours about where we will spend eternity. We should love people so much that we will suffer any hardship or discomfort to spread the good news that will prevent them from falling off the cliff into the very real eternal suffering that we are all condemned to without Jesus. We must know, live and share God’s good news! The choice is real – heaven or hell.

Help us, Lord, to share you love and to soften hard hearts so that people will know you and the eternal joy of knowing you. Help us to prevent them from blindly following the crowd off the cliff.

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