Kicking God Off His Throne: When We Worry, We Try To Take God’s Job Away From Him

Posted: March 9, 2015 in 42-Gospel of Luke
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Luke 12:22-34 — Today, we move on to Luke 12:22-34. We will spend a few days here….

There is a disease sweeping America. It is bigger than cancer. It is bigger than AIDS. It is bigger than heart disease. It is bigger than car accidents as killers. It is probably the leading cause of death in America, maybe the world, but no doctor can cure it even today with our might in medicine. All doctors can do is treat its symptoms with pills that make us forget this disease temporarily. What is you ask? I thought we knew all the major diseases that kill us. Is there something knew that popped up that we do not know about? My friends this disease is worry. No doctor can treat is root cause only its symptoms. It is a self-inflicted disease from which there seems to be no escape.

There is an old saying about some people that we know. It says, “They worry about what they are going to worry about tomorrow.” Although most of us are not that bad, we do worry about things all the time. Small children worry about who’s playing with their toys. Teenage girls worry about what the other girls have said about them. Teenage boys worry about whether they have a girlfriend or not. Grown ups escalate the worry elevator in that we worry about how we are going to pay the bills, how we are going to send our kids to college.William Marshall in his book, Eternity Shut in a Span, gives us a funny illustration on worry. He wrote, “For several years a woman had been having trouble getting to sleep at night because she feared burglars. One night her husband heard a noise in the house, so he went downstairs to investigate. When he got there, he did find a burglar. ‘Good evening,’ said the man of the house. ‘I am pleased to see you. Come upstairs and meet my wife. She has been waiting 10 years to meet you.'” It is a funny illustration, but it so true. We often miss the glory that is our lives for worrying. You name it. We worry about it. We obsess over details and miss the big picture.

Have ever thought about why we worry? It boils down to a lack of faith in God. When we worry, we take God off His throne and put ourselves there. Overcoming worry will require us to do three things.

First, we must pray. Worry is a possessive disease. When we worry, it means that we are holding back on something from God. If you obsess about your finances it means that you have not given them up to God. When we pray and I mean earnestly pray. Not some perfunctory dinner table prayer that has no investment of your soul. I am talking about going before your Father in heaven in prayer. Earnestly seeking His guidance requires us to earnestly pray to Him. When we hand our worries over to God, it is freeing to us. It opens our mind our soul to what God will say to us. Not some prayer while you are driving down the road in your. Laser focused prayer time where it’s just you and God. True prayer, when it’s just you and God, it is about submission to your Father in heaven. It is like crawling up in your earthly dad’s lap when you were a little kid and telling him about your fears. Romans 8:26-27 tells us, “n the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; 27and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.” When we earnestly sit down or kneel to pray, He understands the groaning of our soul. Give your worries to the Father in heaven. He is big enough and wise enough to handle what you throw at Him in prayer.

Second, we must gain perspective on our problems. Sometimes, it helps to write out what the problem is. Putting things on paper sometimes helps us put things into perspective. It helps us to identify sometimes what the real problem is. Once we do that, we can identify ways to fix it. As a writer myself, I know that sometimes the greatest ways God speaks to me is when I sit down to write. God speaks to us in these ways. When we just let something roll around in our mind and heart, the problem sometimes become bigger than it really is. If you are not big on writing, find a trusted friend and simply articulate to them what you are worrying about. A trusted friend can help you, like in writing, identify what the core problem is. Sometimes God speaks to us through the wise counsel of a trusted friend. It is then we can identify the issue and make a plan to correct the problem or solve the problem. Sometimes there will be multiple steps to solving a problem. For example, if you finances are in shambles, they are not going to be solved by a single step. It will require a multi-step process. Any long journey begins with the first step. However, keeping a problem bottled up inside you and attaching unreasonable emotions to them will escalate problems to physical health issues and even mental health issues. Gain perspective on your problems and allow God to speak to your through your pen your through your friend.

Third, and most importantly, we must trust God. We must trust that He is bigger than any problem that we have. We must let Him be on the throne. He is God after all, not us. When we worry, we usurp His power for ourselves. When we worry, we make ourselves God. When we worry, we belittle the Creator of the Universe. Certainly, God expects us not sit and do nothing and look skyward for manna from heaven. We must do our part when God makes it clear to us what we should do and we must go do it. If we are in debt over our heads, we must do what God tells us to do to get out of debt – there will be sacrifices to be made, struggles to be had when God tells us what to do to solve a problem. We must do our part. We must do the hard work and heavy lifting that is needed to solve some problems. However, what I am talking about is the basic trust that God will guide us. When we worry, it is as if we do not trust God. What I am talking about is having peace in our heart even in our darkest hours. Even when it seems that the world is falling down around us, we have the peace that passes all understanding. Sure, it is our nature to worry. Last year at this time I was going through a major crisis at work that almost cost me my job. I will admit. I am usually one of the calmest people around. I typically have this blind faith that God has my back. Some people usually say that I don’t worry enough. But in this crisis, I worried like you wouldn’t believe. I obsessed over it. I lost 10 lbs over it (I do not recommend this as a weight loss program…sad part is that I can report that I have gained all of it back). I forgot the premise that God is God and Mark is Mark. There is a God that is ruler over me and a God who I am in submission to. We must trust God. We must have child-like faith that He has our back. When we worry we take His job away from Him – the job of being the Almighty! In trusting God, we will find peace. In trusting God, we will find answers. In trusting God, we establish the proper relationship in our lives. God is King and we are His subjects. God is our Daddy and we are His children. Do you trust Him? Really trust Him to have your back? Do you trust Him with every area of your life? What are you holding back that you want to keep as your personal kingdom? What you worry about is the areas of life that you have not submitted before His throne. What is your worry province? Are you still leading a rebellion against God in some areas of your life? Give it all to Him. Trust Him with all areas of your life. Hold nothing back any longer.

Father help us to trust you in all areas of life. Help us to find the peace that passes all understanding when we finally give up the fight to keep our little kingdoms of worry. Help us to really start praying to you and not just lip service prayers. Help us to talk to you earnestly and openly about our struggles. Help us to identify why we worry and help us to find ways out of our troubles. Help to finally trust you as the Magnificent Father that you are. Help to realize that you are Creator and that You are bigger than any problem I face. Help us to crawl up in your lap daily with our troubled hearts. Amen.

Tomorrow, let’s visit seeking the kingdom of God first and all else will be added.

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