Science Fiction Shows, False Prophets, & Jesus: Discerning What’s The Real Deal!

Posted: February 27, 2015 in 99-Uncategorized

Luke 11:14-23 — One of my favorite shows of all time is Star Trek: The Next Generation. Although I loved the original series and grew up watching it in reruns on school day afternoons, the special effects now seem kind of hokie compared to Next Gen. The special effects in Next Gen are pretty spetacular and almost believable that the world could be as advanced as it seems in that show. Special effects in television shows and movies can make us believe that things that are virtually impossible to achieve in real life now as being commonplace in the future. One of my pet peeves with Star Trek: Next Generation as with all space travel shows and movies is the need to give the perception of spaceship motion by have bits of light fly by windows as a spaceship travels. It gives a sense of motion to a motionless TV or movie set, but it is not real. In space, there are no little stars that fly by as you travel. Sure, there are billions of stars out there but they are so small that they are just randomly floating everywhere. They are in specific positions in specific galaxies. No little bits of light floating by. Space is dark for the most part. A dark, black emptiness with no bits of light hanging in the darkness. This pet peeve about this issue almost makes me sometimes not want to watch those scenes from Next Gen where they have windows. LOL

This illustration is appropriate for the passage we move into today, Luke 11:14-23 because there are illusions created in this world to get us to believe certain things are happening when they are really not. And the opposite can be true as well, we sometimes attempt to explain away something that really did happen but we say it did not.

In this passage, the Pharisees tracking Jesus’ every move watch as He heals a demon-possessed man who was unable to speak because of the demonic possession. Immediately to discredit the healing, the Pharisees claim that Jesus was healing the man through the power of Satan. Jesus sees that they are getting desperate to discredit Him in any way they can. Jesus says if I was Satan’s man why would I cast out a demon from human being. That seem to defeat Satan’s purposes. If it is Satan’s purpose to terrorize, enslave and destroy then I why would Jesus cast out a demon. Jesus was demonstrating that He is Satan’s enemy. He was demonstrating that He is greater than Satan. In every instance of exorcism that Jesus performs the demons obey Him without question and in some cases verbally recognize Him as Lord. Jesus is greater than Satan for Satan Himself is subject to God. Satan is a created being just all angels are. Angels are greater beings that humans but they are less than God. Everything is less than and subject to God. There is no equal balance of good and evil. Jesus is God in the flesh. Jesus is God. God is greater than Satan.

What does Star Trek have to do with this? Well, let’s tie it together. Star Trek though a wonderful show is fiction. They can make us believe things that are not real because the subject of the show is the distant future. They can make us believe with good special effects whatever they want us to believe or at least believe that such things are attainable. In the end it is fiction. It is something fashioned to entertain and make us believe in something that is not real.

We live in a world where there are false prophets everywhere trying to make us believe things about them and their closeness to God that are not real. We have seen through the course of history those who claim to be healers of men that are just out an out frauds. Benny Hinn comes to mind and others like Him. They have so discredited the miracles of real healing that no one believes in real miracles anymore. The Pharisees were trying to discredit Jesus’ miracles so that people would not believe in Him. They had their false prophets back then too. The Pharisees were trying to put Jesus in their line. But every miracle Jesus ever performed they tried to discredit. He heals a blind man who was validated by his parents and many witness that was blind from birth. Was Jesus a Benny Hinn to you? Many today because of the Benny Hinns of the world discredit Jesus’ miracles as fabrications of church because there have been so many out there that try to make us believe they have created a miracle when they really haven’t. However, with Jesus, there were open disputes in the Bible with the Pharisees about Jesus’ miracles but even those who opposed him could not deny that the miracles happened and that they were real. They then tried to discredit Him by saying He was Satan’s minion.

False prophets make it hard for us to believe in real miracles. Little errors in science fiction shows remind us that they are indeed fictions. There are things that are of humanity and of Satan that are ultimately flawed. Jesus though is the real deal. Frauds are often discovered, called out, and they fade from public view. Jesus remains. First century believers and believers throughout history have died for His name. First century believers actually witnessed many of these miracles and would have disputed the gospel authors if they did not believe in the authenticity of Christ’s miracles. They were willing to die for the only and only true Miracle Man. You and I as Christ followers should be willing to die for Jesus rather than compromise our belief in Him. Are you going to your death for a fraud? Are you going to die for a lie? Jesus was the real deal. It takes faith to believe He is the Son of God and in that faith comes the understanding of the validity of His miracles. False prophets come and go. Supposed healing men come and go. But Jesus remains.

He is not false. He is the real deal. He is not a fabrication of a sense of motion on a motionless movie set. He is not special effects. He is the Son of God. He is greater than Satan or any false prophet. He is not just one in a line of prophets. He is the real deal. All prophets are created beings except Him. He has existed eternally. He is the Eternal One and it is only through Him, the real authentic deal, that we find our eternal glory in Heaven. No smoke and mirrors. No illusions. No falsities passed off as truth. All other faiths have a position on Jesus because they must. Jesus is the real deal. He is the Son of God. He is God in the flesh.

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