Too Busy Working for Jesus That You Forget to Love On Him?

Posted: February 24, 2015 in 99-Uncategorized

Luke 10:38-42 — Ladies, have you ever had a birthday party for your child or a Super Bowl party for friends of your husband and yourself? You are scurrying around trying to get things cleaned, things cooked and kids’ faces cleaned, floors vacuumed and mopped, furniture dusted. Then people start arriving, you are busy passing out plates and napkins and supervising the food distribution, and making sure that the food trays stayed well-stocked. You spent the whole time in the kitchen or scurrying around the party that you forget to enjoy the party? Can you identify with that?

How ‘bout if you are an older brother and you have a younger sibling? You are the older one. You are the one that will get blamed for things not being done and your little brother seems to not care about the chores to be done. He is more interested in laying in the field and looking up at the clouds and making decisions as to what the clouds look like or he is chasing a butterfly all over the backyard? You are about to blow a fuse because your little brother is such a brat, but he is so very cute by nature that he never seems to get in trouble for anything. Then, you cute little brother catches the butterfly and runs in the house with it. You get so angry that you follow behind so that you can blast your little brother in front of your mother. But when you get inside, your mother is making over your little brother for having caught the butterfly. You explode. You are so tired of your little brother getting away with stuff and here is just another example. Think back to your youth. Were you the older brother or the little brother? Is this you? Can you identify? Can you relate?

In the last passage, we saw that Jesus instructs us to love our neighbors. We should be busy about loving our neighbors as we love ourselves. This should be our calling. This should be our daily focus. Serving and loving. It’s what we do. It’s our DNA. It is the imprinted code within us as Christ followers to love and to serve. We should look for opportunities each day to show the love of Christ to those around us. I think it is important that Luke places this passage right after the previous one where Jesus calls us to serve. I think you can see why.

Mary and Martha both loved Jesus. On this occasion, they were both serving Him. But the older sister, Martha, thought that little sister’s style of serving was inferior to hers. She did not realize that in her desire to serve, she was actually neglecting her guest. Are you so busy doing things for Christ that you are not spending any time with Him? Our service to the Lord at times can be self-serving. Jesus did not blame Martha for being concerned about the household chores. He was only asking that she get her priorities straight. Service to Jesus Christ can become mere busywork that can become totally devoid of devotion to God.

Wow, that one can hit us between the eyes? Are you so busy trying to impress Jesus with your service that you forget to enjoy Him? Are you unwilling to make disciples for you fear that if you do not do everything that you will someone not be serving Jesus? Do you have a hard time letting go of the details to others because you feel that if you don’t do it yourself that you will have lost your way to serve Jesus? Do you get so busy in the details that you forget to simply let go and let God? Are you so busy trying to control things that you have pushed the Holy Spirit out of the way? Does this rob you of joy?

Similarly, do you feel as though that you have to do a checklist of things to earn Jesus’ favor? Your service is motivated by hell insurance rather than by the thanksgiving of salvation that simply pours out of your soul. Are you one that thinks your works will earn you a certain rank, will weigh the good deeds side of your scales with more coins that the bad deed side? When we are just trying to fill in our resume, serving others becomes void of any thanksgiving. When we are checklist servants, we are in it for us and not for those we serve.

Either way, the busy servant who loves Jesus and the self-centered checklist servant have something in common. They forget to lavish in the presence of Jesus. When the Pharisees rebuked Jesus for his disciples not fasting regularly, He told them that, basically, people don’t fast when they are at a wedding reception. They celebrate. Wedding celebrations only last a limited time and they should be enjoyed while they last. There will be plenty of time for fasting afterwards, He said.

Let us remember to take time to enjoy the presence of Jesus in our lives. Let take time to pray daily. Let us take time to just love on Him and be in Him. In our marriages, if we do not spend time intimately with our spouses (not just physically), our marriages become strained. We drift apart. If you do not invest time and attention in your spouse, the marriage suffers. We must be the same way about our intimate time with Jesus. We must take time to think about our salvation. We must take time to relive the memory of that moment, like that moment you first met the love of your life. Our salvation day should be a memory like that. That’s when everything became clear. That’s when we got it. That’s when we were filled with joy all over. We couldn’t wait to tell others about what Jesus had done in us at that moment. Never forget the joy of salvation. Our deeds should come as overflow from our salvation. Our deeds should be because we just can’t help ourselves in loving others. We can’t help ourselves from helping because we were sinners saved from an eternity in the fiery pit of hell by a Savior named Jesus Christ who gave His life for us as a sacrifice for our sin that condemned us to hell. We were bound for hell on the hell express. We were prisoners set to be executed. But yet we were set free by a pardon from Jesus. Jesus paid the price for our sins. We are set free. Do you ever remind yourself of that? Do you ever just sit and luxuriate in the love that Jesus Christ has for you? Do you remember the fact that you are no longer under the penalty of sin? Do you celebrate Jesus’ presence in your life today as you did when that moment of salvation came? Let us never forget to remember when. Let us never forget that our salvation is what leads to our service not the other way around. Our salvation leads to thanksgiving. It’s like looking at your spouse of 5 years, or 10 years, or 20 years or 50 years and remembering that day you met. It’s remembering the love. It’s remembering the giddiness. But you also look at your spouse and just thanking God that they are still by your side. They have seen you at your worst. They have seen your ugly side. They have seen your angry side. They have seen it all and they are still here. That is even a greater thing than the fact that they fell in love with you in the first place. The greater thing is that they STILL love you after all these years. That’s the miracle that you should see when you look at your spouse. That is what we should see to when we look at Jesus now after all these years…He is STILL here. He loves us so much. He knows EVERYTHING about us and STILL loves us! That’s miracle. That’s the thanksgiving. That’s where the outpouring comes from. That’s what drives us to serve. Jesus knows us and still loves us.

Father, we pray today. Let us not every to forgot to just love Jesus. Let us never get so caught up in serving that we forget why we serve. Help us to never get so caught up in the details of serving our Lord that we forget why we do it or that we forget the joy of why we are doing it. Help us to always take time to luxuriate in our Lord and Savior and think on what He has done for us and what He still does for us. We cannot be snatched from His hand because of His constant grace that covers us. Help me to always remember the day of my salvation and the joy that it brings. Help me to always remember that Jesus is still with me today still loving me despite all the crud that I am still fighting in my life. He accepts me because I am not perfect. He accepts me because He is perfect for me and in His love for me He makes me perfect for Him. Remember the love and the joy daily. Amen.

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