Peace, Love, Dove: That’s My Kind of Jesus Not A Jesus of Judgment

Posted: February 20, 2015 in 99-Uncategorized

Luke 10:1-16 — Today, we conclude our look at this powerful passage when we look at vv. 13-16. These verses are tough to write about. I have been dreading getting to these verses in the time we have spent on this passage. These are tough words in vv. 13-16. We live in a day that we have sanitized hell. We live in a day where we, even as Christians, don’t talk about it. We live in a day where we have found it easier to leave hell out of the story when we talk of Jesus. We have rationalized that we cannot in today’s society speak of hell for fear of turning non-believers away from accepting Christ as their Savior. People today don’t like the concept of hell. So, we leave it out of the conversation. Final judgment is just something we are supposed to learn on our own in our own Bible studies. Hell is like that 800 lb. gorilla in the room that no one wants to talk about but we know is there. Jesus has tough words of judgment here. If you follow through the gospels in a passage by passage way you have to deal with these tough call verses. When we do topical devotionals, we can avoid these verses by avoiding the topics of judgment and hell. OK, so we are here. Let’s deal with it.

These verses bring to mind those that think that they have outgrown Jesus Christ and Christianity and all religion for that matter. Let us expand upon yesterday’s devotional. It reminds you of Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory who berates his east Texas mother for the believing in archaic myths such as Christianity. Sheldon disdains God because he can’t prove it, touch it or see it, so he dismisses it. As we sit in our Christian cocoons and venture not much out of it, we do not see that Sheldon’s view is the growing majority.

It reminds you that you could place the names of any major metropolitan city in the city names of this passage. Don’t get me wrong, I love big cities like New York and San Francisco and love the culture that they have to offer that you cannot find anywhere else. At the same token. It is in these places of high culture that Jesus has often become passe. Among the cultural and intellectual elites that gather in these cities, God is seen as a mythological relic of a less-informed past. These elitists have grown to worship man himself rather than a Creator of all things. They believe man created God rather than the other way around. They pursue breaking down old boundaries of civility and behavior in the name of enlightenment. They have discarded prohibitions of the Bible so as to justify their seeking of lifestyles that are inherently self-destructive. They feel that man unleashed from social restraints imposed by archaic religions will allow man to reach his full potential. They pride themselves in their enlightenment. They pride themselves in rejecting God and anything about Him in favor or worshiping enlightened man. We live in an age of narcissism where we worship ourselves and only things that we have created. All things of past generations with the exceptions of art and literature are seen as old-fashioned and out-of-date. It is like the worst prom queen your ever met in high school who is so wrapped up in her own beauty that she fails to see anything other than herself. This is the world in which we live. This is the media that we watch. These are the cities upon which Jesus caste his woes. This rejection of God in favor of humanism has spread through media throughout our nation. We are now a nation that worships ourselves. Jesus castes woes upon us as well as the cities of Tyre and Sidon.

These are some of the difficult passages of Jesus. Many recognize the existence of Jesus even the intellectual and cultural elitists. However, even many of us Christians want to make Jesus into this flower child of the 60’s Jesus. Peace. Love. Dove. There is no judgment in this Jesus. There is only love and freedom. There is no responsibility. There is no accountability. There is no judgment. There is no consequence to sin. There is no consequence of rejection. And most of all there is no hell. Here, Jesus says there is a judgment coming. Those who reject Jesus in the name of enlightenment, those who reject Jesus in indifference, those who reject Jesus because He is seen as representing a lifestyle that is opposite of the one they want to lead will face judgment. Acceptance or rejection are our options. We are on a collision course with our eternity. We are fooling ourselves into believing that we are our own gods. We are fooling ourselves into believing that there is no judgment. What a rude awakening there will be when we get to eternity’s door and realize, “whoops, we had this thing all wrong.” Jesus makes it clear here that there is a judgment for rejecting Him. Plain and simple. It is not just all love, peace signs, free love. As we found out the utopia that we searched for in the 60s was unreal, we will find that there is a God. We will find that there is judgment. We will find that we had the opportunity to accept Christ as the Son of God and as our Savior but we rejected Him. We rejected Him because it was cool to reject in the world in which we live. We rejected Him because it did not suit our modern desires. We rejected Him for Fifty Shades of Grey and how enlightened that is supposed to be for us. We rejected Him because we want what we want and don’t want some God in heaven telling us we can’t eat the fruit from a certain tree. We reject Him because the theology of condemnation resulting from sin means that we cannot save ourselves. We reject Him because it is admitting that we cannot fix ourselves. Paul tells us in Romans that we all know there is a God. He wired us all that way. There is no excuse for our rejection. It is blatant rebellion. Do you want to bet your eternity on rejecting Jesus because it does not fit your lifestyle? Do you want bet your eternity on values that would be considered unacceptable as late as 30 years ago rather than the timeless, eternal values of the Bible? Do you want to get there and find out that the Bible was true and your beliefs were not? There is still time to ask Jesus into your heart and have your eyes opened to God and His Word. There is a judgment coming for us all. Would you rather be with the guy that has the keys to heaven in eternity but that is not so popular here in the temporal world as Jesus is now or would you rather place your faith in what is popular here on this temporal world but is all false when it comes to eternity? There is a judgment coming. What’s it gonna be? These are the choices:
• Accepting Jesus as your Savior and believing that He is the Son of God, God in the flesh, who came to earth to offer Himself as a sacrifice for our sins that condemn us to hell and who reconciles us to God through His sacrifice for our sin and who conquered our sin through His death and resurrection OR
• Living life your way and finding out that Jesus’ warnings of judgment were actually true but having waited too late to realize it.

What’s it gonna be?

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