How Much Do You Trust Him: Jesus Knows So Why Don’t You Trust Him…Really Trust Him

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

Luke 8:22-25 — Have you ever been so tired when you went to be that you slept through a fierce thunderstorm? You get to work and people are talking about it. But you are clueless. You slept through the whole thing. Now, that’s tired. You were serenely sleeping as all hell was breaking loose outside. When others were walking around their houses worried and checking outside periodically, you were blissfully content as you slept soundly. There are some connections in this illustration to today’s passage.

There are so many things that can be brought out from this passage. First, this passage shows us the humanity of Jesus as well as His divinity. Second, it shows us how we sometimes compartmentalize our lives into boxes and we seem to not let faith enter into some. Finally, it shows us that our Savior will never leave us.

The first thing that is striking to me in this passage is that Jesus really was 100% human as well as 100% divine all at the same time. Jesus, in this scene, was tired. Jesus needed to get away from the crowds. He had been preaching and teaching all day. If you have ever preached a sermon, it will wear you out. Preaching a sermon is a whole body experience. Even the most experienced speaker is nervous so that takes a toll on your body. Being a preacher means you are passionate about God’s Word so when you preach it consumes you while you are preaching. You are spent emotionally and physically when you are done. And in the previous passages, we see that Jesus had been doing it all day long. Imagine how tired you would be. Our faith tells us that Jesus was fully human as well as fully divine. Our Savior was tired. It did not take Him long to go to sleep. This scene is a favorite of mine because of the fact that it shows me that Jesus knows what it is like to be a human being. He knows what it is like to be hungry. He knows what it is like to be thirsty. He knows what it is like to be tired. He knows the human experience. When you think there is no way that God can understand what you are going through, think on Jesus. He’s been here. He’s done that. He’s got the t-shirt. He knows your physical pain. He’s done that on the cross (and probably other ways as well). He’s knows your emotional pain – he cried when he heard that in this fallen world that death had claimed His friend, Lazarus. He knows emotional highs such as being at the wedding a Cana. He knows anger – see Him at the Temple with the money changers. The Gospels are full of examples of His humanity. Jesus knows first hand our existence. He knows what it is like to be you. My senior pastor always says that a great leader is one who never asks those he leads to do something that he is not willing to do himself. Jesus wants you to follow Him and He can ask us that because He has done the existence. He did it Himself. He knows your troubles, your hurts, your joys, your irritations. He understands. He truly does. Can you trust Him? He’s lived this life. He knows. He knows. He is the Creator of the universe but He knows what it is like to be human.

The second thing that you will notice here is the disciples short memory. They have been with Jesus on the shores. They have seen Him heal. They have seen Him perform miracles. But once they get back into their work environment, a fishing boat, they forget their faith. They seem to have compartmentalize their lives. We do that? Don’t we? They are like us in many ways in this scene. We limit where God can go in our lives. We think that on Sundays and we see people saved and giving their lives to the Lord and we are so spiritually uplifted, we go home thinking God can do anything. But when Monday comes, we don’t let God out of the weekend. We think there are places in our lives that God can’t go. We think that there are some forces in life over which God is powerless. Do you have a weekend God or is God the God of your entire week, 7 days a week. Do you really believe in God as being the master of the universe? Or do you ultimately think He is a fantasy that you take out and play with on the weekends because all your friends go to church? How big is your God? Is He big enough to be with you in all your life? Is your God big enough for all your problems – even those ones that seem too big to handle – those family issues with a spouse or a child? those work issues that could cost you your job? Where is your faith, Jesus says? I believe in a mighty big God. He is the Creator of the universe. Through Jesus Christ all things are made. He is bigger than anything I can encounter. He is bigger than any problem I have. We need to quit compartmentalizing our lives and let God be ruler over it all – where we live, work, and play. Let God be God of all your life.

The final thing that you can see here is the fact that Jesus will never forsake us even when we doubt and even when we are afraid. Jesus calms the storm. God is sovereign and Jesus is with us in the boat. We need to learn to trust that because He is in the boat with us that it is enough. His presence is our calming influence. His presence will keep us from sinking even though the waters are lapping over the side of the boat. His presence in our boat will keep us from sinking. Will you trust His presence? Do you believe that He will keep you from sinking? When will you trust Him as the Son of God? When will you see Him as your Sustainer? When will you see Him as more than a great teacher? He is the Son of God! God in the flesh! He has existed through all eternity. He created the universe. He’s in your boat. The Creator of the universe is in your boat. Hebrews 13:5 tells us that He will never leave us or forsake us. We must trust Him even when it seems that our world is crashing down around us. There was a Casting Crowns song a few years ago that says God will either calm the storm around me or He will calm the storm inside me. Either way, He will bring us through the storm. Trust Him to be the God that He says He is. Isaiah 41:10 says it quite eloquently, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” He is God. He is in the boat. Trust Him.

Jesus, help me to fathom how awesome you are. You came to earth. You know what it is like to be me. You lived in the flesh. Help me to trust that you are God in the flesh and that you should be God over my entire life -that there is no part of it that you are not bigger than. Help me to trust your presence in my life so that I can have contentment in all situations, good or bad, because thou art with me. Amen.


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