Jesus and His Ladies: What Luke 8:1-3 Tells Us About Women & Jesus

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Uncategorized

Luke 8:1-3 — Girls, girls, girls! Now that I have your attention. Read on.

This passage is short but it comes packed with so much information – kind of like my friend, Victoria Bradley. Just kidding, Victoria. This passage has only three verses, but says so much and is so profound. As we saw, yesterday, it says a lot about supporting the mission of Jesus Christ. Today, we will look what this passage tells us about women’s place in the mission of Jesus Christ, then, and now.

First, it shows us that Jesus gives equal access to the kingdom of God to women. Contrary to what feminists think of the Christian church, it is not a sexist theology. They just do not understand how Christ sees women and how Christ sees His church. As a non-Jew recording the words and works of Jesus’ life, Luke demonstrates a special sensitivity to other “outsiders” with whom Jesus came into contact. For instance, in Luke’s Gospel, he records five events that are not mentioned in the other Gospels. In first century Middle Eastern culture, women were treated as second-class citizens with few of the rights that men had. Jesus crossed those barriers and Luke shows the special care that Jesus had for women. He treated them with equal respect. In a society where women’s testimony at court was not accepted because it was considered unreliable, women were part of his ministerial entourage. Jesus spoke to women openly in public – a no-no in first century culture. Mary Magdalene seemed to always be around the other disciples. Jesus mother is mentioned more than once after the birth sequence. She is mentioned in Acts after Jesus’ ascension. Women were there at the foot of the cross. Women were first to witness the resurrection. Jesus empowered women.

In Acts, women are mentioned as part of key members of the new church. Jesus gave women value in a society that saw them as simply vehicles for reproduction. Rather than being sexist, Jesus and the church he created was radical in breaking down barriers for women. Women are considered equal citizens in the church of Jesus Christ. Jesus saw all people as equal regardless of race, gender, social status, etc. This points out to us that all have access to the kingdom of God. All people are of great value. All are deserving of Jesus’ grace. Regardless of who you are and what you may have done in your past and regardless of your gender, your race, your past religious beliefs, your sexual orientation, your whatever, you have access to the life change brought about by Jesus Christ.

How then do we reconcile this scene where Jesus apparently gives women equal access to the day to day operations of His earthly ministry to what Paul says in Ephesians 5. They seem contradictory almost. Ephesians 5 raises the ire of feminists everywhere. To me, though, there is no conflict. Ephesians 5 is directed at men more so than it is to women and it is about marriage. God has ordained from Genesis forward that men be the head of the family. Women were made from men and within the context of marriage, man is ordained to lead it. However, that leadership comes with requirements. As Christ died for the church, men are so too to love their wives. We are to be willing to die for our wives, both literally and figuratively, so that our wives may live. We are to place them as of the highest importance in our lives second only to the Father in heaven. We are to make sacrifices for them. We are to be willing to protect them from the wolves of life. We are to provide them with a protected environment. Women are the fairest flowers of the universe and we as men and their husbands are to provide an environment that allows them to flourish. We as men are to be submitted to Christ and in being submitted to Christ we are to give our wives the same value that Jesus Christ gave them and we are to fiercely protect that value within the home and with the world outside. How could a wife not submit to that? How could a wife not wish to take care of a man like that? How could a woman not wish to serve a man like that? Our leadership of the home comes with a price. Most men forget that. Ephesians 5 puts a much heavier requirement on us than it does women. If we are to expect our wives to submit to us we must deserve it not expect it.

Girls, girls, girls. They are God’s most wondrous creations. The female body is a beautiful creation whereas men body’s are simply utilitarian. There is nothing more beautiful in the world than the female body. Women give life to world. Women nurture the world. Women see intricate beauty where we do not. They are emotional and give emotion to what would be a drab, hard, cold world without them. They inspire men to write music, paint art, create sculpture, write songs and poems about them. Women inspired all of that in us men. Women make the world a better place to live in. They are wired differently than us men and though it frustrates the heck out of us at times, would we really rather have a world where women were just like men?

Jesus valued women and by his actions said that they were equally valued in God’s eyes. Scripture calls us as men to value them so much that we are willing to die for them. Women make our lives worth living and they give it beauty. God created them to give life and to give color to our world. We, as men, are to make sure that they can develop into everything that God intended them to be. We are to raise our daughters in this way. We are to treat our wives this way. Christianity sexist? Far from it!


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