Luke 4:38-41 – The Three R’s: Relationships, Restoration & Rebuke

Posted: November 27, 2014 in 99-Uncategorized

Luke 4:38-41 — There are three things that come to mind when we read this passage. Those three things are relationships, restoration, and rebuke. All three of these things together combine to demonstrate the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, The Son of God, The Messiah, The Christ, The Anointed One.

The first thing that you have to notice here is that Jesus went to the home of Peter. It makes me suppose that there was a relationship there. Certainly, Jesus and Peter were not as close as they would become later but the relationship between them has already begun. Jesus and Peter were of enough of aquaintance with one another that Peter invited Him to his house for the Sabbath meal. This makes my love my Savior even more. He was not some aloof man. I can see Him and Peter hanging out and talking. I can see my Savior laughing. I can see Him having a great sense of humor. I can see Jesus and Peter sitting in the courtyard after a good meal and just having conversation. Jesus was about relationships. He did not touch every person living on the earth at the time when He was here on earth. He touched only a very few people. However, He chose twelve guys in whom He would invest deeply and it was those twelve who changed the world because they had intimate, deep relationships with Jesus Christ. Jesus wants deep, abiding relationships with you and me. He is personal. He already knows everything about you so you have a home with Him. You already have a place at the table with Him. Jesus wants you to talk to Him. He wants to hang out with you. He wants to be all up in your business. Jesus is about relationship.

The second thing that I see is that Peter’s mom who was healed by Him immediately began serving Him. She was completely healed from the high fever she had. Jesus met her need. In meeting her need, she became so overjoyed at her healing that she began serving her Lord. It reminds me that Jesus here models what we should be doing each day. We should be meeting a need in others. There is an old saying that it hard to share the gospel with a man who has an empty stomach. We must meet needs of the people around us before we can share the gospel with them. A homeless family needs a home. A hungry man needs a meal. We meet needs in love just like Jesus did. We share the gospel when we have loved people first. Jesus met Peter’s mother in law’s need. Jesus was not just a good teacher of spiritual truths, but also sought to alleviate pain and suffering in the people around Him. And He wasn’t concerned only with those who were closest to Him, but for all people who came with their needs. She was healed by Him. She was completely healed. She didn’t need recuperation time. She was completely healed. She knew that it was only because of Jesus. She was so overjoyed at her healing that she immediately began serving. This is so emblematic of the way we are after Jesus us heals us of our sin. We come to the realization that we are eternally and hopelessly sick in sin. We know we are permanently separated from God. But along comes the Miracle Man. He heals us. We are overjoyed. We cannot help but serve. We cannot help but love on others. We cannot help but show the same love that we have been given. Jesus has personally healed us. He has changed us. We can’t help but spill out to others. Jesus is about healing. Jesus is about meeting our needs. Jesus is about taking away that which prevents us from worshiping God. Let’s be Jesus to the world around us. Meeting needs. Loving. Sharing. Removing those things that keep people from having relationships with Jesus.

In the second half of this passage, we see the authority of our Savior. He is God in the flesh. He commands demons to leave and they leave. They recognize who He is. Even demons recognize Him as the Holy One. They know that they are subject to Him. This is my Savior. It is kind of like being a little kid brother with a big brother much older. The little brother gets himself in a jam and is about to get pummeled until His big brother shows up and little brother’s tormenters scatter like roaches when you turn the light on. That’s my Jesus. He is bigger and badder than any demon. That’s my Jesus. He is bigger and badder than any problem I have. He has the entire universe subject to Him. Through Him, the universe was created. Jesus is in authority. There is nothing that Jesus cannot do. He is God. He is my Savior. With Him in my life, there is nothing that I am afraid of. I can take on anything that happens in my life with Him in it. There is no problem in this fallen world that I cannot overcome through Jesus. He is there with me. He is bigger than any problem that I have. I love Him. He is my Savior. I serve Him. I proclaim His name. It through Him that I am made right with God. I serve Him because I love Him. I proclaim His Name because He is great. He meets every need that I have. He is personal to me. He is the ultimate authority. He is my Jesus.

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