Obedience To God’s Word: Even When Your Child Is The Son of God

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Luke 2:21-24 — In reading this passage, the first thing that comes to mind is obedience. How do we as parents raise our children—in obedience to God’s Word. It is Proverbs 22:6 that says, “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.” Here we see how Mary and Joseph were determined to raise their child according to Scripture even if that child was the Son of God Himself.

It says in Leviticus 12:3 that all Jewish males are to be circumcised on the eighth day after their birth.This was a very important ritual in a Jewish family, because the circumcision of the males was a sign that they were a people set apart unto God. It was the sign and seal of the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 17). Every good Jewish family would have this done to their son, but it was especially important for Mary and Joseph to make sure Jesus went through the ceremony, because He was definitely set apart for God’s service. The question for us as parents today is that are we, from birth, teaching our children about the Bible or are we saying, “oh that can wait, he/she is just a baby.” Are we setting our children apart for God’s service. Do we raise them steeped in Scripture? They say that by the age of 2, children have already mastered a sufficient amount of our language to be able to communicate effectively in that language. Yet, do we, as Christian parents, begin early teaching them the Bible. Do we raise them from the Bible? If they can master the language in 2 years, then teaching them about God at very young age does not seem like such a stretch does it? Mary and Joseph began setting the example to their son immediately. They were obedient to God’s Word in their parenting of their son – The Son.

They were obedient to God in naming Jesus. Not only do we see them being obedient to God’s Written Word but they were also being obedient to God’s Spoken Word.Remember in Luke 1, Mary was visited by Gabriel, and he told her to name her son Jesus (1:36)? Mary has remembered that, and has certainly told Joseph of it also, and so at the circumcision ceremony, they name Him Jesus. Joseph, lifting up Jesus in his arms and praying, “Our God and the God of our fathers, raise up this child to his father and mother, and let his name in Israel be called Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins” (Matt 1:21). Jesus is the Greek translation of His Hebrew name, Yeshua, which means “the Lord saves.” Our Savior could be named nothing else. He must be named Jesus. Mary and Joseph were obedient in this naming. They were told by Gabriel that this name would be His name. Are we being obedient to God’s Word that comes to us through Scripture and through prayer (or vision in Mary’s case) in raising our children? When people see us, and the way we live according to the Word of God, do they see Christ shining through? We people see our children do they see Christ shining through? If we raise our children in obedience to God’s Word, if we teach them God’s Word in obedience, people will see integrity in us and in our children. People will see love in us and in our children. Don’t wait to teach your children about God and His Word. The horse leaves the barn pretty quickly on the setting of behavior patterns in children. Teach them obedience to God’s Word from birth.

the command in Leviticus 12 is that a woman who bears a son must wait 40 days before she is considered pure and 80 days after bearing a daughter. At the end of her 40 days of purification, Leviticus 12 instructed Mary to bring a sacrifice to the temple of one lamb, and one turtledove or one pigeon. For families that were extremely poor, they could offer two turtledoves or two pigeons instead. Notice that Mary and Joseph offered the poor family’s offering. They were not a rich family. They were poor. But they did not let their social status get in the way of being obedient to God. Even though Mary brought the Sinless One into the world, they were fiercely obedient to God’s Word even about Mary’s purification. She knew that Jesus was the Son of God but yet they were here at the temple obeying God’s Word. They did not obey out of repetition or lukewarm allegiance. They loved God and His Word. It was at the core of their lives. Jesus saw from them human examples of being obedient to the Lord. We have to give Mary and Joseph some credit. Knowing that Jesus was the Son of God and really didn’t have to go through all these things but they did. They were obedient. They were honoring God and His requirements for His people not just going through the motions. Jesus saw this growing up. He was God but He was also fully human. He saw parents who followed God’s Word. Let us as parents not be stumbling blocks for our children’s walk with Jesus. Let them see that we seek to honor God in all things. Are you walking the walk in front of your children? They capture everything we do in their minds. Their minds are like sponges. Do you want them to absorb you being obedient to God in the way you carry yourself and in the way you raise them?

It was an old Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song that said “Teach your children well”. We must as the song later says, “feed them on your dreams” Our dream should be that they will be raised up in righteousness so that will not depart from it. Start them young. Give them a head’s up in this race to eternity. My prayer is that our children not have to go the long route to a life in Jesus like we did. May that not make the mistakes that we did. May they not live the ways of the world for years. If you have a baby right now or with one on the way. Start ’em young, I beg of you. Wouldn’t you rather their life be filled with obedience to the Lord rather than spending a lifetime trying to find some empty temporal pleasures instead of filling their lives with Godly obedience. Jesus was the Son of God but Mary and Joseph still raised Him up under the influence of the Word of God from birth. Don’t wait. Trust your baby to God from the beginning. Read God’s Word to them from the beginning. Teach them God’s Word from the beginning. Their route to eternity is at stake.


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