Luke 1:67-80 — When I read this passage, I think of God’s promises and how He executes them through, by choice, us.

Zechariah’s song of praise speaks of God’s fulfillment of His promise to Abraham back in Genesis 12:3. Zechariah recalls hundreds of years of God’s sovereign work in history, beginning with the promise to Abraham and going on into eternity. Zechariah speaks of the coming Messiah who will redeem his people. God made a promise and He is keeping it. Sometimes in this fast food, freeze-dried world in which we live we expect immediate action. God’s eternity is longer than any of temporal lives. A thousand years is like a minute to Him. Since He is eternal, He is not bound by the space-time continuum. He can see the big picture. He can see the beginning and the end. Therefore, when we read the Bible we have the advantage of seeing His plan played out over thousands of years. Zechariah was living at the end of the waiting period for the Messiah and he realizes that God’s promise to Abraham is finally going to be fulfilled. What about all those that were faithful to God between the promise made and the promise kept. This is where true trust lies my friends. There were many in biblical history that never lived to see the Messiah come. Their trust that He would come reflects their faith in God. The Savior will come. The Savior will come. We can say the same thing today. We often wish that Jesus would return hastily to our world today. Come quickly, Lord. However, we most likely will not live long enough to see Him coming in a cloud with a voice like thunder. However, we have no less confidence that He will come one day. We want we want and we want it now is often our claim today. We want immediate results. We get angry with God when He doesn’t give us the answers we want when we want. We must trust in the Lord. We must trust in His timing. He is after all God and we are not. The Bible gives us comfort that promises made are promises kept. He will answer prayers of His faithful children. He will keep His promises. We have a book that proves it. He promises us the Messiah and He delivered. Zechariah sings praises for this fact. We should do the same in our day to day living. Trust. Faith. Promises made will be promises kept.

Then Zechariah turns this prophecy from the overarching praise of God’s promises kept through thousands of years of history to a very personal note. He prophesies over his little boy, his newborn son. Although the Bible displays God’s unlimited power and eternal nature, He chooses to work through His faithful children. Compared to God, we are but little ants and whisps of air. He chose Zechariah to be the father of the forerunner of Christ. Zechariah has had an unremarkable life until this point. We never hear of him until he gets his once in a lifetime chance to serve at the Temple. This goes to show that God may place a call on your life late in life. God uses the old and the young. You are never too old to do what God calls you to do. So if you think you are too old, if you think you are not hip enough, not cutting edge enough, think of Zechariah. He became an instrument of God’s action at an old age. Also, we are never too young to serve God either. Zechariah’s son began serving God as soon as he grew up. He began living in the wilderness and preparing for his ministry. We are never to young to be so in love with the Lord that we dedicate our lives to His service. I am in awe of the young people of our church who are already serving the Lord and have great passion for Him. I in some ways envy them for coming to their Savior at an early age. I look back at years before age 39 when I came to the Lord and wish I had previously had the wisdom to come to Him earlier. But God has a plan for us to participate in the work of the Kingdom regardless of what age we are at. Our past experiences make us uniquely qualified for the calling He gives us. Sometimes we are to work at from a young age. Sometimes we are to work at from a later point in life when we can truly appreciate what has happened before as part of the purpose of what is happening now. Zechariah sees this in this history of God’s faithful ones and He sees it in the present and future through his son and the coming Messiah.

Father thank you for being eternal. Thank you for seeing the beginning and the end. Thank you for your unchanging nature where promises made are promises kept. Help me to see the evidence of this fact every time I sit down to read your Word. Help me to believe and trust that you will answer every prayer that offered up to you by your humble and faithful servants. Help me always to strive to be in your will as a faithful and trusting servant. Help me to believe in your promises and help me to trust in them even if I need see them come into being. Help me also to remember that You will use your faithful ones to execute your plan because you want the unbelieving world to see what You can do through people who believe in You. You could come in and zap people into believing but you choose to use us because you want people to come to you not out robotic response but out of real love for you. You choose to work through us at whatever age you choose to call us to service. You are Sovereign. You are God. You are Promise Keeper. You are my Lord. Amen.


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