Present Confidence, Future Glory: All This Stuff is Not Just Random!

Posted: September 29, 2014 in 99-Uncategorized

Romans 8:18-30 — Present confidence. Future glory. We know that God is with us and that He is working for us and not against us.

In the present age, the world is kind of crappy. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. Death, destruction, greed, vanity, self-centeredness, looking for number one, and just downright hate and evil. People do such mean things to one another. It is the price we pay for the human history of sin. We live in a fallen world and we are all sinners. We take advantage of one another. We are straight mean. How does the Christ-follower put up with all of this. Paul has spent much of Romans so far telling us that no matter your pedigree, we are all condemned for our sins. Just one sin disqualifies us from the presence of God. We have learned that none of us, no matter who we are have a right to claim heaven as our eternal state. Paul tells us it is only through the gift of grace of Jesus Christ that we can claim heaven as our future home. In the future, that’s great! But what about now. When you sit down and really think about it, we live in a crappy world. What about now, God? Why do we have to deal with all the meanness in this world after we have been saved.

We have present confidence, according to Paul, because God works everything – not just isolated incidents here and there – for our good. This does not mean that all things that happen to us are good. Your spouse may shock you with an affair that rocks you to the core. You may lose a friend to a sudden death. A friend or a child may be stricken with cancer. A child may be born with a disadvantage. We live in a fallen world where even God’s creation is groaning under the weight of the distortion of sin. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding. Yes, even creation is distorted by sin. All of these things bring pain and suffering to our lives. But, yet, Paul tells us we can have confidence. Why? Evil is present in our fallen world and there are things that hurt us, rock us, and knock us down. However, for those who are Christ-followers, God is able to turn every circumstance around for our long-range good. God is not necessarily working to make us 24/7/365 romp around in the daisy field happy, but rather to fulfill His purpose in our lives.

This promise is only for those who love God and have accepted Christ as their Savior. We have a new perspective. We have a new mind-set. We trust in God not in worldly things. We trust that God will work all things for our good just as a child trusts his parents completely. No matter the circumstance, we have present confidence that God will see us through our pains and our sufferings. It does not make them any easier to go through but it does give us confidence that there is a purpose, there is an end game to it all. If you are going through a tough time and you are a believer, please know that God is there for you. He has a purpose in this. He will see you through it. You will emerge from it and God will have done a work in you that makes you stronger as a person and will give you a deeper faith in Him. He doesn’t guarantee us wine and roses after salvation. Sometimes this life is downright hard because we live in a fallen world. To the unsaved, it all seems random and there is no meaning or purpose. To the saved, we have present confidence because we know our God has our back, has our best interest at heart, will see us through the valleys of life, and will have had a purpose in all of it. We see it as God preparing us for what He has prepared for us. We have present confidence.

Tomorrow, let’s meet back here and talk about our future glory. That’s the good stuff.

Father, thank you for giving us your perfect Word. In it, we learn that you love us so much that you take even the evil things that happen to us and turn them around and work them for our good. For those who trust their lives to your hands, we can have present confidence that even the worst things that happen to us are capable of being used by your to speak of your glory. And that you will make all of this mean something that is good and right and true. Help me, Lord, to know that you are near. You are preparing me for what You have prepared for me. Help to see that everything is part of your plan. Help me to trust in that. Help me to see that I can have confidence in You now and have confidence in a future that is glorious. Amen.

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